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Smallville: Abyss

Chloe finds her mind overwritten with Brainiac's downloaded memory code, so Clark is forced to take her to the Fortress so Jor-El can remove the programming. Meanwhile, Davis confronts Chloe over her marriage to Jimmy.

Episode Info

Episode number: 8x9
Production Number: 3T7458
Airdate: Thursday November 13th, 2008


Special Guest Stars
Terence StampTerence Stamp
voiced Jor-El

Co-Guest Stars
Victoria DuffieldVictoria Duffield
As Young Chloe
Jackson WarrisJackson Warris
As Young Clark (as Jackson Allan Warris)
Nicki BurkeNicki Burke
As Nurse #1
Robert LawrensonRobert Lawrenson
As Neurologist
Eby LukingEby Luking
As Nurse #2

James MarstersJames Marsters
voiced Brainiac
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Sam WitwerSam Witwer
As Davis Bloome


Jimmy serves Chloe breakfast in bed and asks about Lana, who they haven’t heard from yet concerning the wedding. Chloe’s seems to momentarily blank on Lana’s name and jimmy observes that she’s been getting increasingly forgetful the last few weeks. He talks about their dancing at the engagement party and Chloe remembers back to their dance. However, as she thinks back the entire memory starts to fade away in bursts of computer code, leaving Jimmy as a blank-faced mannequin. Chloe snaps back to the present… and doesn’t recognize Jimmy at all. Cowering back in the bed, she tells him to get out...

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Episode Quotes
Chloe: Davis. You look exhausted. You pulling more night-after-night shifts?
Davis: Not exactly, it's more like Night Of The Living Dead.
Chloe: Well, careful that the zombies don't try and eat your brain for breakfast. Save yourself, it's a little too late for me. I was supposed to look into your past. Davis, I'm... you know, my crystal ball is just on the fritz.

Clark: Chloe, listen to what you're saying. You had to paste your entire life on these walls. There's something seriously wrong with you.
Chloe: I still remember you. And, that's about all I remember. I've forgotten almost everyone, Clark. And, I'm having to fake my feelings more and more with people. Pretty soon, there isn't gonna be any 'I, Chloe'. Just... an I.Q.

Clark: Brainiac is replacing your memories with Kryptonian data.
Chloe: Yeah, and this one keeps repeating itself over and over again.
Clark: This is the symbol for doom.

Clark: When Kara lost her memory, Jor-El restored it. If I take the crystal to the Arctic and rebuild the fortress, Jor-El might be able to help you, too.
Chloe: Or he could strip you of your powers or drop an ice castle on you.
Clark: It doesn't matter, Chloe. I have to do this.
Chloe: And, I have to be honest with you, Clark. This is exactly why I didn't tell you what was happening with me... because I knew that you would just fly off without thinking about any of the consequences. Clark, last time you handled this crystal, it zapped you to the Phantom Zone. Now, for all we know, Lex could have sent this to you. I mean, he could still be trying to control you from wherever he is.
Clark: Chloe, none of this would have happened if you hadn't tried to protect me. Everyone who knows about my secret, I've watched them either go away or die - my dad, Pete... Lana, Lionel, even Lex. Chloe, I'm not gonna let my secret destroy your life, too.
Chloe: The night that I saw you catch that car with your bare hands, it changed my life... for the better. Clark, thanks to you, I've actually made an impact on the world. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Clark: Before you trailed off, you were talking about the first time you saw me use my abilities.
Chloe: Abilities? As in your ability to look both ways before you cross the street?

Clark: W-what about Krypton or Brainiac?
Chloe: Brainiac! People used to call me that when I was a kid. Right? What? I'm forgetting something important now. What don't I remember?

Jimmy: You're not feeling the love, are you?
Chloe: The truth is, I'm not really feeling much of anything for anyone these days. It's like a bunch of random Facebook profiles. I mean, Clark is one of the few friends that I actually have memories of still.
Jimmy: I figured you would have forgot something about him before you lost all your memories about the guy you're about to marry.

