Episode:953 - Recap

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Wayne decides to try and become Todd's friend. He tells Todd about Alison blackmailing him before she would tell him where Tick was. Todd tells Wayne that he and Charlie have set a wedding date.

Wayne has a diagram with Alison's name in a circle with lines coming off it with the names of Sarah, Greg, Todd, Charlie, Sanders Air Charter and the boarding house. He ticks off Todd's name and tells himself that that is the first one started.

Alison tells Greg and Sarah to look for jobs. Wayne orders a full credit check on Doug.

It's the day the boarding house is up for auction and Fiona is still very depressed.

Sarah has an interview with Charlie's hairdresser as a trainee. The auction doesn't go to plan.

Charlie isn't happy with Todd for telling Wayne they'd set the wedding date. Charlie tells Todd about Wayne swindling her out of money with the gym. Wayne denies it to Todd and tells him that Charlie got it wrong. He says it's all Alison's fault.

The boarding house sells for $400,000. Alison has a smile on her face whilst Fiona is devastated.

Sarah gets the job as the trainee hairdresser. Greg gets a job driving strippergrams.

It ends up that Wayne set up the man to buy the boarding house. He ticks off the mansion from his drawing.

Alison gets a phone call about the buyer from the auction pulling out of the deal.