The Tonys - Recap

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The whole cast sings ‘Pressure’ as they walk through the Theatre District. Julia wakes up Tom, informing him they have work to do. Only 12 hours are left until the Tonys and a lot is yet left to be done. Ivy and her mom are in Ivy’s apartment, trying on their dresses for that night. Her mother makes a comment about Ivy’s not fitting, when it did perfectly two weeks ago. She finds this rather odd, but Ivy doesn’t tell her the real reason why the dress isn’t fitting her properly.

Karen and Ivy are both rehearsing numbers for the Tony broadcast and Karen tells Ivy about Derek being a mess and holing up in his apartment for some reason. Karen says she doesn’t have the magic touch with him like Ivy does, which is why she suggests Ivy have a talk with him and try to get him out of the slump he is in. Ivy seems to seriously consider what Karen has told. Karen worries that Jimmy isn’t going to attend the Tonys because he hasn’t picked up his tickets yet. She makes him promise to meet her at her place that night at six, although he is clearly reluctant about attending the event. Jimmy’s cleaned out his apartment with Kyle and is turning in the keys to the landlord. Eileen finds Nick working in a diner and is pretty surprised.

She brings him a tux to wear to the Tonys. She wants him to be her date, despite him reluctant to go with her. Paying heed to Karen’s words, Ivy visits Derek at his apartment. A visibly depressed Derek says he’s finished; his agent won’t talk to him. Ivy tells him she knows they hurt each other, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. After doing her best to cheer him up, she says she’ll see him in the night. Ivy’s words seem to lift Derek’s spirits to a certain extent. Julia meets with Frank. Tells him her lawyer advised her to write a letter about her relationship with Michael Swift to give to Frank, but she doesn’t pass along the letter. Instead she just tells Frank about it. She and Michael met before she even knew Frank. They didn’t sleep together then, but Julia wanted to as it turns out.

She says she loved Frank, but not in the right way. Frank thanks her for being so honest with him. Karen is getting ready for Tonys. She seems visibly worried about something. Ana compliments her, but Karen’s disappointed Jimmy isn’t there and doesn’t really seem to care about anything else. Jimmy in the end shows up, looking handsome in his tux. He’s got Kyle’s ticket, so he asks Ana to come because Karen has already left for the event. Ana’s ecstatic and says she will be ready in fifteen minutes. The Tonys commence and Featured Actress is up first – Daisy wins for Diva role, while Jimmy puts his arm around a visibly downcast Ana, who knows it could have been her on the stage accepting this award. Kyle is declared the winner for the Best Book. Jimmy’s a little overwhelmed with emotion on hearing that Kyle has won. Despite that he makes a nice speech on Kyle’s behalf, which seems to touch everyone present. The Best Score is won by Tom and Julia, who are so busy chatting during the nominee announcements that they don’t even realize they won.

Ivy doesn’t think Derek came to Tonys, but much to her surprise he appears when he wins for Best Director. He thanks her and tells her he loves her. Ivy wants to talk to Derek, but he has to take care of one other thing first before she can have a talk with him. He borrows Karen and Ana for a minute. Backstage, he tells Daisy she won’t be going on for her Tony number, much to her surprise. Instead, he gets the cast, minus Daisy, to sing an acapella version ‘Broadway, Here I Come’. He has therefore done his best to make amends after what he did to Ana. Patrick finds Tom and Julia after their win, asks if they ever considered writing a movie. He says he’s been looking for writers for a project he’s working on and will gets his assistant to contact them about it.

They both seem hugely excited about the proposition and can’t seem to believe their ears. This offer also means that they can’t really dissolve their partnership just yet. Marin Mazzie presents the Best Actress Tony to Ivy, which surprises Ivy to no end. Eventually, Bombshell wins Best Musical, which was something that was being expected by most. At the afterparty, Ivy finally pulls Derek away to talk because she can’t seem to wait any longer to give him the news. Jimmy does the same to Karen, telling her about his past. Five years ago, he and a girl he barely knew took some drugs at a party, and the girl took too much. Jimmy ran away and left her there, never sure if she was dead or not. He finally turned himself in because his guilt got the better of him.

The girl is still alive as it turns out, but he has to face charges of possession, which could be six months to eighteen months. He has to return to jail in the night he reveals to her. Karen is shocked on hearing this, but seems glad that he was honest with her. As the last number of the show plays, Ivy and Derek are seen in a sweet embrace, while Karen is shown kissing Jimmy outside the police station. She is bidding him a goodbye before he is sent away. Tom is sitting at his piano, admiring his award. Julia shows up at Michael Swift’s door and gives him the letter. The series ends at this point.