Episode:951 - Recap

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Alison wants to know what's caused Wayne's new lease of life, and he replies that it's Sarah.

Alison returns home and tells Sarah not to see Wayne again. Sarah tells Alison to stop treating her like a child and she storms out.

Wayne buys Tick a puppy. Tick gets upset when he goes to see Sarah. He goes back to Wayne's house grabs the puppy and hides.

Alison tells Sarah the same story about Pamela that she did Greg. Sarah says she won't go near Wayne again.

Wayne finds a note from Tick saying he has runaway. He goes to the boarding house and Janice, Michael and Fiona decide to help look for him. Tick is hiding in the boot of Susan's car.

Doug has borrowed some money for printing equipment against money Caroline is due for her new book. Caroline is angry and wants to know what he'll do if the book doesn't sell.

Wayne still can't find Tick. Caroline tells Doug that she wants all the printing equipment out of the house.

Beryl has had Glen's headstone changed to accommodate Susan's name. Alison tells Wayne and he decides to go to the cemetary to try and stop it. He decides to drive Susan's old car but Janice tells him to stop living in the memory of Susan and sell it. Wayne asks Janice to box up all of Susan's possesions whllst he gets rid of the car.