Turbulence - Recap

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Davis Bloome goes to a church and has a priest hear his confession. Davis talks of how there's a best inside of him that hurts people, including a drug dealer. The priest tells him to try and use good to overcome the evil within him.

At the Kent Farm, Chloe pays Clark a visit, noting that as the Red-Blue Blur he was particular busy the previous night. She warns that he's letting himself be seen but Clark insists that although he's slowing down enough to be seen as a blur to spread his reputation, he is still moving fast enough to hide is identity. Chloe warns that he may be raising Tess Mercer's suspicions but he assures her he can handle it, changing his clothing several times at superspeed. He stashes his "costume" in his backpack and prepares to leave, then tells Chloe that she should be at Jimmy's bedside. Chloe insists that he's doing better.

Chloe goes to the hospital where Jimmy is trying to activate the pump for a morphine dosage. She notes that the pump isn't working. Jimmy says all he needs to do is go home, even though Chloe thinks he should see a psychologist after the trauma he suffered at the wedding. Chloe assures him that their attacker is gone for good but neither one of them seems totally sure.

That night, Jimmy dreams of the wedding reception, then wakes up and tries to activate the pump. It still doesn't work and he goes into the hallway to call for a nurse. A man in a suit, smelling of alcohol, runs down the hallway past Jimmy, yelling for help. Jimmy goes after him and sees someone grab the man and snap his neck: Davis. Davis closes the door between them as Jimmy shares in shock.

The next day at the Daily Planet, Clark prepares to go help the police when Tess comes over and essentially orders him to come with her to Los Angeles for a press conference. Clark tries to get out of it but Tess warns that she expects her reporters to follow the stories. Clark reluctantly agrees and they leave for the airport.

When Chloe comes to visit, Jimmy tells her about what he saw and that he reported it to the police. Davis comes in and complains that the police arrested him because of Jimmy's report. He knows there was a drunk driver there the previous nights, and admits they were trying to find the man after he was brought in, but he escaped. He claims that Jimmy must have hallucinated the incident when he was getting morphine, but Chloe remembers the pump wasn't working. Davis leaves and Chloe goes after him to apologize for her husband. When Davis assumes that Jimmy knows that he kissed Chloe, Chloe tells him that she never told Jimmy about the incident. Davis says he's come to accept that Jimmy was the better man, but Chloe worries about how she dragged Jimmy into her life and the dangers. Davis holds her in a gesture of comfort, and Jimmy sees them from his window.

Tess is using Oliver Queen's private jet to fly to Los Angeles, since now they're partners. Captain Nichols greets them and as they prepare for launch, she tells Clark about how she flew to Geneva to get Lex's surveillance device removed. When Clark sympathizes, Tess points out that Lex put him through a lot as well. She says that Lex had a journal, but refuses to provide more detail. Clark gets up to pour some drinks.

That night, Jimmy sneaks out to Davis' ambulance and searches inside. In the back he finds the drunk driver, dead. Davis gets in, startling Jimmy who shatters some glass and cuts his head. Davis initially denies there's a body and accuses Jimmy of trying to steal painkillers. Then he says it wouldn't have been a bad idea if someone had killed the drunk driver: the man killed a mother and daughter the previous. When Jimmy recoils in disgust, Davis injects him with a sedative.

Jimmy wakes up back in his room and hears Chloe yelling. He goes out and Chloe runs by, telling him to run before someone catches them. She locks herself in a room and Jimmy tries to get in. He sees a figure behind Chloe: Doomsday. The monster throws a bed through the window and then grabs Chloe and drags her back into the shadows as blood flies.

Jimmy pounds on the door, but begins to realize he's hallucinating. The staff, Chloe, and Davis arrive and try to calm him down.

En route to Los Angeles, Clark tries to turn the conversation to Lex's journal. Tess boasts that she can hold her alcohol just like her abusive father. Clark says that she managed to overcome that to become a CEO but Tess admits she just learned how to cover her tracks. She says that Clark has to and brings up the room Lex kept with the items relating to Clark. Clark says he can't explain Lex's delusions but Tess insists she can trust him with his secrets. Clark insists he has nothing to hide.

The airplane shudders as something strikes the plane. As it starts to go down, Clark runs to the front and discovers that something ripped open the cockpit, and Captain Nichols is gone. While he's gone, Tess makes sure that there are several parachutes stored away. Clark returns and she tells him there's no parachutes, then starts to pass out as the cabin depressurizes. Clark has no choice but to pick up Tess, smash the door open, and leap clear as the plane explodes.

Davis patrols the streets of Metropolis a burglar. As he approaches the man, he stumbles over a bottle, scaring the burglar off. Jimmy sneaks up behind Davis and hits hi over the head with a pipe. He then handcuffs Davis' hands separately to two different pipes. Jimmy defiantly shows Davis the cut on his hand, proving he was in the ambulance and saw the body. Davis starts to transform and tells Jimmy to get away while he can. Jimmy tells him that Chloe is on the way, further angering Davis. However, when Chloe arrives she tasers Jimmy unconscious. Davis is starting to transform in the shadows, but when she reassures him he reverts to his human form.

Clark visits Tess at the manor the next day and she thanks him for his help. He claims he found one parachute and used it to save them both, unaware that Tess knows better. She admits that she rarely opens up to people and Clark promises he won't say anything. Tess praises Clark as a good man and insists that she's not Lex, and he can trust her. Clark leaves without saying anything further.

At the farm, Clark and Chloe discuss what happens. Chloe thinks that Tess knows and advises Clark to stop his vigilante activities and quit the Planet. Clark believes that Tess is innocent but Chloe warns him about being too willing to see the good in people even if it's not there.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Jimmy not to take too many of his prescription painkillers. He storms out of the room as Chloe arrives and tries to explain. Jimmy insists that she betrayed him and believed Davis. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t trust him and wonders why she ever bothered to marry him. He tells her that marrying her was a mistake and walks away.

Later, Jimmy goes to Tess office and drops off a file on Davis.

Clark continues to work at the Planet and patrol Metropolis.

Tess meets with Captain Nichols and pays him to start a new life.

As it rains outside, Jimmy sits in his car and takes painkillers.

Chloe is in he apartment crying and looking out into the storm.

Davis stands in the rain and looks up at the sky.