The Transfer - Recap

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The episode begins with “Hit List” having moved to Broadway. Jimmy has become somewhat of a celebrity, with people on the street keen to get his autograph and take a picture with him. Karen and Ana are also really excited with the transition. During the previews, Ana has a few goof ups and Jimmy isn’t happy about it. Karen isn’t too worried though and says they will all be ready once it’s time for the real thing. Lindsay Mendez is rehearsing with Tom for her song that she’s singing at Houston and Levitt night. After Lindsay has left, Eileen tells Tom, how important it is that he and Julia present a united front at the Houston and Levitt night.

Tom assures Eileen they will. While heading for Table 46, Ivy and Karen run into each other on the street. They both make a promise that even if things get crazy during award season, they wouldn’t let that come between them. At Table 46, while Julia is having a talk with Derek and Jimmy about “Hit List”, Eileen and Tom, who have just arrived, ask to talk to her. After taking Julia aside, Eileen voices her worry that Julia and Tom aren’t spending enough time together because Julia is spending all the time with the competition (Hit List). Eileen to resolve this issue suggests that Julia and Tom together sing a song at the concert. After initially protesting, Julia eventually gives in and agrees. Derek has a talk with his assistant about the mistakes Ana is making.

He decides to give Ana the next night off and bring Daisy in to perform the part of the Diva. He then walks up to Daisy and whispers in her ear that things have been taken care of. The next day, Jimmy and Julia look to Kyle for inspiration in order to make changes in the show that would help “Hit List” connect better with the audience. At home, Ana is worried that she is being replaced by Daisy. Karen calms her down, saying her worries are unfounded and Derek has only given her some time off. Karen even volunteers to have a talk with Derek to clarify things. At the auditorium, while Daisy is rehearsing for Ana’s part, Karen walks up to Derek for a chat. During the course of the conversation, Karen realizes that Derek is planning to replace Ana. She tries to argue, saying Ana is perfect for the part of the Diva.

Derek counters that he is only doing what he thinks is good for the show. Karen isn’t at all happy with Derek’s decision. While Tom is having a talk with Ivy; Eileen and Agnes arrive, and inform him that someone has leaked to the press that he and Julia have split. Agnes says this news isn’t good for the publicity of “Bombshell”. Eileen is also mad that Julia is always absent because she is so involved with “Hit List”. Jimmy and Julia arrive at Kyle’s apartment. Julia shows Jimmy a bunch of cue cards kept on a shelf there. She says Kyle had written many of his ideas on those cards. According to Julia, some of those ideas were fascinating, which is why she wanted Jimmy to go through them.

After going through a few of the ideas, Julia and Jimmy come across an idea which they both like. They plan to try and incorporate the idea into the show, scheduled for the night. Ana tells Karen she has learnt from her agent that Daisy was one of the 6 dancers who accused Derek of sexual harassment. She has also learnt that the lawsuit was mysteriously dropped. Ana feels Daisy is blackmailing Derek for her (Ana) role. At the concert, Tom is waiting for Julia to arrive. Julia is busy with Jimmy trying to incorporate the change, but assures Tom over the phone that she will make it to the concert. Before Ivy goes onstage for her performance, Eileen gives her a pep talk, saying she isn’t a Norma Jean, but Marilyn. After Ivy is done with her performance, the audience loudly applauds and cheers for her. Agnes and Eileen are pleased with the audience reaction.

After Karen confronts Derek, he reluctantly admits that he recently slept with Daisy and even promised her a role in return for her sleeping with him. She recorded their conversation and blackmailed him, which is why he was forced to give her Ana’s role. Karen is disgusted by the whole thing and gives Derek a piece of her mind. During the performance, the audience loves Kyle’s idea incorporated into the show by Jimmy and Julia. At the concert, just as Tom is about to give up hope, Julia arrives. With Tom playing the piano, Julia gives a heartfelt performance. She during the performance recalls the years she and Tom spent, working together. At one point during the performance, when she is overcome with emotions, Tom joins her in singing.

Eileen watches the performance with a satisfied smile on her face. At the end of the performance, the audience gives the duo a standing ovation. Tom and Julia hug each other. At the concert after-party, Agnes tells Eileen that she has just learnt that it was she who leaked the news about the Tom and Julia split. Eileen admits that she did and Agnes lauds this move by Eileen because she feels it would help them garner the sympathy votes for the Tonys. After the show, Karen congratulates Jimmy for a job well done. She wants to say something more, but before she can, Jimmy walks away after thanking her and wishing a goodnight. At the after-party, Tom and Julia wonder if they are doing the right thing by parting ways.

Eventually though, they both concede that their decision to split might prove to be a good thing in the long run. After Tom walks away, Julia gets a call from Jimmy. He tells her how great the show went and says she has to help him write some new stuff for the show. She refuses, saying she isn’t comfortable doing that. Jimmy realizes that Julia is refusing because of the fact that she now wants to focus on “Bombshell”. At the bar, Derek tells Ana and Karen that Jerry loved Daisy’s performance, so he can’t take her off the show. Karen urges Derek to call Daisy’s bluff, saying she will never release the tapes. Derek counters that he can’t take that risk. Ana expresses her outrage, but Derek walks away after refusing to talk about this issue any further.

After Derek walks out, Ivy enters. Ana walks up to Ivy, who is having a chat with Sam. She tells Ivy that she was fired just like Karen was last year because Derek at that point was sleeping with her (Ivy). Before Ana can finish making her point, Ivy asks Ana, as to who told her about her (Ivy) sleeping with Derek. Ana confesses it was Karen. Ivy isn’t too pleased on learning this. She walks up to Karen and reprimands her, accusing her of playing dirty tricks right before the award season. Karen pleads innocence, but Ivy refuses to believe her. After Karen walks away, Ivy receives a call from her doctor, saying her blood test results are in and she is pregnant. The episode ends at this point.