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Episode:957 - Recap

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Alison apologises to Todd for what she said at Fiona's. Charlie tells Alison that unless she stops hounding Todd their friendship will be over.

Andy puts more ideas into Alison's head involving Todd. Charlie asks Alison to be involved in her wedding. Alison receives an offer for the boarding house. Jodie Foster calls Janice at the centre again.

Alison tells Fiona that she has sold the boarding house. Fiona asks who bought it but Alison says she doesn't know. Wayne walks in and announces that he is the new owner. He tells Fiona the place will stay as it is and that she will stay on as the manager.

Wayne crosses off the boarding house on his drawing. Alison gets Charlie out of the house. Andy takes Janice out to a disco and she has a good time.

Alison tries to seduce Todd while Charlie is out. She tells him that she is interested in him. He replies that he loves Charlie. He says he won't say anything to Charlie because he doesn't want to hurt her but if Alison tries anything again it will be her thrown out not him .