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Episode:966 - Recap

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Caroline tells Beryl that she never actually spoke to the doctor but saw it written on her notes at the surgery. Beryl ask her if she could of misread it but Caroline replies no. Beryl promises to support Caroline anyway she can.

Beryl and Caroline are in the garden when Doug arrives and Beryl makes herself scarce. Doug tells his wife that he wants them to give things another go. He tells her that Bill told him about the baby. Caroline says no and she tells him that he should have stayed in America.

Craig asks Andy why he won't tell Fiona about being Madonna's father and Andy replies that he has to prove to Fiona that he's responsible enough to be Madonna's father.

Doug asks Beryl's advice on how to get Caroline back and Beryl explains to him that Caroline needs his to be there for her as well as the baby. Doug tells her he loves Caroline. He goes to see Caroline and tells her that he loves her and that won't change ever. He promises that he'll never let her down again. He then gives Caroline a pearl necklace but she gets angry as she thinks Doug is trying to buy her love. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again.

Caroline calls Beryl and tells her that she and Doug are two completely different people and the only thing to do is to go ahead with her plan.

Andy and Craig sneak into the boarding house and Fiona hears Madonna cry. Andy covers by saying it was a doll which he had bought for Madonna. Hearing Andy talk about Madonna makes Craig think of his father again. Andy suggests he pay him a visit and adds that he won't mess up his life.

Doug goes to see Caroline and sees a For Sale sign outside the house. He then goes to see Beryl who explains that Caroline is selling the house and moving to New Zealand to be closer to Samantha. She adds that she hasn't gone yet but she doesn't know which hotel she's staying in. Doug says he has to find her.

Fiona sees Andy with the baby and Andy tells her the truth. Fiona tells Andy that he was right: she doesn't think he'll be a good father. She continues that she'll stop him from getting custody.