Episode:955 - Recap

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Caroline is angry with Doug and Doug tells her they owe $50,000. He telephones Wayne who agrees to meet him the next day.

When the plumber turns up, Craig is surprised to see he's a young man with the same name as his father, Peter Elliot. He finds out that this is Peter Elliot junior. Craig takes Peter's wallet from his bag, and sees a photo of a family.

Craig takes the wallet to Peter the next day. Peter, who says he's known as PJ, offers to take him to work. Craig is trying to find an excuse to go inside to see his father. He finds out that Peter is turning 21. As Craig is only 19 it means his father had an affair with Ruby whilst with someone else.

Doug asks Wayne for the money he needs, but says it's for Gordon. Wayne says he'll draw up the papers.

Caroline has been feeling off-colour for a couple of days. She talks to Beryl about Doug and his money troubles. Beryl suggests that Caroline open her own account, so that they'll have money to fall back on.

Wayne wants Doug and Bill to sign over their share of the airline to him. Doug says no. Wayne threatens Doug that unless he signs the form he will go bankrupt. Doug reluctantly signs the forms.

Doug comes home drunk and tells Caroline he needs to go to America and Caroline tells him for all she cares he can go anyway.