Hands - Recap

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The episode begins and Clay takes stacks of cash out of his safe. Gemma sees him leave with a bag as he says he's off to deal with the Mexicans. She checks the safe and finds it almost empty except for a small packet of bills. At home, Jax straps a pistol on his ankle and prepares to head out with Tara. Gemma joins them ostensibly to say good-bye. She asks if Clay knows their plans. Jax says there's nothing left to do with the Mexicans, it's an internal beef. Meanwhile, Juice sits in jail where the ATF have planted him. Up at Piney's cabin Unser wears gloves, a surgical mask and even paper booties, an entire Crime Scene Investigators-type outfit, as he fires guns to set up the shooting scene.

Gemma calls, saying something is wrong. She tells him about Clay taking the money and lying about cartel business. She asks him to get back quickly. Meanwhile, Clay rides off the beaten path where he meets Romeo's contract assassin and gives him the bag of cash and location info, up the I-99 highway. He wants it quick and painless and tells him not to mess up her face. Meanwhile, Jax and Tara are driving along the highway singing children's songs with their two sons in the back seat. Meanwhile, Gemma finds Clay outside the club. She tells him Jax is with Tara. This is very bad news to Clay. Clay calls Romeo asking him to stop the hit. Romeo says there's no way to reach the hitter. After Romeo gets off the phone, he tells Luis to call the hitter and warn him to be careful, because Jax is probably armed.

But he doesn't say to stop it. Meanwhile, Clay sends Tig on the road after Jax to bring him back. Chibs reports that no one has been able to reach Juice for two days. Meanwhile, Roosevelt accuses Lincoln of playing him worse than the club, using him as a local scapegoat. He tells him he's done working for him. Lincoln reminds him he signed an agreement of participation and the implications of that agreement. Back at the club, Tig reports he can't reach Jax. Chibs says Juice was picked up yesterday, but hasn't been seen since he was released. Meanwhile, Gemma sees Clay worrying. She asks him why he took the money out of the safe. She won't accept the club money answer. He talks down and reminds her like she's not a member of the club, just an old lady and tells her not to forget it. Meanwhile, Tara straps her son in the back seat at the park while Jax walks to the trash bin. All of a sudden a van pulls up and two men in hooded masks grab Tara and start to drive off with her. Jax sees it happen and races across the park.

He checks quickly on his boys in the car then chases off after the van on foot. He fires after it and hits it, causing it to swerve. Tara fights with her abductor in the meanwhile. The van meanwhile slows to a temporary stall and Jax catches up. Tara jumps out and Jax punches the masked shooter to break her free. A shooter with a submachine gun takes aim at her, but he steps in front of her and the shooter lowers the gun and the van drives off. Meanwhile, an ambulance crew prepares to take Tara to another hospital. The sheriff's deputy Jax ran into at the gas station overrules the EMTs and tells them to follow Tara's wishes and take her to her hospital. He tells Jax he knows that he's on federal release and he better not have had a gun and participated in any of the shooting.

Jax denies any involvement in the shooting. The Deputy promises to finish up at the hospital. Meanwhile, Lincoln visits Juice in ATF lock up. Lincoln brings paperwork, saying they'll only prosecute the club members who go to the Irish meet. Juice only has to find out where the meet is. They'll give him a cell phone to track him. If he doesn't come through, Lincoln says he'll settle for all of the Sons. Meanwhile, Clay arrives at the hospital. Gemma tells him someone tried to take Tara and hurt her. Jax tells the guys they were speaking Spanish and assumes its Lobo retaliation. Meanwhile, Tara looks at her X-ray. She has three broken bones and nerve damage. Meanwhile, Jax and the sons visit LaRoy's club with Alvarez and some Mayans. They don't get far when a Niner shoots Alvarez's main guy Rafi in the head. LaRoy explains that since the Lobos took out three of his men that morning, they're all a little jumpy.

Alvarez looks and calmly shoots one of the Niners in the head in retaliation for Rafi. Jax wants the Lobo contact info, but instead LeRoy tells them to get out before he starts shooting. At the hospital, Margaret the Administrator finds Gemma alone in the chapel. She asks if Gemma has any remorse about what happened. Margaret says she's been trying to get Tara to leave for a year and she shouldn't be with Jax. Meanwhile, Chibs and Opie ride back to the club house and find Juice there. Meanwhile, Clay, Bobby and Tig meet with Romeo's crew. Clay talks to Romeo privately, saying it's bad but that they think the Lobos did it. They're going through with the hit without Clay. Romeo says he'll deal with it personally since she's a threat. Meanwhile, Clay suggests they give Jax a few Lobos to satisfy his need for revenge. Meanwhile, after surgery, the doctor tells Tara she has severe nerve damage.

They don't know if they can fix it. She might not be able to perform surgery. Meanwhile, Gemma finds Clay at home, putting the money back in the safe. "What's the matter? Change your mind? Get a refund because they didn't kill her?" she demands. Clay pretends not to know what she's talking about. He says he had nothing to do with it. Gemma points out he didn't know Jax was going to be with her and what if they'd hurt the kids. He advances on her and she takes out a gun. He snarls at her, asking if she's going to kill him like she did the first husband. She says he killed JT, but he says she manipulated him into it. He suggests he might tell Jax about that. She fires near his head. He smacks the gun out of her hand and she punches him across the face. He whacks her across the room and pins her on the table. She kicks him off her and she hurls things at him.

She runs for the door, but can't get out before Clay chases her down and grabs her, throwing her to the floor. He punches her hard in the face, then again. He beats her with his ringed fingers as she lies bloody and pinned on the floor. Back at the hospital, Tara is in shock over her career possibly being over. Jax tries to comfort her, reach for her, anything. She screams at him to leave, finally breaking down in tears. Jax steps outside crying. He runs in to Roosevelt. Jax says "not now" and Roosevelt understands. He rounds the corner and runs into Juice and a bunch of the guys. Roosevelt asks for a minute with Juice. Roosevelt starts with an apology. Juice points out; it's a bit late for that. The sheriff tells him to let him know if they need anything with Tara. The guys check on Jax.

After hugs all around, they all leave. Jax asks Opie to stay. He tells him he's been lying to him, that the deal with Clay and cartel was to get him out, too. He tells Opie he's leaving the club after the deal with the Irish. Meanwhile, Opie reminds Jax that he's the one who talked him into staying after his five-year prison bit. Opie tells him he needs him in the club. Jax says his family needs him more, and acknowledges that if he had let Opie leave, Donna, his first wife and mother of his children, would probably still be alive. He apologizes, and tells him to fix things with his wife and talk to his dad. At the clubhouse, Juice sits alone. Clay drives up. Juice dials his drop phone to check in with Lincoln. The guys see Clay is bruised, but he doesn't say anything, just goes upstairs with an overnight bag.

Meanwhile, Unser visits Gemma at her house. He surveys the damage. Gemma's smoking a joint alone in the dark. Unser sees her face. She has been beaten very severely, and he knows Clay did it. She won't go to the hospital. Unser can barely handle seeing her like that. Gemma says there's nothing else to do. "Clay can't be saved," she says. Unser wants to point Piney's murder back at Clay. Gemma takes a deep drag and makes a declaration: "He's not going down by law; he's going to die by the hand of a Son." The episode ends at this point.