Jor-El: Welcome home, my son.
Clark: Home? I wanted to see it that way, Jor-El. I wanted to learn more about my family, about my destiny. And, then you tore it all away.
Jor-El: I programmed the fortress to remove your powers and self-destruct if you became a danger to the planet.
Clark: When you sent me here, you had no way of knowing how I would use my abilities. You trusted me. When I betrayed that trust, you were willing to sacrifice your only son to save this planet. But, now I know what it truly means to protect people, not just my family and friends.
Jor-El: You've made great progress, my son.
Clark: One thing needs to change. You call me your son but you treat me like your enemy. I think it's time you stop punishing me and start trusting me again.
Jor-El: You've grown up, Kal-El. Your trials have matured you.

Chloe: (to Clark) My mom left me when I was really young. After that... I was afraid to make friends because... I just thought they'd all end up leaving, too. So, I buried my nose in books. Although, I think I lost one of my favorites when we moved - Tales Of The Weird & Unexplained. Something tells me I won't find much of the weird or unexplained here in Norman Rockwell's neighbourhood.

Clark: Chloe never would have gotten hurt if she wasn't trying to protect me.
Jor-El: I tried to warn you of the danger in sharing your true identity.
Clark: Now that I'm taking more risks... it's even more dangerous for her. Chloe deserves a life free from the burden of my secret. When you restore her memory, I don't want her to remember anything about Krypton... or my abilities.
Jor-El: I know this choice is not easy for you, my son, but it will be done.
Clark: You've been the best friend and ally I could have had, Chloe. The truth is, you've saved me more than I ever could have saved you. I'm sorry to go back to hiding the truth from you. But the best way that I know to protect you is to let you go.

Chloe: Jimmy, I’m impressed. You managed to balance out single, couples, and families while keeping all of the exes at different tables, and still keeping the kids’ tables away from the cake. You truly are the Zen master of seating charts.
Jimmy: More the master of musical chairs.

Clark: Jor-El. I've come here to thank you for what you've done. Chloe's a lot safer now that she doesn't remember the truth about me. I guess I'm just starting to realise how much I actually lost.
Jor-El: You made a difficult choice. I am proud of you, Kal-El. But something else is troubling you.
Clark: I know that we defeated Brainiac but we may have another problem. When Chloe was losing her memory, she kept seeing the Kryptonian symbol for doom in her mind.
Jor-El: The symbol for doom represents the ultimate destroyer. A Kryptonian creature bred for a single purpose - to kill. It adapts and evolves to any attack. It is virtually unstoppable. And it appears it's made its way to Earth.

Jor-El: My son?
Brainiac: Your son is destined to fail. Soon a new age will dawn on Earth, an age of power and strength… and the fall of the House of El. Doomsday is coming.

Cultural References
Davis: It's more like Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 horror movie by George Romero credited with the birth of the "undead" horror movie, as it features flesh-eating zombies.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
Executive ProducerJoe Davola  |  Mike Tollin  |  Brian Robbins  |  Brian Peterson (1)  |  Todd Slavkin  |  Darren Swimmer  |  James Marshall (3)  |  Kelly Souders
Supervising ProducerTim Scanlan
ProducerRob Maier (1)  |  Jae Marchant  |  Turi Meyer  |  Al Septien
Co-ProducerTom Flores
Production DesignerJames Philpott
EditorDebby Germino
CastingDeedee Bradley  |  Coreen Mayrs  |  Heike Brandstatter
First Assistant DirectorMorgan Beggs
Second Assistant DirectorMark Bunting
MusicLouis Febre
Music EditorChris McGeary
Costume DesignerMelanie Williams
Key GripJohn O'Neill (2)
Set DecoratorAndrea French
Property MasterAleya Naiman
Construction CoordinatorTom Hunt (2)
Production CoordinatorBlair Hackman
Post Production SupervisorCristina Verano
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
GafferRichard Buckmaster
OtherJoe Shuster (Superman Created By)  |  Jerry Siegel (Superman Created By)
Director of PhotographyBarry Donlevy
Story EditorDon Whitehead  |  Holly Henderson
Stunt CoordinatorJacob Rupp
Production ManagerScott Graham (3)
Sound MixerRob Hanchar
Special EffectsElan Soltes
Executive Story EditorCaroline Dries
Key Makeup ArtistNatalie Cosco
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
Key HairstylistSarah Koppes
Special Effects SupervisorMike Walls
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