Doomsday - Recap

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Rokk Krin, Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super Heroes, travels back from the 30th century to visit Clark atop the Daily Planet. Rokk warns Clark that he’s risking a change to the time stream, possibly eliminating his own future. However, he explains it’s necessary because Clark has disappeared from the future. When Clark saved Chloe from Brainiac, he also saved her connection to Doomsday. Since Chloe tried to kill Davis with kryptonite and only made him invulnerable to it, the monster no longer has a weakness for Clark to exploit… and he dies fighting Doomsday. Rokk gives Clark a new Legion ring and says he needs to use it to send Doomsday to the future where the Legion will take him on. Clark insists on handling the matter and wonders how much time he has, and Rokk tells him that the next day is the day that history says that Clark dies.

Chloe and Davis are taking a brief respite on the outskirts of Edge City. They look at the constellations in the night sky and talk about the myth of Persephone, who chose to live in the Underworld with Hades. Davis is surprised that they’ve gotten so far and hopes to find a place where they can live quietly together.

Tess is at the manor and gets word that her people have located Davis. However, they have a worse problem. Someone briefly took out the power, including the security cameras, then broke open the vault and stole the orb. However, it appears that someone broke the vault open from the inside. Tess tells her assistant that numerous lives are at stake and orders him to find the orb.

At the Daily Planet, Clark looks at the Legion ring and then puts it in his desk and starts typing a goodbye letter to the citizens of Metropolis. Lois comes in and Clark quickly blanks his computer screen. She wonders why Clark isn’t helping to look for Chloe. When she goes to get some coffee, Clark superspeeds off and then calls her as the Red-Blue Blur. He promises to find Chloe and then asks Lois to publish a letter for him in case something happens to him. He superspeeds back and leaves the letter on her desk, then goes back to the phone. Lois figures he’s somewhere in the building and asks to see his face. Clark says that isn’t a good idea, but she gives him the address of a phone booth and says she’ll be there later.

The next morning, Clark meets with Dinah (Black Canary) and Bart (Impulse) at the Kent barn. Bart has acquired schematics of the LuthorCorp geothermal facility. Clark explains that he plans to bury Doomsday in a mile-deep shaft beneath the facility. First he plans to use black kryptonite to split Davis apart from his monstrous alter-ego, and then toss Doomsday down the shaft. He gives Bart the black kryptonite that Oliver acquired for him. Oliver arrives and, overhearing Clark’s plan, worries what happens if they end up with a Doomsday without even an iota of human compassion. He asks Clark to kill Davis but Clark refuses, telling the others that Oliver killed Lex Luthor. Clark insists that Oliver isn’t one of them any more and tells him to leave while Dinah and Bart look on.

Jimmy, working for Oliver, breaks into Tess’ office. As he sits at her desk to access the computer and find Chloe’s locations, he discovers that Lois is hiding beneath the desk. Lois also believes that Tess is tracking Chloe and is there to get the goods on her. Jimmy uses an encryption key to access the system and find where she’s tracked Chloe and Davis to Edge City. He asks Lois to keep monitoring the fugitives while he goes to Edge City. After Jimmy leaves, Lois checks Tess’ files and finds a video recording of her interrogating Regan, her henchman, and trying to find out where the orb is. Tess claims that there’s life contained within the orb and the Traveler must defeat the Beast before she can free them. On the recording, Regan warns Tess that what she’s unleashing could cause the end of the world.

Clark is at the Planet when Dinah contacts him via computer to tell him they’ve found Chloe and Davis. He uses his superhearing and hears Chloe yelling. He runs to Edge City but only finds Chloe’s badly damaged car. Dinah and Bart are waiting for him… and so is Green Arrow, who shoots Clark in the back with a kryptonite-filled dart. Clark collapses and tells them they’re making a mistake, but they leave to go after Davis.

Lois leaves Tess’ office and goes back to her own desk, and discovers that Tess is waiting for her. Lois says her first priority is Chloe and Tess can fire her if she wants but she doesn’t care. Tess demands the orb and Lois says she has no idea what she’s talking about. When she tries to leave, Tess attacks her. The two fight and Lois finally knocks out Tess by picking up a box on Clark’s desk and hitting her with it. The box opens and the Legion ring falls out. Lois picks it up and disappears in a flash of light.

