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Message Posted On Friday, April 22nd 2011 at 9:42 pm
I have all 9 seasons on DVD and I will be pre ordering 10 when it is available. This 10th season has had more perfect 10 episodes then any other season. What a shame it is the final season as it is getting better and better every episode. I was hoping some network like ABC, ABC Family or Sci-Fi to name 3 would jump in and try to sign all the main stars and begin season 11 on their network but looks like its' too late for that darn it? I can still hope, wish and pray that some bright Executive steps in and at least attempts to keep the series alive or have a few Major Movies to continue the storyline? Too late for a 10,000 signature petition to keep the series going as well I assume?

How about a Booster Gold spinoff somewhere or a Green Arrow spinoff I can maye hope? Anyway the newest trailer for GREEN LANTERN is awesome can't wait to see it!

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