The Surprise Party - Recap

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The episode begins with the cast of “Bombshell” rehearsing for tech. Ivy is still unhappy with Tom for bringing in her mother, so he discusses with Julia how he can resolve this issue. Eileen and Richard seem to be growing closer and Richard wants her to not talk about work, for a change. Karen and Jimmy are making out in the closet while, outside, Derek is looking for her. Right before Richard arrives for the “Hit List” rehearsals, Jimmy tells Derek that he has added a new song for the diva, a role which is being played by Ana. Richard is looking forward to seeing more of her in the musical, which is why they are thinking of ways to increase her role.

At the “Bombshell” rehearsals, everyone but Tom remembers that it's Ivy’s birthday. When he finds out, he is mortified that he forgot about it. He blames himself for being a terrible friend, so he comes up with an idea, which he feels will make up for everything. At the “Hit List” rehearsals, Karen, Jimmy, and the rest of the cast perform a song for Richard. He seems impressed. After the performance, while Derek is walking Richard to his car, Richard talks about Karen. He says how it would make for an amazing story, if the director and the lead of “Hit list” were seeing each other. Derek counters that although it would make an amazing story, it wouldn’t be true. In Nichol’s office, Julia is discussing the play with him, when Derek arrives and asks Julia to be a dramaturge for “Hit List” because he feels she can give the play a structure.

While walking home with Ana, Karen discusses her and Jimmy’s relationship. Ana feels that it's weird Jimmy wants to keep the relationship a secret and, unless he is hiding something, can see no reason for it. Karen tries to defend Jimmy, saying he wants to keep things professional. By the end of their conversation Karen seems convinced that Ana is right. At the “Bombshell” rehearsals, Tom wishes Ivy a “Happy Birthday” and says he has planned a surprise for her in the night. She tries to excuse herself, because she has a party planned with the cast that Tom hasn’t been told about, but is forced to relent when he says he won’t take no for an answer.

Eileen calls Agnes and tells her that, as a surprise, Tom is planning to get Liza Minnelli to the restaurant where he will be dining with Ivy. She tells Agnes to somehow get Michael Wheedle, a reporter who has been writing negative things about “Bombshell”, to that restaurant. Eileen says she, too, will be there with Richard. Agnes says she will ensure some other reporters are also at the restaurant, to cover this thing. Jimmy and Karen are busy making out in the closet, when she tells him that they should go public with their relationship. Jimmy is reluctant and Karen can’t understand why so, before walking out, she tells him that they can only continue seeing each other if he is ready for everyone to know about it.

At the restaurant, Tom is dining with Ivy. At another table, Eileen is also there with Richard. Eileen sees Agnes entering, with a couple of reporters, and seems excited. While Julia is giving Kyle advice, on how he can improve his story, she and Nichol get into an argument about how she is still pushy like she was years ago. The argument leads to the revelation that Nichol had a thing for Julia in those days, but didn’t say anything because she was married. Liza Minnelli arrives at the restaurant and, when she finds out Tom did this for her, Ivy is pleasantly surprised. She nearly forgives Tom for everything that happened recently, when she sees Liza posing for pictures with Agnes and the reporters, and assumes Tom did this for publicity. Tom assures her he didn’t and the only person who knew is Eileen.

Tom figures out Eileen must have tipped off Agnes, so he confronts her. She admits she did it because she thought it would be good publicity for “Bombshell”. Ivy is disappointed and is about to leave when Liza, who is sitting at the piano, asks her to stop. She says Tom has written a completely new song for her. Tom and Liza begin performing the song, and Ivy seems really touched. After an enjoyable performance by the duo, everyone in the restaurant cheers and applauds for them. While Karen is rehearsing by herself, Derek arrives. She asks him to rehearse a scene with her. He looks sad, so she asks him what's wrong. He confesses that he likes her. Karen awkwardly tells him that she is seeing Jimmy. He says that he knows and quietly walks away.

Ivy and Tom make amends and he walks her to a cab. After it drives off, Tom is handed Ivy’s house keys, which she had forgotten at the restaurant. Nichol, Julia, and Kyle are still brainstorming about how the play can be improved. Nichol is glad that he isn’t mad at Julia anymore and confesses that, when he was working with her, it was some of the best times in his life. While he is walking home, Tom sees a few cast members of “Bombshell” standing outside a bar. He looks inside and sees that nearly everyone from the cast is there, so he goes in. A cast member holding a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” goes to Ivy, who is sitting at the bar. Ivy suddenly notices Tom and so does everyone else. They are all stunned and Tom looks hurt, but he says nothing, and simply returns Ivy her keys and leaves.

At the “Hit list” rehearsals, Derek is watching Jimmy and Karen perform a scene. He doesn’t like the way they are enacting it and, quite bluntly, lets them know that. Karen feels Derek is being a bit harsh, but Derek doesn’t think so. This leads to an argument between him and Jimmy. During the argument, Jimmy reveals that it was Derek who told him to stay away from Karen. She is really pissed to hear this, and makes it clear to Derek that she isn’t his property. Derek walks away angrily, after reminding her how much he has done for her. Karen is really pissed at Jimmy, because he wasn’t man enough to stand up to Derek, and storms off.

Ivy chases after Tom and tries to make things right with him. She says he is her director and not her friend anymore, which is fine with her. She says all she wanted to do was take a night off from her boss, which is why she didn’t tell him about the party. She also thanks him for the surprise, which made it the best birthday ever. Although Tom misses them being friends, he tells her that he understands. Kyle tells Derek about the changes they have made to the play, and Derek likes them. Kyle feels Jimmy and Karen should also be informed about the changes, but Derek doesn’t feel that’s necessary.

Later, when they are by themselves in Nichol’s office, he and Julia flirt a bit and then go out for a drink. Eileen and Richard both concede to each other that they still are carrying baggage from their past relationships, so they decide to take things slow. Jimmy ends up at Karen’s doorstep, at night, and apologizes to her for everything. He asks her to come out for a date and gives her his coat, so she doesn’t have to get hers.

Karen finds a small packet of coke in the pocket of his coat, but quickly puts it back in before Jimmy notices. Ivy is sitting by herself at the bar, when Derek arrives and tells her that he didn’t forget her birthday. She is pleasantly surprised and says she’s glad that he didn’t. The episode ends at this point.