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Smallville: Turbulence

Tess requires Clark to go with her by private jet to Los Angeles for a press conference, but an accident puts her life at risk. Meanwhile, Jimmy is checked into the Metropolis hospital and begins to doubt if what he's seeing is real due to his painkillers, and Davis must take drastic steps to cover his secret.

Episode Info

Episode number: 8x16
Production Number: 3T7466
Airdate: Thursday March 19th, 2009


Co-Guest Stars
Colin LawrenceColin Lawrence
As Captain Nichols
Daren A. HerbertDaren A. Herbert
As Tess' Assistant
Dario DelacioDario Delacio
As Doomsday (as Dario De Lacio)
Bart AndersonBart Anderson
As Drunk Driver
Frank TopolFrank Topol
As Guard
Richard HarmonRichard Harmon
As Teenage Addict
Sheldon YamkovySheldon Yamkovy
As Drug Dealer
Main Cast
Tom WellingTom Welling
As Clark Kent / Kal-El
Cassidy FreemanCassidy Freeman
As Tess Mercer
Allison MackAllison Mack
As Chloe Sullivan
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
As Jimmy Olsen
Sam WitwerSam Witwer
As Davis Bloome


Davis Bloome goes to a church and has a priest hear his confession. Davis talks of how there's a best inside of him that hurts people, including a drug dealer. The priest tells him to try and use good to overcome the evil within him...

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ApocalypticaI Don't CareClosing montage

Episode Quotes
Davis: I stop the wickedness that I see. It keeps the beast from coming out. It makes me feel... human.
Priest: Stay on your righteous path, my son. Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good.

Chloe: Wow, I haven't seen you this pumped since you threw the touchdown pass that made the Crows state champs.
Clark: That is a tough one to top, Chloe, but last night, I think I did it.
Chloe: I heard. It was quite the coming-out party. Media outlets report that the Red-Blue Blur made more saves last night than a Billy Graham revival meeting.
Clark: I thought you'd be happy. I mean, you're the one who convinced me to embrace my double identity and inspire the world.
Chloe: Yeah but Clark, did you have to make a guest appearance on every single traffic cam in town?
Clark: Slowing my super speed down enough to appear on video is not easy. I wasn't even sure it worked the first few times.
Chloe: Look, I'm all about your streak of primary colours making a splash but this is more like a tsunami!
Clark: If it means giving people hope, Chloe, I'll take that chance.
Chloe: I just wanna make sure that your rush to inspire Joe Sixpack doesn't unmask Clark Kent.
Clark: Chloe, working at the Daily Planet is a perfect cover.
Chloe: Right, so what, you're gonna pull a quick costume change in the middle of the bullpen?
Clark: I'm getting really good at it. Watch.

Chloe: (after seeing Clark demonstrate his costume change) Not to preempt your episode of America's Next Top Model but you've got a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

Chloe: Jimmy, you know that that machine's already locked into a set dosage. It's not gonna give you more no matter how many times you hit the pump.
Jimmy: You need to tell my doc my pain is Hummer size not hybrid.

Tess: Nifty knapsack, Kent. Are you on your way to PE?
Clark: I just got back from the gym.
Tess: If you wanna graduate from the bullpen to the corner office, you need to look the part.
Clark: Yeah, well, thanks for the tip.
Tess: I think we can find something a little less High School Musical and a little more Louis Vuitton to carry around whatever it is that you're hiding in here.
Clark: Uh, well, it really is just my gym stuff and I don't think I want my boss going through my underwear.

Tess: Plus, I had to make a pitstop in Geneva to see a plastic surgeon. Oh, it wasn't a nip tuck. Lex Luthor lowjacked me with some biotech hardware. I had to have it sliced out.
Clark: Lana told me what Lex put you through. I'm sorry.
Tess: What about what Lex put you through? He pretended to be your friend for how many years?
Clark: I'd like to think that there was a time when Lex and I had a real friendship.
Tess: That wasn't a friendship. Clark, you were his obsession. Lex wanted so much to be like you. But, he knew - he knew in his heart he never could.
Clark: Did Lex talk to you about me?
Tess: He kept a journal.
Clark: What'd it say?
Tess: I'm sworn to secrecy.

