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The Producers - Recap

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The episode begins with Ivy and other cast members of “Bombshell” teaching a bunch of kids how to do the mambo, in front of TV cameras. They are all exhausted from doing back to back shows, but have to do this for the publicity of the show. While watching them perform, Eileen informs Tom that Julia has decided to go ahead with “Gatsby” and Scott Nichols has already spoken to his board about it. At the “Hit List” rehearsal hall, Ana and Karen are sharing cold vibes between them because Ana is still seeing Adam. There is a photo shoot happening and everyone expect Jimmy has arrived. Derek and Nichols aren’t pleased to learn this.

Kyle tries to make excuses for Jimmy, but that doesn’t assuage them. Kyle tells Karen that Jimmy didn’t come home last night, so he doesn’t know where he is. At the “Bombshell” rehearsal hall, Eileen and Agnes are brainstorming about how they can ensure that the Tony Awards this season would be theirs. Outside, Tom and Julia have a talk about “Gatsby”. Tom, who didn’t get the directing job for the new Broadway musical as he was hoping, wants in on the “Gatsby” project. Julia says she probably will not write “Gatsby” as a musical and has already set things in motion with Nichol. Tom asks her to call things off with Nichol, saying he wants to do a “Gatsby” musical with her. He then walks away before Julia can protest.

Jimmy shows up drunk for the “Hit List” rehearsals, which makes Derek and Karen mad. At Nichols' office, Julia arrives and reluctantly tells him what Tom is asking of her. Nichols is angry that Julia is thinking of ditching him and says he has already spoken to the board about “Gatsby”. He says that if he can’t see this project through, he might be out of a job. Derek calls up Ivy and asks to meet, but she makes excuses, saying she is really busy. Derek realizes she is blowing him off.

In the dressing room, while Jimmy is nursing his hangover, he is shocked to learn that someone is auditioning for his part. He goes to the rehearsal hall and sees Sam singing one of his songs. He expresses his outrage, but Derek tells him that Sam is only auditioning for his understudy. The revelation doesn’t do much to calm him. After Jimmy storms out, Karen tells Ana that she hopes her breaking up with Jimmy won’t affect the show. Kyle, who is sitting nearby, blames Karen for how Jimmy is behaving. He tells her how she wanted Jimmy to open up to her and when he did, she broke up with him.

At Eileen’s office, Agnes informs her that “Hit List” is planning to move to Broadway this season, which means it would be in direct competition with “Bombshell”. Eileen is unperturbed because she feels “Hit List” isn’t big enough to move to Broadway. Agnes feels they should attend a showing of “Hit List”, which is that night, so they can assess the kind of threat they have from the show. In the “Hit List” dressing room, Derek tells Jimmy and Kyle what a big deal tonight’s show is because all the big producers from Broadway would be coming. He warns Jimmy that if he doesn’t get his act together Sam won’t be his understudy anymore, but his replacement.

Kyle’s parents have come to watch the show, and they tell him how proud they are of him. Right before Ivy is supposed to interview Julia and Tom for a TV show, Julia tells Tom that she has decided to do “Gatsby” with Nichols. Tom isn’t pleased to hear this and says “Gatsby” was registered by her in their company name, which means he legally owns half the rights for it. Julia is shocked to hear him say this. Before going onstage for his performance, Jimmy takes out a small packet of coke from his locker. At the auditorium, Nichol and Derek are surprised to see Eileen sitting in the audience because neither had though she would be interested in producing “Hit List”.

While Ivy starts interviewing Tom and Julia, the show begins. During the interview, Tom and Julia are openly acrimonious to each other and even publicly end their partnership. While Jimmy is performing, Derek notices him making mistakes. Although his assistant says the audience won’t notice, he isn’t happy about it. After the interview, Julia tries to reason with Tom, saying they shouldn’t break up their partnership, but Tom disagrees and is insistent that they do. During the last bit of the performance, Jimmy is supposed to grab Karen before she falls. He is completely dazed, though, and only comes to his senses after Karen falls to the ground.

Backstage, while they are changing for the next act, Jimmy profusely apologizes to Karen, who has badly hurt her arm because of the fall. Derek knows Jimmy is high and reprimands him for jeopardizing the show. After the last act of the show has ended and the audience is busy cheering, Jimmy walks off without a word. In the dressing room, Derek tells Karen and Jimmy that he is thinking of replacing Jimmy with Sam because he is sure Jimmy won’t be able to get his act together. At a bar, Derek is outraged when told by Nichols that although all the Broadway producers like the show, none of them are willing to produce it because they feel it’s too dark. Jimmy arrives at the bar and is shocked when Kyle says that, because of what he did today, Sam is replacing him.

Jimmy, in anger, climbs onto the bar and lashes out at Karen and Kyle. After he leaves, Kyle, Karen, and Ana talk about how appallingly Jimmy behaved. Kyle concludes he has no other option, after what he did tonight, but to cut off all contact with Jimmy. At Eileen’s office, after she has told Derek over the phone that although she liked “Hit List” she can’t take the risk of producing it, Agnes gives her the good news that “Bombshell” ticket sales are up. Ivy is at home by herself watching television, when she sees a call from Derek, but doesn’t pick it up.

At a bar, Derek and Karen have a heart-to-heart about the show. She consoles him, saying it’s really unfortunate that none of the Broadway producers picked up the show. Kyle goes back home and packs up all of Jimmy’s stuff because he plans to bid Jimmy a final goodbye. After leaving the bar, Karen asks Derek to walk her home. Kyle knocks on Adam’s door, where Jimmy is now staying, and leaves his stuff at the doorstep before walking away. On his way back home, while crossing the road, Kyle, who is clearly distracted, doesn’t notice an oncoming vehicle, until it’s about to hit him. The episode ends at this point.