Beast - Recap

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Chloe is in bed when Davis calls her and asks her to come down because he had a bad dream. When she goes to the Talon's basement, she discovers that he's strewn rose petals on the stairs and lit the basement with candles. Figuring that he left the basement to get everything, Chloe warns Davis that it's dangerous for him to go out. Davis insists he had to and thanks her for everything she's done for him. He suggests she might have romantic feelings for him but Chloe insists she's just doing it as a friend. Davis says that his feelings haven't changed and starts to kiss her. She kisses him back but Chloe notices a trail of blood on the floor. She follows it around the corner to where Clark, ripped in half, is hung from the ceiling. Chloe screams... and wakes up from a nightmare.

The next day Clark comes to visit Chloe at the Talon just as she gets a text message from Davis. She quickly hides her phone as Clark shows her an article that Tess ran on the front page of the Daily Planet claiming that Davis is the "Cornfield Killer." Chloe points out that they both saw Davis die of kryptonite poisoning, but Clark tells her that one of Bruno Mannheim's men, A.J., turned up dead in a dumpster, torn apart the same way as Davis' other victims. Chloe insists that Davis must be dead and suggests that Clark might be imagining things out of fear.

Oliver is meeting with his people for lunch at Ace of Clubs when Jimmy asks to talk to him in private. Jimmy asks for a loan, claiming it's to fix his car, and admits that he was fired from his bartending job. Oliver doesn't believe him and accuses him of needing a fix. He suggests Jimmy get rehab treatment instead, but Jimmy ignores his offer and walks away.

Chloe meets secretly with Oliver’s private physician, Dr. Emil Hamilton, and asks for his advice on Davis. He suggests they go to Oliver but Chloe notes that Oliver murdered Lex Luthor and can’t be trusted. She gives him some of Davis’ saliva but Emil warns that it may not be enough. He suggests he meet with Davis in person but Chloe warns against it. Chloe gets out and after Emil pulls away, Davis approaches her. He tells her that he needs her presence full time to keep the beast from taking over. At the Talon, Chloe tells him about Tess’ headlines identifying him as the Cornfield Killer, but Davis is more concerned about what happens if they find her. Chloe says they have no choice but to go together, even though she can’t say goodbye to anyone. She insists that Davis is the most important thing in her life and they decide to leave. Chloe asks for a few hours to make some final preparations to cover their trail.

Clark goes to see Oliver at his office and informs him that he checked Davis’ secret gravesite, and there’s no corpse. Apparently Davis clawed his way out from within. Clark asks Oliver to get Chloe to safety while he goes to the Fortress to find a way to stop Doomsday. Oliver tells him that he’ll have to kill Davis rather than risk the lives of thousands of others. Clark insists that he’ll find another way, on his own terms.

Emil contacts Chloe at Isis via the Internet and tells her that Davis’ cell samples have resisted any and all attempts to destroy them, and that they adapt to whatever he throws at them. He does believe that strong emotions might inhibit the change, like obsession. When he suggests they contact the authorities, Chloe warns him that he doesn’t want to get on Davis bad side, and she’ll handle it. Emil gives in but warns that if anything goes wrong, it’ll be her fault.

Clark comes in behind Chloe as she cuts off the connection. She lies about who she’s speaking to, and Clark gives her the news about Davis’ grave. He also tells her he’s found a crystal at the Fortress that belonged to Brainiac, and can open a gateway to the Phantom Zone. Chloe warns that Clark could get pulled in as well, but Clark plans to go ahead. To keep Clark and Davis safe, Chloe lies again and tells Clark she’s learned of a series of Doomsday-type murders in Alaska, and Clark superspeeds off to investigate.

Oliver goes to the Talon to get Chloe and hears someone upstairs. He finds Jimmy stealing Chloe’s money, even though Jimmy insists it’s a loan. Before Oliver can pursue the matter Davis ambushes and knocks him out, then knocks out Jimmy as well.

Jimmy and Oliver wake up in the basement and wonder if Davis has killed Chloe. Davis steps out of the shadows and tells them that he’d never hurt Chloe. Jimmy realizes that Davis is Doomsday from the wedding. Chloe calls to tell Davis that she’s on her way, and Oliver shouts a warning. Davis lies and tells her that he caught some thieves, and Chloe tells him not to kill them and to wait until she gets there. Jimmy taunts Davis, trying to get him to transform. Davis tells them the only way to stop his transformation is to kill one of them. Jimmy all but begs Davis to kill him, saying that he has nothing left to live for since he lost Chloe. When Davis begins to crush his skull, Oliver warns that Chloe will never forgive him if he kills her ex-husband. Davis agrees and knocks Jimmy out, then turns to Oliver as the only remaining target.

Upstairs, Clark arrives and hears Oliver as Davis chokes the life out of him. Clark superspeeds to the basement and knocks Davis away, then asks where Chloe is. When Davis doesn’t answer, Clark grabs him and heads for the Fortress.

When Chloe arrives at the Talon, Oliver’s men have secured the building and are taking the injured Jimmy away. As he goes, Jimmy tells Chloe not to trust Davis no matter what. Oliver wants to know what Chloe was doing, noting that she’s endangered all their lives and become a villain. He points out that Chloe’s supposed plan wasn’t working, and Jimmy almost died as a result. Chloe vows to stop Davis but Oliver tells her that Clark is taking care of Davis.

Clark arrives at the Fortress and tells Davis that he can use Brainiac’s crystal to send him to somewhere that he can be himself without fear of harming anyone else. Davis refuses to leave Chloe, insisting that she’s helping him of her own free will. Clark doesn’t believe it but Davis explains that Chloe is the only one that can restrain him from transforming into Doomsday. He begs Clark for the chance to live a normal life, appealing to him as a fellow Kryptonian. Clark prepares to use the crystal and Davis attacks him. They struggle and Clark manages to open a gateway. Davis tries to take Clark with him, but Chloe arrives to shut down the gateway. She tells Clark that he couldn’t live with himself if he exiled Davis permanently, and she’s there to make sure he doesn’t compromise his principles. Using the Kryptonian key, she teleports herself and Davis away before Clark can stop them.

Later, Jimmy goes to see Oliver at his office but Oliver is forced to admit his people have found no sign of Chloe or Davis. Oliver tells Jimmy he needs to get into rehab, but when Jimmy again refuses, Oliver gives him the $600 Jimmy asked for earlier. When Jimmy refuses to accept the handout, Oliver tells him it’s his first paycheck and he wants Jimmy to work for him. He points out Jimmy was the first one to figure out that Davis was Doomsday and that he showed guts facing down Davis at the Talon. Jimmy says that his life is a mess and Oliver say that taking the job will help him turn his life around. Jimmy considers, then shakes Oliver’s hand and accepts.

Clark is trying to find Chloe using the Isis computers without success. Oliver arrives to tell him that they can’t find Chloe if she doesn’t want to be found, and that she does love Davis. He insists Clark should have killed Doomsday, but Clark refuses to accept that. Chloe calls and tells Clark that she’s okay, but he should give up looking for them. She says that no sacrifice is too great, if it’s for the greater good, and her sacrifice will keep Clark from compromising his ideals. She hangs up on Clark and then tells Davis that she’s ready to leave with him.