Identity - Recap

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Jimmy and Lois are walking the streets as Jimmy explains his theory about a “Good Samaritan” hero helping the city. Jimmy tries to get her attention by saying Clark seems interested in his theory but Lois doesn’t think Clark would believe it either. They’re interrupted when a mugger attacks Jimmy, knocking him to the ground, then goes after Lois. She tries to defend herself and yanks off the mugger’s mask. As she yells to Jimmy to take a photo of the man, Clark arrives. The mugger shoves her back into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Moving at superspeed, Clark shoves the mugger into a wall and then pulls Lois to safety… just as Jimmy takes the photo. Clark sees the flash but there’s nothing he can do about it. Jimmy looks at his camera and realizes that he finally has a photo of the Good Samaritan.

At work the next day, Jimmy shows Clark the photo but all that’s visible is a red blur. Clark claims not to believe Jimmy’s claim but Jimmy says he’s convinced Tess Merger to run with the story and has convinced her to let Clark write the copy. Jimmy figures they can both get some credit without Lois involving herself, but Clark asks to think about it.

Lois is following up on the mugging and has discovered that he was released on bail. The new city reporter at the Planet, Sebastian Kane, introduces himself. Lois wonders if they’ve met before but Sebastian says they haven’t as far as he knows of. He shakes Lois’ hand and uses his secret superpower to briefly read her memories before she lets go. He asks Lois to join him for dinner that night and give him some tips on the Metropolis newsbeat, and Lois agrees.

Sebastian visits his employer Tess at the manor. He touches her and gets a brief memory from her, but she tells him never to touch him and asks if he’s found out if Lois stole the crystal. Sebastian informs her that he needs more contact with Lois and Tess tells him to get it however he needs to. He says he’s quitting but Tess threatens to send him back to prison: he was one of the Black Creek prisoners that she freed. When he says he’s paid his debt for her freeing her, Tess says she still has all the information on the women he murdered. Sebastian protests, saying he killed them before he gained control of his abilities. All he wants know is a fresh start. Tess says he can have it once he gains Lois’ memories.

At Isis, Clark talks to Chloe about Jimmy’s photograph. He asks if she’s secretly deleted Jimmy’s photo from his computer but she says that she doesn’t see any reason to: the photograph only shows a red-and-blue blur. Clark insists his secret is at risk but Chloe suggests that maybe it’s about time he go with the alter-ego Jimmy has created for him and do some public good for the world. Clark then visits Tess and says he doesn’t want to do the copy on Jimmy’s Good Samaritan story. She’s skeptical of his motives and agrees to take him off the story… but she’s still going to run it on the front page. When Clark notes it’s too sketchy and even Lex wouldn’t have run it, Tess notes that it’s just a teaser and she’s going to have Jimmy find out who the mysterious hero is.

Clark sneaks into Chloe and Jimmy’s apartment to find Jimmy’s photo files. Lois is there, changing into a dress for her date. Clark claims he’s there to get Jimmy’s case and Lois asks him to zip up her dress for her. Clark goes along, uncomfortable, and Lois hints she’s going out with someone who can be bothered to ask her for a date, unlike Clark. Clark says dating a relative stranger might not be a good idea and claims he’s just looking out for her. Lois is skeptical but they’re interrupted when Sebastian arrives. Sebastian starts to shake Clark’s hand but Lois interrupts them and ushers Clark out of the apartment.

Later, Clark is doing his laundry at the farm when Jimmy arrives. Jimmy has discovered that the Good Samaritan first started his career in Smallville when Chloe and Clark were in high school together. When their class graduated, the mystery hero moved to Metropolis. Jimmy first wonders if Clark might know the hero, but then notices a photo of Clark in red jacket and blue jeans and compares it to his blurred photo. Looking at Clark, he figures out that he’s the Good Samaritan, and that Chloe has been known all the time.

Chloe is accessing computer data at Isis and draws on the data so fast that the computer overloads. Clark arrives and tells her that Jimmy has figure out his secret identity, and Jimmy comes in a few seconds later. He concludes that Clark superspeed there, and Clark is unable to account for how he beat Jimmy there. Clark and Chloe both deny Jimmy’s suggestion but he figures they don’t trust him and vows to prove it on his own.

