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Smallville: Bride

As Chloe and Jimmy celebrate their wedding day, Oliver tracks the missing Lex to Cuba but finds someone else instead. As Lois and Clark grow closer, an intruder kidnaps the bride on her wedding day.

Episode Info

Episode number: 8x10
Production Number: 3T7460
Airdate: Thursday November 20th, 2008


Special Guest Stars
Kristin KreukKristin Kreuk
As Lana Lang
Kristin KreukKristin Kreuk
As Lana Lang

Co-Guest Stars
Jason PoulsenJason Poulsen
As Colin
Jason Coleman (2)Jason Coleman (2)
As Police Officer
Jason Coleman (2)Jason Coleman (2)
As Police Officer
Dario DelacioDario Delacio
As Doomsday (as Dario Delaco)
Artine BrownArtine Brown
As Oliver's Technician
Peter HanlonPeter Hanlon
As Unknown
Robert EggerRobert Egger
As Unknown
Robert EggerRobert Egger
As Unknown
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Erica DuranceErica Durance
As Lois Lane
Erica DuranceErica Durance
As Lois Lane
Justin HartleyJustin Hartley
As Oliver Queen
Justin HartleyJustin Hartley
As Oliver Queen
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Sam WitwerSam Witwer
As Davis Bloome


A videotape plays..

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
VASTDon't Take Your Love Away from Meas Lois leaves Clark at the hospital

Episode Quotes
(on videotape)
Clark: Jimmy, Chloe, I can't tell you how happy I am the two of you found each other. You're very lucky to be together. Look, your wedding day's gonna be perfect, I'm gonna make sure of it.
Lois: Stop hogging the spotlight, Smallville. Hey, cuz, you know that I love you and I wish you and Jimmy long and happy years together. And, remember what the General always says: “Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy.” (thinks about it) You can edit out that last part, right?

Lois: Oh, uh, Jimmy told me you were going to be filming this epic, Spielberg. I want testimonials, candids, everything. But, I don't want to know you're here. You're a fly on the wall, alright?
Colin: Ring that bell.
Lois: No.

Lois: Seem a little twitchy there, Jimmy. The butterflies in your stomach starting to do the rumba yet?
Jimmy: Not at all. Well, the only thing I'm nervous about is seeing Chloe before the ceremony. It's bad luck.
Lois: What about the whole "till death do us part" part? That's got to be nerve-racking.
Jimmy: Well, when you pick the right person, there's no need for wedding day jitters.
Lois: Good answer, Jimbo.
Jimmy: You know, speaking of the right person, since you don't have a plus-one tonight, I'd like you to meet one of my friends. Name's Clark Kent. You heard of him?
Lois: Better wear your bow and arrow, Cupid. That bumbling tadpole is not my Prince Charming.
Jimmy: Well, maybe you just need to jump his lily pad and plant one on him. Come on. I've seen the way you two look at each other.
Lois: You need to get your eyesight checked, Olsen. Clark doesn't like me. He likes... driving me crazy.
Jimmy: Flirtation 101, Lane. I mean, that's what a guy does when he's into a girl.
Lois: Really?
Jimmy: Trust me. Lois and Clark would be great together. I can feel it in my gut.
Lois: Well, take some Ex-Lax and get over it.

Jimmy: The groom sees the bride before the wedding? It's like... the Hindenburg of disasters. It's worse than black cats and broken mirrors and all that...
Chloe: Jimmy, breathe! Look, our love has weathered federal arrests and heart-attack-inducing kisses and a freakazoid bout of amnesia. I think that we'll survive this.

Clark: Oliver. Listen, you better watch out for Lois. She'll pin an apron on you and name you after some sort of fairy tale character.

Clark: And, if he's out there alive, he hasn't made a move for months. This can wait 24 hours. Chloe can't.
Oliver: The wedding? Is that the real reason you don't wanna go after Lex or is that just an excuse? Chloe's gonna understand.
Clark: No, she won't. When I had Jor-El bring back her memories, I asked him to leave out the ones about who I really am. You know everything she suffered through because of me. And, not to give her away on her wedding day? It's not an option.
Oliver: Maybe Lex hasn't made his move yet but he will. He's more dangerous now than he ever was. Chloe may not know your secret anymore but Lex still does.

