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Episode:947 - Recap

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Alison tells Fiona that selling the boarding house is her only option now. Gordon visits Caroline and tells her that without Alison the company would be finished. Beryl demands that Craig moves from studying at the table as she wants to set it for dinner. Beryl looks at what Craig is working on and tells him it looks a mess.

Greg comments to Sarah that Tick has a crush on her. Andy tell her the flowers were really from him. Alison brings Michael home and Sarah is clearly impressed by him much to Andy's annoyance.

Janice arrives home to find Fiona sitting in the dark. Fiona tells her about Alison wanting to sell the boarding house.

Michael fills Sarah in on his past and when she finds out he was a doctor she promptly asks Andy to take her out clubbing there and then. After they have gone Greg tells Michael that he is exactly the sort of man Phyllis would of wanted Sarah to date.

The next morning Fiona's mood has not changed. Janice tells Michael that someone has to stop Alison. Sarah arrives home from her night clubbing.

Craig is furious when he finds out Beryl has corrected all his mistakes ruining his paper. He tells her and Gordon he will have to skip class now to rewrite it.

Beryl goes to see Caroline and tells her she doesn't like the person she has become. Beryl is worried she won't be able to feel emotion again. Caroline tells her to give it time.

Fiona looks into the Tarot cards hoping to find some answers. Janice is not happy when Fiona predicts a bleak future for herself. Janice goes to see Alison where Alison tells her she has no choice but to sell the boarding house.

Fiona picks up a pile of Tarot cards that she hasn't yet dealt. She turns over the top card and stares at it. It's the Hanged Man. A look of horror crosses her face as she contemplates her future.