Episode:972 - Recap

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Beryl and Gorgon are content with the way their lives are going. Fiona looks after baby Madonna so Andy can attend Todd's stag party. Todd, Greg, Andy and Wayne get ready for the party to start. Wayne receives a phone call from Ron Prior. Wayne asks him what he's found out but slams the phone down when Ron has not got the information he wants. Todd tells Wayne to come on and he then says the one consolation is that soon it's going to be Wayne's turn. Wayne doesn't look very happy.

The following morning Charlie is tying a ribbon around Isabella's neck and says the dog will be the star attraction at the wedding. Greg says Todd might take those honours. Charlie says she thought he might have said her but Greg tells her that she hasn't seen how Todd is. Charlie asks if they really got him drunk. Greg replies that he hopes there's something for Todd to lean on apart from Charlie. Sarah tells Charlie that Greg is joking. Charlie says she hopes so.

Todd tells Wayne that he is marrying the best woman in the world. At the boarding house Beryl says she thought they'd be late after the delay at the airport. Gordon, Beryl and Fiona discuss the wedding. Fiona says Charlie is besotted with Todd and they both have a lot to thank Wayne for. Beryl says she doubts that Wayne could have had that much influence. Fiona says Wayne has changed much more than she could ever imagine. Gordon expresses his surprise at Fiona's comments. Fiona continues that Wayne is letting her do what ever she likes with the boarding house. She tells them that she is turning it into a place for people who have nowhere else to go. Gordon says it certainly sounds as if Wayne has turned over a new leaf.

Janice arrives and tries to convince Andy to have Madonna christened. Beryl and Gordon offer their congratulations on Janice's upcoming marriage.

At Charlie's everyone goes outside for drinks leaving Charlie, Gordon and Beryl alone. Wayne's voice is suddenly heard from the hall. He looks surprised when he enters the room and sees Beryl and Gordon. He says hello to his father and nods to Beryl. Gordon asks Wayne how he is and Wayne replies that he's fine. Charlie says Wayne has been marvellous and she tells Gordon that he should be very proud of his son. Gordon says he believes Charlie has something to thank Wayne for. To Wayne's disbelief Charlie then tells Gordon about the way Wayne came up with money for the airline when Alison couldn't help. Gordon asks Wayne if he was behind Seaboard Investments. Wayne reminds Charlie that he told her not to say anything but Charlie replies that she thought Gordon had a right to know. Wayne tells his father that he's not in it for thanks he just wanted to help out. Gordon says he understands. Beryl says it doesn't make up for what Wayne did to Susan. Wayne replies that he happens to know Susan is still alive. Gordon, Beryl and Charlie all look shocked and Wayne realises they all know. Charlie explains that Alison swore them to secrecy. Wayne says he has known all along but he didn't do or say anything because he knew Susan had to lead her own life

In the garden Madonna is to be christened before the wedding. The vicar asks who's to be the child's godmother. Andy asks Fiona if she'd mind. Fiona grees.

Inside Gordon tells Charlie that she looks great. The telephone rings and Charlie answers it . It is Alison who says she just wants to wish Charlie the very best of luck and to say she hasn't forgotten about her. Charlie quietly says it's very kind of her. Charlie hangs up and tells Gordon that it was a wrong number. In the phone box Alison cries.

Back in the garden the wedding begins.
Alison returns to the hotel and sits on her bed.

The minister conducts the wedding ceremony. Charlie makes her vows and she and Todd look at each other. The minister pronounces Charlie and Todd to be man and wife and they kiss.

Alison wanders round her hotel room still crying.

The wedding reception gets underway. Alison picks up her keys and goes out.

Gordon says to Beryl that he hopes things will be better between her and Wayne. Beryl says she can't promise but will try. Greg hands glasses of champagne to Charlie and Todd.

Alison returns to the hotel with a pile of newspapers. She looks at one in which there is a notice beginning:-

'BANKRUPTCY ACT 1966. NOTICE OF MEETINGS. ALISON CARR. Take notice that Alison Carr of Dural, Sydney, has on the 19th Day of August, 1987 signed an authority under Sub-section (1) of Section 188 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 authorising Blogs, Bloops and Associates of Bluesville Road Sydney to call a meeting of her creditors (and to take control of her...'

Someone else is also reading the notice in the newspaper. He throws the paper in a bin and walks to his car and drives off.

In Charlie's lounge Janice catches the bouquet and Charlie offers her congratulations. Janice says she has to go now and she and Fiona head out into the hall. Everyone says goodbye. In the hall Fiona hugs Janice and tells her that she'll miss her. Janice replies that she's going to miss Fiona. She adds that she'll be back, though. Janice continues saying that it was the luckiest day of her life was the day she met Fiona. Fiona tells her to have a wonderful life. Janice leaves. Fiona blows a kiss into the air after her.

Wayne is out in the garden. Sarah comes up and puts her arms round him. Wayne suddenly sees Susan behind some trees.and runs towards her. Sarah asks what's wrong. Greg comes out and says Wayne and Sarah had better hurry as Charlie and Todd are about to leave. Sarah grabs Wayne and Wayne struggles to get away from her. He breaks free telling Sarah that she means nothing to him leaving Sarah upset. Greg walks up and comforts her. Greg tells her everything will be ok and that they have a mother to get to know. He helps her indoors

Wayne pushes Susan into Dural. Susan tells him that he is insane and that he can't keep her there against her will. Wayne pushes Susan up against the wall and snarls I don't care what I have to do, you're never going to leave me again. Susan looks scared.

Fiona opens the boarding house door to a young couple. The man says he heard Fiona might have a spare room and he points out that his wife is pregnant. She stares into space for a few seconds and the man asks what's wrong. Fiona replies nothing, you've just taken me back a very long time. She shows the couple to their room.

Gordon and Beryl are happy to arrive back home in Melbourne. Beryl tells him that she's a very lucky woman as she has Gordon and Robert. She continues that she couldn't ask for more. Gordon asks Beryl if she'd be surprised if he said he felt the same. Robert suddenly looks at Gordon and calls out him daddy for the first time.

There's a knock on Fiona's door and the young man comes in and says his wife has labour pains. Fiona tells him to call the doctor. She heads off to look after the woman.

There's a knock on Alison's hotel room door but she doesn't answer it. The knock is repeated and Alison calls out for who ever it is to go away. She then watches from her bed as the lock turns and the door opens. A look of surprise comes across her face as she sees who's standing there. She smiles and is amazed to see it's David. David tells her that he read about her in the paper and thought she might need some help. Alison runs over and hugs and kisses him passionately.

Wayne is crying. He tells Susan that he is sorry and didn't mean to. Susan is lying dead on the lounge floor. Wayne picks her up and tells her that he loves her. He puts her down and goes over to the telephone where he dials '000'. When the call is answered, he tearfully asks for the police.

The young man at the mansion hears crying. Fiona comes in to her room with a towel and says asks him if he wanted a girl or a boy. The man says he doesn't mind. A happy look crosses Fiona's face as she thinks back 25 years and tells him good as he has twins.

As the closing credits role for the last time pictures of past and present cast members are shown.