Clark goes to see Oliver, who is partying on his private jet with some women. Clark finally gets Oliver to lose the women and explains that he needs his help and explains why. Oliver agrees with Chloe that Clark should actually start doing some public good. Clark notes that Oliver has disappeared off the map recently as Green Arrow and been seen boozing in public. Oliver insists he's just taking a vacation and doesn't respond when Clark asks if he's still mad at him for not telling him that Lionel killed the Queens. Oliver considers it and Clark warns that if his secret identity gets out, it'll be the people around him like Jimmy that get hurt.

Lois and Sebastian are on their date at the Ace of Clubs and she asks if they've ever met or if he was ever undercover at a government facility. He tries to touch her by offering to read her palm and when she finally agrees, he reads her memories. Among them is the fact that she smiled when Clark zipped up her dress earlier. He also accesses her memory of seeing his name on Tess' stolen flash drive with the records of Black Creek detainees. Realizing Lois knows who he really is, he fakes a phone call and meets with Tess outside. He tells her that Lois doesn't have the crystal but does know who he is. Tess warns that Lois is a determined reporter and Sebastian says that he'll be getting rid of her. After he heads back to the club, Tess calls two of her operatives: one of them is the mugger who attacked Jimmy and Lois. She tells them to go after Jimmy again.

Sebastian escorts Lois home to her apartment above the Talon and tries to get upstairs with her to have a nightcap. Realizing something is up, Lois begs off but when she gets inside, Sebastian knocks open the door and holds her at gunpoint.

Chloe is in her SUV on a street in Metropolis and Oliver is up on a top wearing a makeshift costume. Clark checks with both of them via cell phone and makes sure they're ready. He's invited Jimmy to meet him for coffee. Jimmy arrives and assures Clark that he'll still always be CK no matter what superpowers he has.

Up in her apartment, Lois gets the flash drive and promises Sebastian that she won't tell anyone. He doesn't believe her and moves in close to kill him. Lois attacks him and struggles for the gun. She kicks him back and tries to call Clark on her cell phone. Meanwhile, Chloe prepares to stage a fake hit-and-run so Oliver can "rescue" Clark. However, Clark gets the call and inconspicuously gets Jimmy out of the way, then superspeeds to Metropolis. Sebastian gets the upper hand on Lois and prepares to murder her, but Clark arrives and grabs his hand. Sebastian gets a flash of memory from Clark, and then Clark shoves him into a wall knocking him unconscious.

In Metropolis, the mugger goes after Jimmy and Oliver swings down on a grappling line and knock the man out. The other operative quickly drives away and Clark gets back in time for Jimmy to assume he knocked out the mugger. Clark disagrees and points out the disguised Oliver on the rooftop, masked with his cape billowing in the wind. Jimmy is convinced and the other people stare and applaud, filled with hope, as Clark looks on.

Jimmy's story makes the front page of the Planet and he apologizes to Clark. However, he notes that he figured Clark was a hero because how everyone could always rely on him. Clark then apologizes to Lois for not being there, claiming he didn’t get her call until it was too late. She figures that the Good Samaritan rescued her at her apartment and vows to find him and get an exclusive interview with him.

Back on Oliver's private plane, Clark informs the playboy that he considered sabotaging Jimmy's photos but after seeing the people inspired by his actions, he decided that he has a greater destiny then secretly helping people. Oliver says that when he took down the mugger he felt like a hero again and is heading for Europe to go back to work as Green Arrow with the rest of his "league" of heroes. He admits that Clark was right for keeping the secret about Lionel murdering his parents.

Sebastian wakes up in a hospital bed after he was injured by Clark's toss. Chloe visits him and says that she recognizes him from when he was at the Black Creek facility. She asks him what he learned about Clark and Sebastian boasts that he saw all of Clark's memories. Chloe talks about how the human mind can be overloaded with information, then removes her glove and touches Sebastian. He writhes in agony as his eyes glow silver, and then he falls back, dead. Chloe sneaks out as the medical team tries to resuscitate him without success.