The Phenomenon - Recap

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The episode begins with Karen hanging out with Derek at her house and sharing a bottle of wine. It’s 4 in the morning, so Derek decides to leave, but Karen stops him, saying he doesn’t have to. The two begin kissing and making out. At Adam’s, Jimmy wakes up really early in the morning. He arrives at Karen’s apartment building and climbs up to her apartment via the fire escape. He knocks on her window and after she opens it, he apologizes to her for everything. While he is apologizing, he sees Derek in the background and immediately leaves without saying anything more. At Eileen’s office, Tom, Ivy and her mother arrive to talk about the Tony’s.

Julia hasn’t come, so Ivy asks Tom if he and Julia are doing fine after last night. Tom reluctantly says a yes, although he knows that isn’t the fact. At a café, Julia shows Nichol a legal document that Tom has sent her, listing the names of all the stories they have optioned together over the years, including “Gatsby”. Nichol is really worried on seeing this and says if he pulls the play he will lose his job. Julia assures him that she will reason with Tom and get him to change his mind. At Agnes’ office, Eileen and team go over all the nominations for the Tony’s. Eileen is pretty confident that for Tonys this year, “Bombshell” is the musical to beat. Tom gets a call from Kyle and looks stunned, after picking it up. While walking to the auditorium, Karen and Derek talk about, how they stopped themselves before anything happened last night.

They arrive at the auditorium entrance and see Tom standing there. With tears in his eyes, Tom gives them the news that he got a call from Kyle’s phone, but it was the police. Kyle had an accident last night and is no more. At the auditorium, while Derek is giving the cast and crew of “Hit List” the bad news, Julia recalls the time she spent working with Kyle. Jimmy isn’t picking up Karen’s calls, so she wonders how she can get through to him. Derek tells Nichol to cancel the show that was scheduled for the night because no one in the cast is in the right state of mind to perform. At her office, Eileen too is really moved by the news and decides to put the Tony campaign on hold for today. At the auditorium, Karen is really worried, how Jimmy will react, when he hears about Kyle’s death.

Derek assures her that he will eventually turn up and when he does, they will be there for him. Jimmy enters the dressing room to collect his stuff completely oblivious about what’s happened. The cast members give him the news and he is too stunned for words. Outside, Karen and Derek are told that Jimmy’s here and they rush inside. After going in, Karen looks around for Jimmy, when Ana tells her that Jimmy has just left. Karen feels Jimmy shouldn’t be left alone at such a time and rushes out to look for him. While Tom is busy recalling the moments he spent with Kyle, Julia arrives to have a talk with him. Tom says he wants to dissolve their partnership and Julia accuses him, saying he is only doing this to stop her from doing “Gatsby”.

Tom surprises her, saying he doesn’t plan to do anything of the sort and instead he is only dissolving the partnership, so she can re-option “Gatsby” in her own name. Tom assures her that he has no plans to fight her on “Gatsby” and isn’t really the monster she thinks he is. At a restaurant, Eileen arrives to have a talk with Jerry about the fact that he placed a full page ad in the Times for “Bombshell”. Eileen tells him that she doesn’t appreciate theses stunts of his and throws a drink in his face, before walking out. Outside the auditorium, Julia gets out of a cab and sees that a huge number of people have gathered. While escorting her in, Nichol tells her that although they cancelled the show for tonight, people have anyway come to see it. He for this reason feels that they should go ahead with the show.

At his office, Derek has a talk with Ivy over the phone. She suggests that he go ahead with the show and even offers to be there by his side. Derek is really touched that Ivy is willing to call in sick for “Bombshell”, so she can be there for him. Derek tells the cast about his plan to go ahead with the show because that’s what people want. He sees Karen hasn’t returned, so he calls her. Karen is looking all around for Jimmy and tells Derek nearly in tears, how worried she is. She eventually goes to look for him at a place Kyle had told her about. During the Bombshell performance, Tom figures out why Ivy called in sick. At the place Kyle had told her about, Karen finds Jimmy sitting by himself. While trying to console him, she reveals that nothing happened between her and Derek.

She says she stopped herself before anything happened because she is in love with him (Jimmy). She urges him to come back to the show, saying she will help him face whatever happened. She leaves, saying she is already late for the performance and urges him to come to the show, when he is ready. At the auditorium, Julia learns from Nichol’s assistant that he actually didn’t cancel the show, which is why so many people showed up. Julia confronts Nichol about this issue, saying he exploited Kyle’s death for his benefit. Nichol tries to argue that he only wanted to go ahead with the show to honor Kyle, but Julia doesn’t believe him. Before the cast goes onstage, Derek gives them a pep talk, saying they have to honor Kyle’s memory through their performance.

Just as they are about to begin the performance, Jimmy arrives. Sam steps aside and Jimmy takes over the part he was meant to play all along. Ivy is there to support Derek and Eileen too has come to watch the show. With tears in his eyes, Jimmy gives a heartfelt performance. After the performance, Karen recalls how happy Kyle was that Jimmy had found someone like her. The loud cheer from the audience jolts her back to the present and she along with the other cast members, takes a bow. After Ivy tells Derek, how amazing the show was he asks her, what went wrong between them. She reveals she was hurt by the fact that the night of her birthday he only came to see her because Karen rejected him.

Derek tries to reason with her, saying he was in Karen’s apartment the whole of last night, but he slept on the couch because of her (Ivy). He urges her to not walk away from him because of Karen. Ivy counters that the problem’s not Karen but him. She believes he will always have someone like Karen in his life because that’s how he is. She says that for this reason she can’t be with someone like him and walks away. Eileen tries to make amends with Jerry, so she can get him to spend some money on “Bombshell”.

He shocks her by revealing that it’s no longer possible for him to spare any money for “Bombshell” because he is taking “Hit List” to Broadway. He even taunts her, saying “Hit List” will give “Bombshell” a stiff competition at the Tonys. Tom along with everyone else pays one last tribute to Kyle by dimming the lights outside the auditorium, where “Bombshell” plays. The episode ends at this point.