Clark: Is that what this is about? Oliver, you told me you set aside your need for vengeance. I know how much you hate Lionel Luthor for what he did to your parents...
Oliver: Did? Clark, it's called murder.
Clark: You can't punish the son for the sins of the father.
Oliver: That's not what I'm doing.
Clark: Oliver... I remember when my dad died. I was so angry, I almost crossed a line that I could not come back from. I'm not gonna let you make the same mistake.
Oliver: Well, the truth is I'm going after Lex for you.
Clark: That's only half the truth, isn't it?
Oliver: Clark, come on, you know how dangerous this guy is. He may even know how to kill you. Why don't you just... give me the router? Okay, it's gonna take me a couple hours to download it, anyway. You're gonna have plenty of time to eat cake and do the chicken dance before we even take off.

Lois: When did you know he was the one?
Chloe: Lois, don't worry. When you meet your super-stud, you'll know.
Lois: Please. This isn't about me. I need to get bitten by the love bug about as much as I need a bite from a black widow.

Chloe: How about she carry your piece of Smallville's finest meteor rock down the aisle?
Clark: Hey, why don't you put that away? I... I have a better idea. You gave that to me freshman year at the homecoming dance.
Chloe: And, you kept it all this time?
Clark: I never throw away good memories.

Lana: I'm not convinced Lex is alive. Just because the king dies doesn't mean the entire empire crumbles overnight. I just followed the leads here to protect Clark.
Oliver: Good. Because no-one else seems too concerned that Lex found out his secret. If you're on a trail, I can help you.
Lana: Is this your version of help? 'Cause it seems a little personal to me. You're Green Arrow. You're better than this.
Oliver: You sound like Clark.
Lana: If we want to fight for the greater good, maybe we all have to be a little more like Clark.

Clark: I have it all under control, except for these cuff links. They were my dad's and I've never had to put them on before.
Lois: I guess you don't have much need for cuff links when you have a whole closet full of flannel shirts, huh, Farmer John? Big city boy, let me give you a lesson. You just have to make sure this part sticks up straight and then it slides right in.

Lana: I read about the mysterious blur saving lives in Metropolis. I'm proud of you, Clark. It's who you should have been all along.
Clark: Does that mean you're happy you left?
Lana: It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But, I'm glad that I finally had the guts to do it. I would have died before I admitted this but I used to sit on my front porch and look across the field at this barn, imagining a summer wedding here. Of course, I always thought I'd play a bigger part in it.

Episode Goofs
Chloe's father Gabe Sullivan isn't mentioned, alive or dead.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
Executive ProducerJoe Davola  |  Mike Tollin  |  Brian Robbins  |  Brian Peterson (1)  |  Todd Slavkin  |  Darren Swimmer  |  James Marshall (3)  |  Kelly Souders
ProducerRob Maier (1)  |  Jae Marchant  |  Turi Meyer  |  Al Septien
Co-ProducerTom Flores
EditorAndi Armaganian
CastingDeedee Bradley  |  Heike Brandstatter  |  Coreen Mayrs
First Assistant DirectorMorgan Beggs
Second Assistant DirectorMark Bunting
MusicLouis Febre
Music EditorChris McGeary
Costume DesignerMelanie Williams
Camera OperatorDouglas Craik
Set DecoratorAndrea French
Location ManagerMichael Hauka
Property MasterAleya Naiman
Construction CoordinatorTom Hunt (2)
Post Production SupervisorCristina Verano
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
OtherJerry Siegel (Superman Created By)
Director of PhotographyBarry Donlevy
Story EditorHolly Henderson
Stunt CoordinatorJacob Rupp
Production ManagerScott Graham (3)
Sound MixerRob Hanchar
Special EffectsElan Soltes
Executive Story EditorCaroline Dries
Key Makeup ArtistNatalie Cosco
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
Key HairstylistSarah Koppes
Special Effects SupervisorMike Walls
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