Bart administers tranquilizer darts to Chloe and Davis at superspeed. Green Arrow’s team takes them both to the geothermal facility. Chloe insists they don’t have to kill Davis as he won’t transform as long as she’s with him. Davis wakes up and warns her that she’s not calming him anymore, and agrees that Green Arrow and the others have to kill him. Davis’ eyes start to glow red and he goes berserk, smashing Bart and Dinah unconscious. Green Arrow prepares to shoot but Chloe jumps in first, using the black kryptonite to split Davis from his monstrous alter-ego.

Jimmy goes to the trace location in Edge City and finds Clark, a cut on his cheek and a kryptonite dart in his back. Jimmy removes the dart and sees the cut heal. He realizes that Clark is the Red-Blue Blur and Clark admits it’s true. He apologizes for lying and then tells Jimmy now is the time for him to give Chloe the wedding present he never got a chance to give her after the wedding. Clark asks Jimmy to trust him and Jimmy promises that he always will.

Clark superspeeds to the geothermal facility and discovers Green Arrow, Bart, Dinah, and Davis, all unconscious. Chloe explains that she split Doomsday into his human and monstrous halves, and Clark pinpoints the rampaging Doomsday’s location. Green Arrow wakes up and Clark reminds him of the plan to detonate the explosives and trap Doomsday in the shaft. Oliver agrees to follow the plan.

Clark finds Doomsday in Metropolis near the phone booth where Lois asked to meet the Red-Blue Blur earlier. Doomsday is killing everyone he can get his hands on. Clark comes to the aid of a little girl, getting her away. When Clark tries to calm her, Doomsday grabs him and smashes him repeatedly in the head. The monster then throws Clark into a building. Clark leaps at Doomsday, grabs him, and then jumps into the sky to the geothermal facility. They land inside and there’s an enormous explosion.

Later, Jimmy takes the unconscious Chloe and Davis to his “wedding present” for her: a church steeple overlooking the city. Chloe wakes up and Jimmy explains that he’d hope once they were together that they could start their lives anew. Chloe admits that he’s always done the right thing. When Chloe starts to cover for Clark, Jimmy explains that he knows Clark’s secret, and that now he knows she went with Davis to protect Clark. They kiss… and Davis drives a pipe through Jimmy’s back and out his chest. The now fully human Davis, feeling betrayed, prepares to kill Chloe because she doesn’t love him as he believed. Jimmy manages to grab him and knock him onto an extended pipe, ramming it through Davis’ chest. Jimmy then collapses into Chloe’s arms, saying that he loves her before dying.

At Jimmy’s funeral, Chloe places photo negatives on Jimmy’s coffin. Oliver and his team are there, still injured from their battle with Doomsday. As Jimmy’s father and little brother walk away, Chloe gives the boy Jimmy’s camera. Clark is watching from the outskirts of the cemetery and waits until Chloe leaves. He looks at Oliver, who turns and walks away.

Clark then goes to the loft and Chloe comes down. She hugs him and Clark explains that he couldn’t save everyone at the plant when it blew up, and he wasn’t able to find Chloe after Jimmy rescued her. He also has been looking for Lois but hasn’t been able to find her. Chloe wonders where he was and Clark explains that he thought Davis was safe now that he was human. He trusted in Davis’ humanity, but Davis killed Jimmy. He suggests Chloe leave the loft and put Jimmy behind her, but she insists that she can still feel Jimmy’s spirit there, watching over her. She wants to use the loft as a new Watchtower and bring the other heroes home. Clark says that they no longer have a home and neither does he. He’s let his human side and his emotions get in the way for too long. Clark tells Chloe that Clark Kent is dead, and then leaves.

Tess sees a bright light outside of the manor. She goes to the window and sees the orb. It burns the Kryptonian symbol for Zod in the lawn, and a naked man appears inside of the flames.