Clark: About Lex's journal, he's gone now so you can tell me...
Tess: Enough about Lex's journal, okay? I wanna talk about you. We've had two bottles of champagne and you-you seem to have this inhuman ability to withstand the effects of alcohol.
Clark: I have a strong metabolism.
Tess: Me too. I can hold my liquor like no other. It's in the Mercer gene. Daddy dearest used to be able to finish off a fifth before the lunch whistle blew at the mill.
Clark: That sounds tough.
Tess: Let's just say it wasn't the Norman Rockwell childhood that you had at the Kent Farm.
Clark: Nobody's childhood is perfect.
Tess: Yeah but I bet you were read fairy tales at bedtime. Not like what my dad did. I'm sorry, you don't... you don't need to hear that.
Clark: It's okay.
Tess: I had these blue sheets that I used to pull up over my head and it made me feel like I was underneath the ocean. And, I would hide in there and uh, pretend to be the Little Mermaid... waiting, dreaming of my prince to come rescue me. Then my dad would come in. Bastard shattered my eardrum. And, he broke my arm. Three times. I bet you didn't expect the inflight entertainment to include my True Hollywood Story, huh?
Clark: I'm just glad it has a happy ending. Look at you now.
Tess: I think I'm just good at covering my tracks. Kinda like you, Clark.
Clark: Why would I cover my tracks?
Tess: You know, why would Lex have an entire room devoted to you? I've seen the photographs - the crushed Porsche, the-the mushroomed bullets.
Clark: I can't explain to you Lex Luthor's delusion.
Tess: Lex was a lot of things but he was not delusional. Clark, we all have our deepest, darkest secrets. I just told you mine. Tell me yours.
Clark: There's nothing to tell. With me, it's what you see is what you get.

Tess: Oh, there he is. The prince who came to my rescue.
Clark: I would think parachuting out of a jet and landing in the Arizona desert would've slowed you down but you seem to be doing just fine.
Tess: I knew I was fine the moment that I woke up in that Phoenix emergency room to see you, standing by my side.

Tess: Well, as terrible as it all was, I hope that this experience has brought us closer. I don't usually open up about myself to... well, to anyone. Really.
Clark: I understand that what you told me was a part of your past you'd like to keep private. If you're worried that I'm going to tell someone your secret... I promise you I won't.
Tess: Lex was right about you, Clark. There's not a bad bone in your body. My whole life I've had to deal with abusive people, people who took away my home, but when I'm around you, somehow, I feel safe.

Tess: Clark... I may run his company and I may live in his mansion but I'm not Lex. You can trust me.

Chloe: You think she knows your secret?
Clark: Well, she didn't exactly just come out and admit it.
Chloe: Well, does she have to? I mean, you saved her by flying out of a falling jet!
Clark: Chloe, I didn't fly. I sort've jumped, she was unconscious the whole time.
Chloe: Well, whatever the case, she knows too much and she's getting closer by the minute so it's time to take extreme measures. You need to quit the ]Daily Planet and put the Red-Blue Blur back into the closet.
Clark: I'm not changing my life because Tess Mercer might know my secret.
Chloe: But, she's beyond dangerous, Clark. She tried to kill Lana.
Clark: Only because she was trying to destroy the power suit. She was desperate to stop Lex.
Chloe: I can't believe you're defending her.
Clark: I'm not sure she's like Lex.
Chloe: Your ability to trust others and always see the good in people is what makes you so special but it's also what keeps getting you into trouble. You need to be careful.

Jimmy: I have put up with years of you taking someone else's side over mine - first, Clark and then Davis?! Look, I realise now... you just don't trust me. You never have.
Chloe: Of course I trust you, Jimmy, I trust you with my whole heart, I'm your wife!
Jimmy: And, that's what I don't understand, why the hell did you even marry me?!

Chloe: Come on, Jimmy. We can work through this.
Jimmy: I'm done trying to make this work. Marrying you... was the biggest mistake of my life.

Cultural References
Chloe: (after seeing Clark demonstrate his costume change) Not to preempt your episode of America's Next Top Model but you've got a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

America's Next Top Model is a reality TV show on The CW about aspiring models who battle it out to win a modelling contract.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlfred Gough  |  Miles Millar
Executive ProducerJoe Davola  |  Mike Tollin  |  Brian Robbins  |  Kelly Souders  |  Brian Peterson (1)  |  Todd Slavkin  |  Darren Swimmer  |  James Marshall (3)
Co-Executive ProducerTim Scanlan
ProducerRob Maier (1)  |  Jae Marchant  |  Turi Meyer  |  Al Septien
Co-ProducerTom Flores
Production DesignerJames Philpott
EditorAndi Armaganian
CastingDeedee Bradley  |  Coreen Mayrs  |  Heike Brandstatter
First Assistant DirectorMorgan Beggs
Second Assistant DirectorMark Bunting
MusicLouis Febre
Music EditorChris McGeary
Costume DesignerMelanie Williams
Key GripJohn O'Neill (2)
Set DecoratorAndrea French
Property MasterAleya Naiman
Construction CoordinatorTom Hunt (2)
Production CoordinatorShalla Edl
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
OtherJoe Shuster (Superman Created By)  |  Jerry Siegel (Superman Created By)
Director of PhotographyBarry Donlevy
Story EditorDon Whitehead  |  Holly Henderson
Stunt CoordinatorJacob Rupp
Production ManagerScott Graham (3)
Sound MixerRob Hanchar
Executive Story EditorCaroline Dries
Key Makeup ArtistNatalie Cosco
Main Title ThemeRemy Zero
Camera AssistantRon Biglow
Key HairstylistSarah Koppes
Special Effects SupervisorMike Walls
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