Episode:969 - Recap

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Charlie and Todd tell Sarah that Alison was the one who set Todd up. Sarah tells Wayne that she'll move in with him after Charlie and Todd are married.

Alison tells Greg what has happened. He tells her that he believes her and he'll help her to prove that she didn't do anything wrong. Alison receives a telephone call from her solicitor. She learns that her creditors have declared her bankrupt and all her personal assets have been frozen and she has nothing left. Greg says they'll find a place to live together and that he has some money and he can pay. They go to a grotty hotel where Alison says she feels beaten and she tells Greg that Wayne has won.

Charlie asks Sarah to be her bridesmaid and Todd asks Wayne to be his best man. Janice and Fiona find Andy. Fiona says she'll go talk to him alone and straighten things out. She tells Andy that she was wrong and that she's sorry. She asks him to come back to the boarding house and that she won't interfere unless he asks her for help. Andy agrees.

Fiona, Janice and Andy think the boarding house should be turned into a refuge but they need to ask Wayne first.

Greg goes to see Charlie and Sarah to try to convince them that Alison was set up. Wayne arrives and tells Charlie to tell Greg and Sarah the truth about what really happened with Pamela.

Wayne goes to see Alison and tells her that Greg won't be coming back. He laughs at having ruined Alison's life.