The Dress Rehearsal - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom waking up from a nightmare, in which he was standing naked onstage with an auditorium full of people laughing at him. Ivy and Derek have spent the night together and after waking up, they talk about “Bombshell’s” dress rehearsal, which is today. While on the way to the auditorium, Tom tells Julia, how nervous he is about today, but Julia assures him things will turn out fine. At Jimmy’s, he tells Karen that he isn’t too happy with Ana’s part in the play being increased and is even worried that Ana might end up being the lead. He feels Derek has deliberately done this because he isn’t happy with Karen and him (Jimmy) dating.

At the auditorium, Kyle, who is there to watch the “Bombshell” dress rehearsal, talks with Julia about, how Jimmy is coping with the changes she has suggested to “Hit List”. While they are conversing, Tom, who is a bundle of nerves, walks up to Julia for reassurance. He is surprised to see that Julia knows Kyle, but she quickly changes the subject, so he doesn’t find out that she is a dramaturge for “Hit List”. While they are at it, the dress rehearsal begins. During one of the scenes, where Marilyn is about to have sex with JFK, he was suppose to strip her down to her lingerie, but due to a wardrobe malfunction, her dress comes off completely. Ivy is left standing completely naked onstage, while everyone in the audience including Tom, Julia and Kyle are left gasping.

The next day, on the way to the rehearsals, Ivy’s fellow cast members inform her that the social media is abuzz with the news of her wardrobe malfunction. She is glad to learn that most of the stuff that is being written about her is rather flattering and it’s in fact being suggested that she strip down for the actual show. At the auditorium, Tom, Julia and Eileen debate if they are ready for the “Bombshell” preview, which is scheduled for the evening. Eileen feels they aren’t and should cancel the preview, but Tom doesn’t want to because he feels it would send out a signal that “Bombshell” is a troubled production.

He begs Eileen to reconsider, assures her he will iron out the glitches and says the show will be ready in time for the preview. Eileen is skeptical, but gives in. The trio then talks about the malfunction and both Eileen and Julia agree that Ivy stripping down during that scene isn’t such a bad thing. Eileen feels it should be incorporated into the show, saying ticket sales have gone up since the incident. Tom feels they can’t make Ivy do something she doesn’t want just to sell tickets, so Eileen volunteers to have a talk with her. At the “Hit List” rehearsals, Jimmy arrives and kisses Karen. Derek from a distance sees this, but pretends he is cool with it. At the auditorium, Eileen and Tom have a talk with Ivy.

She doesn’t have an issue with being naked onstage because she has done that before, but she doesn’t want that to overshadow her performance, so she asks for some time to think about it. At the “Hit List” rehearsals, Julia, who is there in her capacity as a dramaturge, observes that Derek isn’t really himself and gauges it has something to do with him and Karen having a falling out. She from experience tells Derek that he should run the show once from start to end, so it helps him see things clearly and also helps him get rid of his emotional baggage. The idea appeals to Derek and he decides to go ahead with it. After he has seen the whole play, he decides to make a few changes, which in turn leads to Derek giving Ana, Karen’s favorite song. Neither Karen nor Jimmy, are happy about this, but Derek doesn’t seem to care.

At the auditorium, Tom hasn’t managed to fix the glitches yet, but when Eileen asks, he lies that they have been resolved and she is pleasantly surprised. She as a result decides to call the box office in order to inform them that the preview is on for tonight. While talking about the changes with Nichol, Jimmy and Derek have a heated argument right in front of Nichol and he isn’t happy to see this. Jimmy feels Derek has made the changes only to spite Karen for turning him down, so Nichol asks Kyle for an honest opinion. Jimmy shocks Kyle by siding with Derek, saying the changes have made the play better. Jimmy later reprimands Kyle for agreeing with Derek, but Kyle doesn’t care how angry Jimmy is and reiterates that Derek is only doing what is good for the show.

At the auditorium, Sam and Ivy are talking about her going naked onstage. Sam feels she doesn’t need to because her performance is good enough to bring in the audiences, but Ivy doesn’t feel it’s a big deal and it seems she doesn’t mind doing it. At the “Hit List” rehearsals, Richard has been invited, so he can be shown the changes Derek has made. Before going onstage, Ana apologizes to Karen for her being given one more of Karen’s songs. Karen tells her it’s ok, saying Derek has done this only because he is pissed with her and will give her back the songs once he calms down. Ana is hurt with Karen’s lack of confidence in her and angrily walks away.

At the auditorium, after Julia and Tom have fixed everything, it’s time for the preview and Ivy is about to begin her performance. After watching the “Hit List” rehearsals, Richard tells Nichol and Derek that he likes the changes, while Ana and Karen go back to arguing about why Derek made the changes in the first place. At the preview, things seem to be going smoothly thanks to a few suggestions from Julia. After the rehearsals, before heading home, Karen confronts Derek, saying whatever he is doing is only because he is jealous. Derek doesn’t seem to care, what she has to say.

Instead, he reveals to her that he lent Jimmy a large sum of money, so he could pay off a drug dealer and also that his real name might not even be Jimmy. At the preview, Tom, Julia and Eileen are pleasantly surprised, when Ivy goes naked onstage for one of the scenes. Eileen also observes that the audience responded positively to this. After the preview, Tom runs into Sam, who tells him that he is leaving the show. Tom urges him to stay, but Sam says he would rather be unemployed that work for him and walks away. Karen confronts Jimmy about the things Derek revealed to her.

Jimmy refuses to talk about them, saying his past doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is that he is with her at this moment. While, Tom, Eileen, Nichol and Julia are at a restaurant celebrating, how well the preview went, Tom reads Richard’s article on his phone. He is shocked because Richard has drawn comparisons between “Hit List” and “Bombshell” and has clearly hinted that “Hit List” is newer and better than “Bombshell” is. Tom is stunned, when he reads the part about Julia being “Hit List’s” dramaturge. Eileen is too angry for words and storms out, while Jimmy, Kyle and team are also reading the same article and are overjoyed.

At her office, Eileen tells off Richard for the article and says that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. After Kyle and Jimmy have made amends, Karen walks up to Jimmy and says she wants to be with him for a long time, so she wants him to be honest with her. Jimmy says he is sorry, but he can’t tell her anything about his past, so she angrily walks away.

While heading home, Ana runs into Adam, one of Jimmy’s friends, who is there to see him. She says he has already left for home, so he walks away, while Ana, who seems to have taken a liking to him, looks on. Ivy returns to her apartment, is pleasantly surprised to see Derek waiting outside and invites him in. The episode ends at this point.