Infamous - Recap

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Lois takes a taxi from the airport and arrives at the Daily Planet in the pouring rain. Clark superspeeds up behind her and then admits that he missed her at the airport. Lois sorrowfully admits that she understands she isn’t a big priority with him. As she goes inside, gossip columnist Linda Lake flows out of a puddle in her water form and solidifies. She confronts Clark, telling him she knows that he’s the Red-Blue Blur vigilante because she’s been spying on him since she was forced to go underground. She’s lost her reputation but plans to use Clark to regain her glory. She tells Clark he either has to provide her with scoops or she’ll tell the world everything she knows about him. He tries to grab her but she easily evades him, turning into water and slipping away into the sewers.

At the barn, Chloe arrives to discuss the situation with Clark. Clark decides that he’s best off going public on his own rather than give in to Linda’s blackmail. He insists it’s the only way and that now he might actually have a chance to be himself in public without having to hide his secret.

A doctor at the hospital finds Davis taking anti-pyschotic drugs from a storage room. He claims it’s for a patient and she leaves.

Clark goes to see Lois at the Daily Planet. She tries to ignore him and he tells her he’s the Red-Blue Blur. She doesn’t believe him and goes to a storage room to get some supplies from a high shelf. Clark lifts her and the desk she’s standing on into the air, then easily catches her when she falls. Lois is surprised and admits that she always thought of him as a real hero. However, she’s not thrilled to learn that he’s already told Lana and Chloe. As he tells her what abilities he has, she admits she upset that she didn’t figure it out on her own. Finally, Clark tells her that he is an alien from another planet.

Lois’ story is published and the people begin to congregate around Clark, thanking him for his services to Metropolis. Children want his autograph and a young girl throws herself from a window just so Clark can catch her. As the crowd gathers around, Linda shows up to tell him that she’ll have the last word.

Chloe goes to the hospital to get Jimmy transferred there. However, the doctor warns that the paparazzi are there to get photos of the guy married to Clark’s best friend. Chloe sees Davis and goes after him. He says that he left because it’s too dangerous for her to be around him. Chloe accepts that and leaves, but a nurse notices her and comments that she’s friends with the Kryptonian, Clark. Something deep inside Davis stirs at the mention of the word “Kryptonian.”

Linda goes to her former city editor at the Daily Planet and tells him she has a story.

Clark is at home and talks to Martha on the phone. She tells him that the Senate wants her to go on leave until they resolve the situation. Chloe arrives and tells Clark that Tess Mercer has given him and Lois offices and a promotion. As they talk, the news runs an interview with a mother whose husband died in an accident. She blames Clark because he wasn’t there to save him. Chloe has done some research and learned that Linda was confined at the Black Creek facility. Electricity prevents her from turning into water. Next, the news runs a press conference with Linda. She claims that Clark is an alien invader and that he killed Lex Luthor when the latter learned the truth. Government agents arrive but Clark refuses to run away. He tells Chloe to leave and then talks to the agents. Initially somewhat neutral, the lead agent finally says they’re taking Clark in for testing. Clark refuses and the government soldiers open fire without effect.

Clark finds Chloe and tells her to get out of town. The authorities have already set a curfew and warned the populace that Clark is erratic and dangerous. Chloe says they need to come up with a plan and Clark remembers the Legion flight ring he was given and is stored at the barn. He figures that he can use it to travel back in time and stop Lois from publishing the story. Chloe warns that in the past, changing time has had repercussions that they couldn’t anticipate. Clark thinks it’s worth the risk. They’re unaware that Linda is watching them.

At the Daily Planet, Lois sees Linda’s story about Clark murdering Lex. She takes the elevator to see Tess and meets Linda in the elevator. Linda boasts of how she’s destroyed Clark’s life and caused the people to turn against him. Lois arrives at Tess’ office only to discover that the government agents are waiting for her. They prepare to capture her but Clark arrives and whisks her to the Kent barn. He explains what he plans to do and Lois insists he should stay. Clark warns that it won’t do any good and Lois realizes that when he alters history, she won’t know who he really is. Disappointed, she explains that she had dated other men with powers, but with Clark she knew he was different. She says she isn’t that special but Clark insists that she is. He opens the toolbox containing the ring but discovers kryptonite inside. As he collapses, Linda knocks Lois out with a board and holds up the stolen Legion ring.

Chloe is at Isis destroying her files when Davis comes in. He warns that he’s building up a tolerance to the stolen anti-psychotic pills and he can’t control himself. He explains that when Brainiac possessed Chloe, Brainiac told him that he was a Kryptonian sent to Earth to destroy Clark. Realizing that he's Doomsday, Chloe backs away and Davis tells her to warn Clark. He starts to transform and she runs out to her car. She tries to call Lois and gets her answering machine. As Chloe leaves a message, Doomsday rips apart her car and prepares to kill her.

At the barn, Linda prepares to use the Legion ring to travel back in time and get as many scoops as she wants. Clark warns her how dangerous time travel is but she doesn’t care. Before she can activate the ring, Lois knocks her unconscious, then throws the kryptonite away. As Clark starts to use the ring, Lois checks her voice mail and learns that Chloe is in danger. Before she can tell him, Clark disappears into the past.

In the past, Clark goes to see Linda. He tells her that he knows all about what she has planned and he has a story of his own: a piece on the murders she committed two years ago. He then grabs an electrical cable and stabs it into her chest, trapping her in her human form.

This time, Clark gets to the airport to meet Lois as she returns to Metropolis. He tries to discuss what happened between them at the wedding but she says they’re better off forgetting it. She casually invites him out for coffee later but says that if he doesn’t show, it’s okay.

Clark meets with Chloe and tells her what happened. Chloe suggests that he create a secret identity to protect himself but Clark isn’t so sure. He is sure that he can’t tell Lois. As he tells Chloe that he destroyed the Legion ring due to the risks, Chloe wonders what else was altered by his trip through time.

At the hospital, Davis is taking anti-psychotics when the doctor confronts him. This time she tells him there’s a patient looking for him. He goes to the criminal containment ward where Linda is being kept immobilized with electrical wiring. She tells him that she knows who he really is, because she’s been spying on Clark. Linda tells him to release Doomsday and free her. Davis warns her it doesn’t work that way but she goads him until his eyes glow red. He grabs a pillow and smothers her to death. He reverts back to normal and slips away, throwing away the now-useless anti-psychotics.

Lois waits for Clark at the coffee shop. Clark watches her from the shadows and then sends her a text message saying he’s busy on a story and can’t come. Lois responds by saying she’s busy as well, and Clark walks away.