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Episode:945 - Recap

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Janice continues to knock on Wayne's door refusing to give up until Wayne opens it. Tick comes in from the kitchen, having climbed through the window. Seeing Tick was enough to stop Wayne from taking the tablets. Wayne reveals that Tick is to be staying with him for a couple of weeks.

Greg and Sarah tell Alison that Phyllis has made it clear that they can never go back home. Alison lies to them that she has not met Pamela but is looking for her. She makes it clear to everyone else that she doesn't want anyone to mention that Pamela lived with her after she came out of prison.

Charlie returns home early from the health farm and tells Sarah and Greg that they can stay as long as they like.

Alison thinks Charlie has put her foot in it with Greg and Sarah about Pamela having lived there, and thinks the twins have left. She says some horrible things to Charlie before Charlie can explain that they have just gone out for the afternoon. A man comes in, hearing what Alison is saying and asks Charlie if she wants him to throw Alison out. Alison leaves in a huff and Charlie yells out that the man is called Todd and is her new fiancé.

Alison and Charlie sort things out. . Alison tells Charlie that a private detective is going to lie to Greg and Sarah that Pamela has died.

Charlie introduces Todd Buckley to Michael and Janice and tells them that they are engaged.