Family Recipe - Recap

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Juice collapses rom a tree, it seems he has been hung or attempted to hang himself. He is in a lot of pain. He hears bikes and it is Tig and Chibbs. They are looking for Juice. They see the marks on his neck, but he comes up with a good excuse. They are voting on the change of leadership. Roosevelt shows up to talk to Tara about the death threat. The club is going to vote on the change of leadership. Opie and Piney have a moment and he apologizes. Opie says that he is on Piney's side on this. They are voting on Bobby. Clay-nay. Tig-nay. Chibbs-gun fire. Before they could complete the vote, everyone is getting shot up. The clubhouse is destroyed. They grab one guy and figure out what crew he is from. They also find a cut up body and it is Armando.

Piney tells Clay that if they are still in the business tomorrow, he will be telling everyone what the letters say. Piney leaves and goes to the cabin. Opie says he needs him, but he goes anyway. Clay tells Gemma they have it handled. They may not have the fundraiser, but it seems like they need to. The cops show up at the shop. Roosevelt shows up and has a moment with Jax. Jax asks if he has kids and he says no. He says he should, because it is really good to have a reason not to die. Frank had to put a stray head into a cooking pot. The head of the Mayans amongst other clubs including what seems to be cartel. The guy said that he is getting intel from a Mayan named Pedro while on truth serum. Now they are caught up in a cartel drug war.

They all prepare for battle and they decide to see their respective families and hopefully they will all survive it. One of the cops wants two bowls of chili from Frank. Tara shows up at the club and she can't work, because her being there is a "threat to the hospital". Tara is worried that things won't get better. Clay meets up with Elliott and he wants him to donate to the saving of the garden area. Clay wants to take Hale down. He says he has no agenda, he just wants his town back. Jax rides to the cabin to see Piney. He says he knows they've been going at it over the cartel thing. He says he knows nothing. Jax wants to tell him his side of it. He apologizes and goes to walk away. He tells him that for ten years he gave up on the club, but once Jax joined he had hope that things would be different since he reminds him of JT.

Jax tells him that he needs to take JT off of the pedalstal. He left everyone. He mentions Maureen and Trinity. Jax tells him it isn't about the club, it is about his family. He doesn't care about Clay, he needs to concentrate on his family and staying alive. Piney tells him that JT was the best man he knew and he should find that for himself. It turns out that the woman that runs the garden is Roosevelt's wife. He checks on her and she feels like it is a waste of time. Everyone is there, though. Clay wants to make formal donation. Everyone else is really preparing for the drug war. Clay donates $75,000. He invites Elliott up, because he also donated money.

Two vehicles come up to where the guys are. One van leaves. They leave the truck and fell it is rigged. There are the bodies from the heads. Turns out it wasn't Pedro that was funneling information. Jax and Tara sit down to talk about what's going on. She feels like she needs to leave while this is happening. She has to get the kids out of there. She is going to go to Oregon while things go down. Gemma gets a phone call from Clay asking where she is. She is heading home. He says he is going to stay at the club house to figure it out. He is going to lock down in chapel, he needs the quiet. She is walking around the club house and he is definitely not there. Clay gets out of his truck and has a gun ready to shoot.

Chibbs shows up to talk to Juice and see what he's up to. He realizes what is going on and he snaps on him for being a coward. Juice is dying inside. Clay shows up at the cabin and Piney lets him in as long as he gives him the guns he has. Clay needs more time and is trying to do the right thing. He says he is going to kill the cartel deal and if there is retaliation that blood is on his hands. Clay gets Piney and knocks him on his butt. He looks for the letters everywhere. They aren't in the cabin. He wants Tara left out of it and then shoots him with a shotgun. Piney is dead.