Bombshell - Recap

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The episode begins, with Julia and Tom doing their best to come up with the new song for the ending of the show, before the show goes live. Meanwhile, the new Marilyn is walking to the stage with everyone wishing her luck; her face in the meanwhile isn’t revealed yet. The curtains then rise with the audience applauding loudly. The episode then flashes back to 12 hours earlier. Julia, Derek, Eileen and Tom are show panicking about who would be their new Marilyn, now that Rebecca has opted out of the show. Derek then storms out in anger, as the four of them aren’t able to come to a consensus. Eileen meanwhile tells the newspapers that, they have a new Marilyn but are not yet ready to release her name.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Karen also discuss as to whom between the two of them would get the opportunity to play Marilyn. Meanwhile, Derek is trying to decide who between Ivy and Karen he should ultimately choose, to play Marilyn. He tries imagining both Ivy and Karen as Marilyn, in his head. He seems to in the end decide on Karen. Derek then comes on the stage and officially announces that Karen would play Marilyn. Later Julia and Tom ready Karen for the night. Later Karen tells Dev the good news that she is going on as Marilyn. She wants Dev to come and watch her. Ivy meanwhile isn’t pleased with Karen being chosen for the part, she in fact was positive that she would get chosen for the part. Meanwhile, Tom and Julia are still working on the new song.

Ellis in the meanwhile tells Eileen that Ivy deserves the part, but Eileen doesn’t take him seriously. Ellis then tells Eileen that he got Rebecca out of the way by putting peanuts in her smoothie. Eileen on hearing this fires Ellis. Meanwhile, Karen rehearses for the part she is going to play in the night. Meanwhile, Frank is surprised to see Julia and Michael talking on the sets, standing in close quarters. Julia then sees Frank leave in anger and runs after him. Julia catches up with Frank and tells him it was nothing, Frank tells her that he knows that, but also that he can’t bear seeing the two of them together. Frank tells her that he wants to trust her but he can’t. Julia says they can make it work. Later, Tom and Julia are still shown trying to come up with a great song in time for the show.

Julia suddenly is hit with a flash of brilliance and begins to write new lyrics. Meanwhile, Karen is trying her best to catch up with the preparations for the evening. Dev in the meanwhile is there to see Karen rehearse. Meanwhile, seeing Karen perform, Ivy can picture herself doing the songs. Derek is overjoyed with the proficient performance that Karen gives. Ivy then comes and questions Derek as to why she wasn’t chosen for the part. Derek tells Ivy that he sees Karen as Marilyn in his head. He also tells Ivy that “she has something that you don’t”. Later Ivy tells Dev that she didn’t find his engagement ring in her room. Ivy then rushes into the dressing room, and fishes out the ring from her purse.

Meanwhile, Eileen comes in and tells Derek that Karen cannot do it, as there is very little time left and Karen isn’t ready yet. Karen overhears this and comes into the dressing room all upset. She then sees the ring on her table and asks Ivy who put the ring there. Ivy says “I did”. She then tells Karen about her and Dev, and how Dev forgot the engagement ring in her room. Karen then goes out and confronts Dev about this, with the ring in her hand. Dev admits his mistake. Karen is just then called onstage. Derek meanwhile tells Eileen to butt out and let him do things his way, as he knows what he is doing. Meanwhile, Sam and Tom share a few moments together, and Sam gives Tom some pep talk. Meanwhile, Jerry comes in. He is visibly worried about the fate of the show, and the amount of money Eileen has put into it. He tells Eileen that he is here to help.

Eileen tells him to go away. Meanwhile, Julia and Tom are still trying to work out their song for the ending. They are also worried if Karen can pull of the part of Marilyn. Meanwhile backstage Karen is too disturbed to concentrate on her work. Derek is then informed that, Karen has just left. Julia and Tom are also informed about Karen missing, much to their horror. Meanwhile, Lyle comes in to meet Eileen. She tells Lyle how everything is falling apart. Meanwhile Derek is searching all over the place for Karen. Meanwhile, Derek sees Dev outside and tells him to back off, so Derek can get through to her. He also tells Dev that “she is mine now”.

Derek then finds Karen in the dressing room sitting on the floor with her hands covering her face. She tells Derek that she can’t do it and that she doesn’t want to do it. Derek doesn’t believe her. Derek plays the shrink and reasons with Karen. Meanwhile, Eileen calls out Ivy to play Marilyn as she has no other choice. Just then Derek comes in with Karen dressed as Marilyn, much to Ivy’s shock. Later, while Ivy is sulking in the dressing room her mother comes to meet her. Ivy tells her mother that she isn’t the one playing Marilyn. Her mother is shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Julia and Tom still haven’t managed to come up with a new song, but somehow at the last moment they do, just as the show is about to go live.

Karen then walks onto the stage with everybody on the sets wishing her luck. Ivy in the meanwhile is relegated to being a part of the chorus. The show is shown progressing smoothly with Karen seemingly playing the part of Marilyn quite confidently. Ivy in the meanwhile is busy sulking in the dressing room, all alone. The penultimate scene of the musical then plays out, with Marilyn breathing her last. Meanwhile backstage, just before the last scene, just as Karen gets into a new costume, Derek comes in from behind and tells her that whatever happens next, she is a star. Karen then comes on to the stage and sings the new song that Tom and Julia have composed.

Derek in the meanwhile looks at Karen from backstage, evidently impressed. Karen in the meanwhile, pours her heart out into her performance. Dev too looks at her from a distance and is visibly pleased with her performance. Julia and Tom in the meanwhile look at each other and are visibly overjoyed with how Karen is performing. Eileen too seems mighty pleased with Karen’s performance. Meanwhile in the dressing room Ivy takes an overdose of prescription pills, as she is unable to handle the rejection. Later, just as Karen’s singing ends the lights go off, the audience lets out a cheer and there is thunderous applause from the audience. The episode ends at this point.