Call of Duty - Recap

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Jax is with Tara at the hospital after the attempted kidnapping. She apologizes to him for losing it the day before. She doesn't know what to do now. They want to stick to the plan and she says that there is no plan. He says that they will have plenty of time and things will be okay until she gets back on her feet. She submits. He needs her to believe that they can do this. Unser wakes up at Gemma's and he slept on the couch. He asks for black coffee, she says thanks for staying. He asks her what he is supposed to do with this situation. She wants him to finish what he started with Piney, point the murder at the cartel. She wants to protect the club now and wait a few days before calling it in. She worries about Opie and Jax's reaction to Piney's murder.

He wants to know what to do about Clay and she says that she'll handle it. She knows Clay will kill her, but she won't let it happen. Clay and Tig are speaking and he wants to know what is going on with Gemma. He says he doesn't need to know and he asks what he DOES need to know. He tells him he's been cut off since they got out of prison. He says he's losing his club, because he's alienating everyone. Gemma goes to the hospital and Tara's boss sees her and wants to help her, but she won't take it. She doesn't want her to stop Tara and Jax from leaving. This may be her only chance to stay in neo-natal. She tells her that if she loves Tara, she needs to let her go.

Jax sees Gemma and loses it. They go into the chapel and he asks if it was Clay. She says that it is complicated and it was building up. She crossed the line. He says he cannot let this slide. She wants to handle it. He apologizes to her. She doesn't believe it is his fault. He thought they could pull off cashing out and he was an idiot. He says he is as delusional as Clay is. She tells him that he is a better man. She asks if they are planning on leaving Charming and he tells her that they are planning on doing so. He tells her that it is about his sons. Jax's ex shows up with flowers. She's clean, she wants to know her son. Tara says that she is the mother, because she has taken care of Abel since she left. She congratulates her for the son they just had.

Wendy leaves and Tara has a fit and ends up smashing her injured hand. The crew is dealing with the shipment that they have currently. Jax talks to Clay and he is not happy with what happened. He needs Jax's head in the game on all fronts. Gemma comes to see Tara being brought back out to go get her cast fixed. The Son that is posted to her door has no idea what happened. He tells her that some "chick" came with flowers and then left and Tara was wigging afterwards. Gemma finds out it was Wendy and decides to handle it. The club meets up with the cartel to do some exchanging and communicating. They found the men that attacked Jax's family. They have intel on the last guy. Jax wants to be there. Jax wants to handle it on his own, but the guys want to go to war and get it over with. They don't want to leave him alone.

Something is up with Opie, he seems distant. Elliott comes to tell them that the construction will go on and it will pass, Charming Heights is a go. He says he has to roll with it and they decide to get rid of Georgie, since he's useless to them now. Lincoln goes to speak to Otto. Otto tells him to be quiet, listen to his questions, and answer him honestly. If he lies, he is done talking and he will get absolutely no information. Lincoln Potter is completely honest with who he is, what his intent is, and Otto believes him. He tells him he want and to write it down. Otto wants all of his money to go to Luanne's sister. He wants to see an eye doctor, get some new glasses so he can read better. He wants Lenny Janowitz to get privileges back. He wants him to move up the execution date. Lincoln is shocked, but has to write it down.

He wants to be the one that tells Bobby he gave him up face to face. He will give him a dozen crimes, him and Clay---whoever he wants. He needs to put him in protective custody. The war between the cartels begins along with the Sons. The whole place is rigged with explosives and they end up losing Kozik to a land mine. They finish shooting everyone they can and Jax calls in the Irish major weapon. Opie, Tig, and Bobby go to the porn studio. She gives them information and Opie talks to Lyla. He doesn't blame her for leaving, because he doesn't think it would've worked anyway. She says nothing will work until Donna's really dead to him.

They are given a major weapon which will be a huge explosion throughout their shot. They flush them out and kill who they can, finishing them all off. They ask if they can retrace their steps and Juice goes for it. They worry that he was being suicidal again. Tig, Opie, and Bobby put Georgie into a trunk and then they shoot him through the trunk door. He does admit to sending a few guys to rough Luanne up and they ended up killing her, right before his own demise. The Sons that remain from the "war" are back at headquarters and they are all upset about Kozik. Unser pulls up and Jax asks Chibbs to talk to Juice about what he did. Clay asks where Gemma is and he says if he ever hurts Gemma again, he will kill him. Clay says "nothing more dangerous for a guy that already knows he's dead".

Wendy shows up to see Abel and Gemma is waiting for her. She tells her that the boys are at her house. She says the room looks great and Gemma says Tara's a real good mom. She is clean and has been for over 2 years, she is a substance abuse counselor, has her tubes tied, and likes women. She doesn't want to stir the pot, she wants to know Abel. That is all. She will help her to get to know her son, but under her rules and schedule. She tells her no contact. Wendy threatens court. Chibbs talks to Juice and he is not in a good place at all. He is so upset that Kozik died. He was just trying to make sure the other guys were okay when he did that. He is really hurting over this. He tells him that the sheriff found out he was black and Chibbs tells him no one will care about that.

He says that the paperwork is the only thing that counts and his certificate says Hispanic. He tells him to tell the sheriff to go off and get screwed. They tell the rest of the guys about Kozik. They are upset and having some drinks. They tell Clay that Elliott was right. They say Georgie confessed to Luanne, it is done. Bobby decides to go see Otto in the morning to give him closure. Otto sees the contract and Lincoln wishes he understood why he is protecting Janowitz but turning over his whole entire club. Jax goes to speak to Opie about what's going on. He's quiet and wants to know how Tara is. Jax doesn't know and he's on his way to go find out.

Opie said that he stayed in because he knew he'd be living a lie if he left. Opie decides to go get Piney and Unser follows. Opie finds his father dead and loses it on Unser. Unser tells him that Clay killed him, because he had something on him. He also tells him about Gemma and he says that Clay has got to go before he kills someone else he loves. Jax sees Gemma and talks to her. Tig sees Gemma and he cuts his patch off and gives it to Clay. He's done being his right hand man. Jax goes to be with Tara.