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Episode:1 - Recap

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Sydney, 1962: David Palmer and Patricia turn up at a boarding house run by Fiona Thompson. Patricia is pregnant and gives birth in a room at the boarding house. Fiona tells David that Patrica has given birth to twins.

Patricia is not happy though. After a week, she decides to leave David and she takes her baby daughter with her. She leaves her son for David to look after. David decides to name him John.

The story moves on to 1982. David Palmer is now married to Beryl and they have two children of their own called Kevin and Susan and John is living with them. They all live in Melbourne.

Susan is about to get married to Bill. John decides to invite the whole of Victoria to the wedding by climbing a mast and attaching a huge banner to it. However he is caught by the police and his antics appear on television. Kevin is also arrested after being caught in a telephone box calling the TV station, and using different voices to say how much he enjoyed John's antics. Beryl is disappointed that both lads got into so much trouble.

When John goes to bed that night, he has a dream in which he is standing in a field, watching a beautiful girl riding a horse.

The next morning, Beryl wakes John up and tells him that he'll lose his job if he doesn't get to work soon. At work at the 'Selmar Warehouse Import-Export', he has an altercation with Bill, who is annoyed at the way John acted the previous night. The two of them knock over a load of boxes, and are caught by Sam Selmar, who tells them to get their act together, or they'll face the sack.