Prey - Recap

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Chloe is sponsoring a meeting of "meteor freaks" at the Isis Foundation. The main speaker is Mary, who isn't thrilled with the fact that they could have their powers exposed to the public. Another member, Randy, feels that the group is the best thing that's ever happened to him. The meeting comes to a close and Chloe has them all sign out as she thanks them for coming.

Mary heads home and hears the sound of someone moving behind her. Nervous, she goes to a darkened alley and uses her electrical powers to activate the streetlight above. However, as she enters the alleyway, something grabs her and pulls her into the shadows.

Chloe gets together with Clark at the Daily Planet for what supposed to be dinner and an evening together. However, Clark is distracted listening to police reports and Chloe soon wishes him a good night. Clark then hears about a jewelry store robbery and super speeds to the store to knock out the robber at invisible speed. He then helps a boy by defeating two bullies, and hears a report about some kind of attack at the Ace of Clubs nightspot. Clark runs there and starts helping people, and discovers a blood-covered Davis amidst the debris.

The EMTs get Davis up off the ground and onto a gurney but he frees himself and prepares to leave. Clark sees him going and asks what happened, but Davis says he doesn't remember anything. Clark suggests he go to the hospital but Davis refuses and leaves on his own. Clark then meets the Martian John, who since losing his powers has acquired a job as a Metropolis police detective. As "John Jones," John is investigating the attack on the club. He doesn't have anything yet, but Clark spots a cell phone being taken away as evidence.

Jimmy is at the Planet checking police reports of the mysterious string of crimes broken up by a mysterious "Good Samaritan" when Clark returns with the cell phone. Clark comes in and claims the stories are just an urban myth. Jimmy spots the cell phone and is eager to get a lead on the story to help his career. They go over the recording and find that a single unseen person caused all the destruction at the club. Clark then goes to Isis and asks for her help since he figures one of the people coming to Isis was responsible for the club attack. Chloe is surprised and shocked that Clark would make that assumption. He catches a quick glimpse of the sign-in sheet from earlier, and admits that he's becoming obsessed with being unable to stop the killer. However, Chloe refuses to betray the confidence of her clients.

Davis returns to the hospital from the club and washes off the blood, only to discover he has no injuries. Later, he secretly takes a blood sample from his arm and starts to leave when Jimmy comes in, looking for a story. Jimmy wants to read with Davis on his route and invokes Chloe's name to get Davis to agree.

Thanks to his speed-reading abilities, Clark has memorized Chloe's list of names and shows it to John. John questions Clark's obsession and then informs him that there have been five other similar deaths recently, each with the victim's chest crushed. John agrees to investigate the names and suggests that Clark check out Davis: the EMT has been the first to arrive at the scene of all five crimes.

Davis is examining the corpse of the killer's most recent victim and takes skin samples from underneath its fingernails. Chloe arrives and mentions Mary, blaming herself. Davis tries to reassure her but Chloe is determined to find the real killer. When Davis hesitates, Chloe asks him what's wrong and he admits he might be the killer. They go to Isis and Davis explains that he's always had blackouts but they've been increasing recently. Chloe figures the blackouts are why he was sent from foster home to foster home as a child, and promises that they'll find the killer... together.

Randy and the other meteor-infected people from Isis hold candlelight memorial for Mary at the scene of her death. They start to wonder who might be responsible, and Chloe arrives. They accuse her of suspecting one of them of being the killer ,noting that a police detective (John) has been checking them out recently. Only Chloe knows all of their names and they suspect she told the police about them.

Clark confronts Davis at the hospital, saying he knows more than he's claiming. Clark has searched Davis' locker and found photos of the serial killer's corpses. Davis says that he's been investigating the murders on his own and notes that he's spotted a mysterious figure in the background of all the shots. He wonders if it's Clark and suggests that he might want to look a little closer to home for the murderer.

Clark manages to get hold of Davis' test records and goes back to the Planet. Chloe confronts him, having figured out that Clark got the names of her clients and gave them to John. She insists that she's been protecting Clark's secret for years, and the others deserve the same chance. Clark warns her that he's earned her trust but she doesn't know all of the people. He shows her the test results and, using her enhanced intelligence, Chloe determines that the skin samples from underneath the victim's fingernails match Davis'.

Jimmy goes to the morgue and meets with Davis. They hit the road and hear a police report about a murder in progress. They go to the scene and Davis tells Jimmy to stay put while he investigates. He goes down an alleyway and Jimmy hears sounds of a struggle. He grabs a flashlight and goes to investigate.

Chloe notes that the victim might have still been alive when Davis arrived and grabbed him, accounting for the skin samples. However, she has to admit that Davis has the perfect job to cover his activities if he's the murderer. She locates the ambulance by its GPS tracker and Jimmy calls in for assistance. Clark super speeds to the alleyway but Jimmy has disappeared. Davis stumbles out of the alleyway, covered in blood, and then the darkness seemingly yanks him back. Clark goes in and finds a shadow man strangling Davis. The figure moves away at high speed, shifting from shadow to shadow. Jimmy arrives, having seen the killer as well, and the shadow man attacks him, yanking him into the shadows. Clark spots hi with his x-ray vision and throws a tire, knocking out the killer and saving Jimmy. The shadows fade away to reveal that the killer is... Randy. Davis is still alive and staggers up, covered in blood, as Jimmy gets the photos and his story.

Later, Clark goes to Isis and admits he lost perspective, and that he was upset that Chloe trusted her clients more than him. She admits that she's become a bit obsessed herself, with trying to save some of the meteor infected that got powers through no fault of their own. While Clark has been saving their victims, Chloe wants to help the meteor-infected themselves. Clark wonders if she might some day trust the wrong person.

Chloe meets with Davis at a café and he thanks her for believing in him. He suspects she has feelings for him despite her engagement and asks if he helped her because of ethics or because of those feelings. She denies it but says that she doesn't want to see him for a while.

Clark meets with John at the Planet, and the detective warns him that he's becoming careless in his obsession with helping everyone. John has been doing all he can to cover up any "Good Samaritan" sightings but there are too many people in Metropolis for that to succeed forever. As Clark promised to be more careful, Jimmy comes in and admits that he hasn't had any luck getting the police to believe his story about the Good Samaritan hero. He asks John for help and the detective says he'll be glad to look into any hard evidence Jimmy has.

Randy is being held in isolation when a woman comes into his cell. She tells him that her boss Tess Mercer is putting together a team and they think he's a suitable recruit. He warns the assistant that he doesn't work well with others, and boasts about his string of killings. The woman notes that Randy didn't commit all of the crimes: they have video of him at an arcade at the time one of the murders occurred. She drives home the point by pointing out one of the victims was a nun and her onyx crucifix went missing. She asks Randy to produce the crucifix and he clearly can't.

After his meeting with Chloe, Davis gets in his ambulance... where an onyx crucifix is hanging from the rear-view mirror.