Dorylus - Recap

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Clay and Jax talk about how the guys are opposed. Jax is working on the guys. Tara and Gemma come out going through everything they need to get rid of. Clay tells Tara is so happy she joined the family and then tells her that he loved raising his son and he loves him as much as he loved his old man. The guys leave and the other guys are getting everything together to move. Two teenagers offer Kozik a game of basketball and they could earn some decent cash with whoever wins. Jax and Clay go to speak to guys that are getting crates built for shipments. Chibbs is sick, Clay wants Bobby, and doesn't ask Tig to come with. Lincoln and Roosevelt discuss the cartel and how psychopathic they all really are. Romeo is off the grid and they need to work through SAMCRO. They are going for Juice.

Jax got a call from Miles and has to leave with Opie and Tig to go handle it. Clay brings Bobby out to talk to him alone. He says that they are set way back. Bobby asks him how he got Jax to sign off on it. He tells Bobby that Jax wants out and explains why. What's that got to do with Bobby? He is the guy endorsed to replace him. If he votes on the drugs if he will get the presidency. They are looking for Charley Horse and they follow someone to get to where he is. Gemma goes to the chapel in the hospital with Unser and prays. Kozik is beating the kids in the game, but they end up getting mad and knocking him out to steal his shipment. Gemma goes through Tara's office again and Unser sees Roosevelt and his wife that can't get pregnant at the fertility clinic. Gemma gets caught by Tara's boss.

Bobby and Clay meet up with Charley. There are tribal matters and there is a chance to talk privately. He wants compensation for what they're making. They show them that this man is being eaten to death by ants. He puts the man out of his misery, because the guy can hear him. Jax and the guys go to talk to Kozik about the guns being stolen. The most important goal right now is that the guns get back. He is in hot water for this mistake. They ask the neighborhood goods seller and she has no information. They chase the car down when they see them driving and then some of the other guys stay just in case the truck shows up. Cops see them speeding and pull them over. If the cops gets to the truck then it all blows back on Happy's aunt's house, which is not okay.

Charley comes back to find the man having been dead and asks what happened. They come up with an excuse and Clay tells him that they are not making a dime more on their ammo and he has his word. Bobby is not comfortable with this. The guys looking for the guns surround the car and end up taking the kids that stole the car to Happy's aunts. They sold it to Vivica and they were given only half, they keep the kids in the trunk until they get their goods back. Chibbs comes out from a colonic and gets a phone call. The cops show up and arrest both Chibbs and Juice. There was a card, but the federal government doesn't care. Tara's boss comes in and hands her information about transferring to a different hospital. She tells her that she interrupted her looking for something. Boss asks if Tara is really engaged and asks if he knows she's planning to move.

She has to let Jax get them out so they can get out clean and safe. The guys go back to Vivica's and they want to talk to her. She doesn't have them and it turns out that her sons bought the guns. The dudes shoot up the place. They get the guns back and she handles the situation. Tara walks into her office and finds Gemma after making many copies of the letters. She's sitting on the couch waiting and apologizes. She shows her a letter that fell out of one of Abel's coloring books and she doesn't know what it is. Gemma says it would be very painful for Jax to read those letters. She explains the situation entirely. She made a huge mistake and she doesn't want to set things off with Clay again. John ripped her apart and spent months at a time in Belfast with his second family. She says this is all bad for their family.

Roosevelt takes Juice into a room to have a conversation. He doesn't care about the weed, he just wants to ask him questions. He threatens to tell the club that Juice is really black. He doesn't think his club would turn their backs on him, but the seed has been planted. Gemma talks to Piney and he's not feeling very well. Piney wants to know what is going on with Clay. He tells Gemma about what Clay is planning. He wants her to talk some sense into him. Gemma tries to tell him that drugs are not what they do and Clay pushes her away and tells her that he doesn't tell him what they do.

Everyone is disappointed in him. Jax gets Opie on his side so that they can get the cartel over with and move on from that. They are at the table and they vote: 6-5. It passes. The guys against it leave. Clay is left with Piney and he threatens to slice Piney's throat. Tara shows up to basically watch everyone walking out and leaving. Tara and Gemma watch Bobby walk away completely.