Episode:946 - Recap

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Tick tells Wayne about Sarah and Greg staying at Charlie's house and Wayne tells him he does not want him going over there.

Sarah meets Andy at the gym and agrees to go on a date with him. Doug tells Caroline that with Bill away he will be very busy at the airport. Caroline agrees to run the T-Shirt business for him.

Alison tells Andy that she doesn't want Greg and Sarah knowing about Pamela. Alison offers him money for his silence but Andy tells her an open invite to Charlie's house is all he wants.

Tick switches Wayne's sleeping tablets with tictac sweets.

Andy shows up at Charlie's with flowers for Sarah. Tick tells him that he has a flat tyre, and Andy hands him the flowers to hold. Tick promptly goes inside and gives them to Sarah, pretending they are from him.

Alison goes over the books to see if there's a way to cut costs. She suggests raising the rents at the boarding house, but Fiona says there must be another way as no one can afford to pay more.

Alison tells Wayne that Tick switched his sleeping pills. She calls Wayne pathetic, and says he shouldn't be looking after Tick as he can't even look after himself. When Tick comes home, Wayne gives him a hard time for switching the pills.

Doug calls Alison, asking for more money for the new aeroplane. He tells her that Bill has called from America needing more money. Alison says there is a way to get the money, but only as a last resort.

Alison goes to see Fiona and tells her that she's selling the boarding house.