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Previews - Recap

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The episode begins with Dev waking up with Ivy in bed. Meanwhile, Karen is worried about Dev not replying to her messages. She thinks Dev has gone back to New York. Jessica then calls up Ivy and tells her that Derek is waiting for her. Ivy and Dev then promise to keep their rendezvous a secret. Meanwhile, Frank comes to drop Julia to the theatre. Later, Julia goes in and tells Tom that although she has come, she is not speaking with him. Meanwhile, Derek and Rebecca once again get cozy in the dressing room. Derek then comes onstage and declares that they are having their first preview in the night. He then declares to the crow that Michael Swift has joined the play as DiMaggio.

He then tells the whole troupe to get cracking and start preparing for the preview night. Karen in the meanwhile, directly asks Rebecca if she is sleeping with Derek. Rebecca is very nonchalant even when she comes to know that Ivy is interested in Derek. The preview is about to begin with the audience already in their seats. Karen while putting on makeup is still trying to get in touch with Dev. Ivy comes and then takes her away. Rebecca then comes onstage as Marilyn. The crowd in the meanwhile, seems to love the musical as its progressing. Karen in the meanwhile, is trying to get through to Dev at every opportune moment. All the performances seem to go ahead smoothly. Karen and Ivy both put forth seemingly confident performances. The audience cheers loudly for a performance of Ivy and Karen together for song called “Smash”.

Derek too is visibly pleased with the performances and the audience response. Later backstage, Ivy tells Karen that she was really good. Meanwhile, the audiences do not seem to be impressed with the ending where Rebecca reenacts the death of Marilyn. The audience hence takes time to applaud politely to it. Later, Dev comes to meet Karen. Karen apologizes to him for being a jerk. Just then Ivy comes in, and Karen introduces Dev to her. Meanwhile, Derek, Julia and Tom are discussing about the ending. Tom feels they can’t end a musical with a suicide. Eileen tells the three of them to come up with a new ending by Monday morning. Later Tom tells Sam about Julia being mad with him. Sam feels the two of them will work it out. Meanwhile, in a bar Eileen hears a song being played on the piano, and is reminded of how much she loves the song. She then begins humming the song, sitting near the piano. Meanwhile, Dev and Karen make love in a hotel room.

Julia in the meanwhile is still angry with Tom. The next morning Dev tells Karen that he should have listened to her and never have come. Karen tells him that she is glad he came. Karen tells Dev that she doesn’t care about RJ and that she loves him. She tells Dev that she was scared when he left. She was afraid of losing him. Karen then says that she is ready to get married and asks Dev about where the ring he had proposed her with is. He lies to her that he left it in New York as he did not think he would need it again. Dev then once again asks Karen if she will marry him, Karen immediately says a yes. Meanwhile, Ivy confronts Derek about him having sex with Rebecca. Derek replies that “Rebecca needs my attention and I am giving it to her”. Meanwhile, Rebecca is telling someone over the phone that no one applauded for the ending of the musical.

Karen walks by just then and Rebecca calls her in. She tells Karen that she was talking to her shrink over the phone. Karen tells Rebecca that it wasn’t Rebecca’s fault that the audience didn’t applaud. Rebecca in turn says that she is a star so if the audience doesn’t applaud, then it’s her fault. Immediately after, Rebecca suddenly begins to cough, also finding it difficult to breathe. Karen immediately calls out for help. Later Derek tells the troupe that the preview has been cancelled as Rebecca is in the hospital, but she would be fine. Rebecca it turns out had severe allergic reaction to some peanuts. Derek also tells everyone that the next day’s shows have also been cancelled, as they want to change the ending.

Meanwhile, Eileen is called by Rebecca’s secretary who tells her that Rebecca is extremely careful and would never deliberately touch peanuts. The secretary feels Rebecca was deliberately slipped peanuts. Meanwhile, Ivy isn’t too worried about the accident that Rebecca has met with. Ivy then leaves her room on some pretense and meets Dev outside. Dev then tells Ivy that he might have left the ring he had proposed to Karen with, in her room. Ivy agrees to look for it and inform Dev about it. Meanwhile, Karen wants Rebecca to come back, even though this is her opportunity to come forth in the limelight. Meanwhile, Michael stops Julia and tells her that he has come back only for her. Julia takes him aside and makes it amply clear to Michael that she didn’t want him there. She tells him that the only reason she is there is because Frank and Leo encouraged her to do it.

Michael then tries getting close to her, but she forcefully pushes him away. Julia then comes and tells Tom that Michael just tried to kiss her. She then once again questions Tom as to why he agreed to Michael joining the show. Julia is then reminded by Tom that it was she who went for Michael, despite him trying to stop her. Julia admits she made a mistake, and now she is trying to fix it. Julia then leaves in a huff, promising Tom that she would finish the “stupid song”, in her hotel room. Meanwhile, it is informed to everyone that Rebecca is coming back. Meanwhile, Dev and Karen are having a drink at a bar, just then Ivy walks in. Later Sam’s parents arrive at the church, where Sam would be performing. His mother is excited about the fact that, she would for the first time hear her song sing in public.

All the people from the troupe along with Karen, Ivy and even Dev arrive at the church. Sam tells Ivy and Karen to also sing. Ivy tells him that she wants to sit this one out. Meanwhile, Julia too arrives with her family. Inside, Sam calls Karen to accompany him in singing. The people in the church seem visibly moved by their singing, and acknowledge that with a loud applause. Sam’s parents too are visibly impressed with his singing. Later, Tom and Julia patch up things and apologize to each other for all that has transpired. Meanwhile, outside the church just as Dev is about to tell Karen the truth, she receives a call from Rebecca.

Next, Karen is at the hospital, and Rebecca tells her that she feels someone, fed her the peanuts on the sly. Rebecca then tells Karen that she is not going back into the show, as she is very scared. Rebecca wants Karen to take over her part instead. Later Karen tells the troupe members, nearly everything that Rebecca said. They all wonder who will play Marilyn now. The episode ends at this point.