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The Nominations - Recap

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The episode begins and Ivy’s still pregnant and seemingly worried about it. Ana’s looking for jobs as Karen’s leaving the apartment for the show. The Outer Critics’ Circle nominations are announced – Bombshell received 10, but Hit List got 11. While Tom and Eileen are seeing one of the other nominated shows, Tom can’t resist looking at his phone. All of a sudden, Tom drops his phone and when he reaches down to try and find it, instead of finding his phone, he grabs the guy’s shoe behind him. The guy turns out to be a movie star who is also on the Tony voting committee that year. Eileen as a result tells Tom he better make things right.

Jerry breaks the news to Jimmy that they don’t anticipate Kyle getting nominated for Best Book, which is something that Jimmy isn’t very happy on hearing. Jerry also receives news Ana is filing suit against Derek. Jimmy gets mad on learning Karen knew about all of it and didn’t tell them. As they are processing this news, Ivy calls Derek to talk to him about her bun in the oven, but he tells her it’s a bad time to talk, so she avoids raising the subject. Julia is confiding to Eileen that her divorce proceedings with Frank aren’t going very well, which is why she is a bit worried and flustered. Tom interrupts to say he fixed the situation with the movie star Patrick. He sent him a bottle of wine as an apology and feels it would do the trick. Eileen isn’t too happy on hearing this and says Tom can’t send him gifts; it’s against the rules to do so.

Karen asks Daisy to leave the show, so Ana can return to Hit List. Daisy says she worked for ten years to get a role on Broadway and hence there is no way she will quit at this point. Karen points out, Ana has worked hard, too, and she didn’t get the role by blackmailing Derek unlike how she (Daisy) did. Karen’s words make no difference and Daisy isn’t ready to budge. Jimmy is in the middle of an interview with Michael Musto when Karen swings by. Jimmy’s frustrated everyone seems to be turning awards season talk away from Kyle, whereas he wants Kyle given his due credit. Jimmy thinks Julia is trying to take credit for Kyle’s work, which is a fact that is really bothering him. Karen sets him straight, saying Julia isn’t the kind of person, who would do ever do such a thing. Tom has snuck into Patrick’s apartment building and sees his gift waiting at the doorman’s desk.

He is relived that Patrick hasn’t gotten his hands on it yet. Since no one is there, he attempts to take it back without anyone noticing, but the doorman catches him and informs Tom that Patrick is already on his way down to collect the package. When Patrick arrives, Tom tries to explain the mistake, which turns into the two of them fighting over the bottle. In the end, the bottle drops and breaks, spilling wine on Patrick’s expensive shoes. Tom as a result ends up making things worse than they already were. Ana is auditioning with a song from Once. Turns out she’s auditioning for the Once tour as she doesn’t see any hope of her return to Hit List. The woman in the room tells Ana that Derek gave her a glowing recommendation. She’s not too pleased about this. Ivy has confided in Sam that she’s pregnant. Sam is shocked on hearing this news and asks if Derek knows about this.

Ivy hasn’t talked to him yet and isn’t sure if she wants to tell him. Sam tells her she needs to talk to him and tell him everything because that is the best possible solution to her predicament. Everyone is gathering at Table 46 for the Outer Critics luncheon. Ivy asks Derek if they can talk later. He replies in the affirmative, assuring her he would be more than happy to. Ivy is gladdened by Derek’s positive response. Julia dedicates her award for Best Book to Kyle. Jimmy confronts her about this at the bar, accusing her of trying to hog all the credit, which is rightfully Kyle’s. The whole thing eventually turns into a tiff between the Bombshell and Hit List, which Eileen has to break up. Ana shows up at stage door for Hit List that night, asks Karen for her help.

They find Derek in the bar and Ana tells him she’s rescinding the lawsuit and taking the Once tour. Ivy overhears their conversation and realizes Derek will never change. She tells him so, before leaving and doesn’t tell him anything about the baby either. Tony nomination morning: Tom, Julia, and Ivy watch the nominations together. Ana, Karen, and Jimmy watch together, while Derek watches alone. Ivy gets Featured Actress nomination for Liasions, against her mom, which is something they both were expecting. Tom is pleasantly surprised to receive a Best Director nomination and for a moment, Ivy thinks she didn’t get nominated for Lead Actress, because they accidentally skip her name, but turns out she has actually been nominated.

Karen gets nominated against Ivy, which is again something they both had expected. Kyle gets a nomination for Best Book, which is the only thing Jimmy claims he cares about and nothing else. Derek gets three nominations, two for director, and one for choreography, making him the first director to do so since Bob Fosse. He seems happy about it, despite other things occupying his mind.

Eileen’s stressed out by the awards season madness. She drives up to visit Nick in jail, so she can pour her heart out to him, but is told he was released three weeks prior, which she is visibly surprised to hear. Derek is meeting with a reporter about his nominations. He confides in the reporter about the deal with Daisy, which the reporter is visibly surprised to hear about.