Burnt and Purged Away - Recap

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Opie visits Gemma and she let's him in. She asks if he wants coffee and she asks if he's looking for Clay and says he's at the clubhouse. Opie wants to know why Clay hurt her and she won't give him any information. She tells him that what happened was building up for a long time and it has to do with a lot of family and club issues combining. She doesn't want him to take this on. He asks what happens now with her and Clay. She tells him that she does what she always does, take care of her family. Opie walks out without saying a word. The guys are waiting for the Irish and they do show up. They make sure they know the guns are safe. Jax shows up late and they mention it, but he says that Tara is in the hospital.

The Irish are upset that they used the RPGs. They are worried it will blow back on the cause. They give them another chance. They are going to meet and it needs to be on neutral grand. Lincoln is trying to get the last request dealt with and Juice apparently told them about the gun meet. They are hoping to get out of this alive. Gemma goes to see Tara and she wants to know what happened to her and she says she fell down some stairs and asks how she's doing. She brings up Wendy to her and asks what she said to her. Gemma tells her that she is going to help against Wendy. She tells her that she hid it from Jax. Jax goes in to visit and she asks him if he saw Opie and he asks if she saw Piney with Opie because he went to go see him at the cabin.

Immediately Gemma tells one of the guys to go get Opie. Tara tells Jax about it and he is upset by this. He goes and tells the same guy that he wants him to find Wendy. Forget what Gemma wants. Gemma calls Unser and she ignores it. The morgue worker comes to get Piney. Juice gets on his bike and Jax asks where he is going. He says the weed shop and leaves. Jax needs to talk to Clay and Bobby. He wants to cut the moving of the drugs and continue the guns. He believes that Bobby should be the president, Chibbs should be the VP, and Happy should be the man at arms. Chibbs walks into that, but they don't explain it. Hale goes to speak to Roosevelt. He invites him to the meeting about it. Lincoln shows up and he wants to speak to him.

He tells him that the set up has been planned and needs extra cop help. Lincoln wants to know what's going on with the building proposal, because he's curious. The Cartel and Sons meet up. Clay wants to be careful and wants to handle it. They discuss Tara and they say to let them know when she's out. Gemma gets to the cabin and Unser is cleaning. He tells Gemma what happened with Opie. He tells him the truth. She doesn't want Opie to kill Clay. She wants to protect her family. Juice gets picked up by agents. Bobby visits Otto. Bobby thinks it is weird Otto isn't there, yet. He waits. Jax meets up with the Irish and they are going to need to handle a situation as the Irish needed extra muscle. There are a lot of people there and Jax sees a woman with a baby. Chibbs wants to know what the place is.

Some man comes and tells Jax to leave when he is upstairs and a woman is crying. He asks if she's okay and the man gets intimidating so Jax knocks him out. The woman runs out and the guys see it, Tig says it isn't good. Jax finds rooms filled with young infants and is becoming increasingly angry. The guys come up and realize it is a baby factory. Chibbs goes to pull a gun on guys that come to stop them, but Jax says it isn't safe. They all start rumbling with the men, rolling all over the place and even falling into one of the rooms. The Irish come upstairs and are shocked by the scene. Jax is talking to the Irish and he is very angry. Phil calls Jax and it is important. The Irish tells him that Jax has too many buttons. It did work out for the Irish, though. Jax says they should have told them. He tells him to stay clear of the guys.

Lincoln has given Otto everything he has asked for and he signs off on it. He wants to make sure everything is accurate and true. Otto reads it and signs. Otto needs to talk to Bobby next. Lincoln hopes it will give him closure and Otto sarcastically says, "Yeah, I'm completely at peace". Jax goes to see Wendy. He wants to know what is going on. He tells her that she has no idea what they have been through and that she doesn't have a right to come back. She tells him that she isn't going anywhere. He says it's okay, he is. Clay goes to the hospital and says that he is going to stay with Tara while the guard goes and gets a snack. She's sleeping. Gemma calls Opie and he is at Donna's grave. Gemma shows up and goes to the room when she learns he's alone with Tara.

Tara wakes up to Clay there. He wanted to come by and check up on her. They have to get him better and ready to go. He says he can make sure their plan goes smoothly. He tells her the only thing that can get in the way is the letters. He makes sure that she doesn't show the letters to Jax and he wants the letters. He says it will be safer to give him the letters. Gemma talks to Clay and says that Opie found Piney and that he is certain he did it. She says after Donna, he should watch his back. She tells him that she loves him and kisses him. Tara is wondering if his visit is why she got hurt. It is time for her to get out of the hospital. She asks if that is why she got beaten by him. Jax tells them that she talked to Wendy. He asks Gemma if she thought he wasn't going to find out.

Jax says that he doesn't care what anyone wants, they are leaving. Jax says he will take her home and tells Gemma to split. She tells Tara that she has no idea what she has done to protect her and Jax. Phil comes in and says he has to take Tara home, because Jax had to split. Clay tells Tigg that he felt weird about the deal with the Mexicans and he may need back up. Tigg says he can find someone else. Bobby sees Otto and he shows him the paper and to read it outloud. He has a list of everything he did for the club on the inside. He only asked for one thing from SAMCRO and it was to take care of Luanne. Bobby says they did try and Otto says that he didn't and now he's going to feel it. Bobby gets arrested and is pissed, because Otto ratted. Lincoln does not seem to be dealing with this well.

Piney is being cremated and Opie is there. Unser shows up and he thanks him for handling it. Unser says he needs to talk to him about something. Opie isn't really in the mood to talk right now. Jax shows up and finds out that Piney is dead. He wants to know what happened. He says he's so sorry and hugs him. He asks if he thinks it was the Mexicans and Opie says he will fill him in, but he just wants to say goodbye right now. Opie is angry and hurt. He pulls a gun on Jax and Jax doesn't know what's going on. He tells him that Clay killed Piney. Jax wants to take it to the table. He asks what table, because he's out. He shoots Jax's tire and drives off. Jax follows Opie as best as he can. Jax crashes the back of a car and Opie is still going to find him.

Jax steals a bike and follows quickly. Tara is feeding the baby, Phil is watching them. Gemma is home smoking a joint and Clay is at the clubhouse smoking a cigar. He hears a bike and waits. He holds a gun in his hand and is nervous. Opie kicks open the door and holds a gun to Clay, demanding he sits. He tells him that he is going to die at the gavel. He asks if he gets to say anything. Opie asks if Piney had the chance to say anything. He brings up Donna and how he had her killed. Clay says that it is history and has been dealt with. Opie screams that it has not been handled. He is livid and heart broken. He is so mad he is shaking. Jax pulls a gun on Opie and tells him to put it down and asks him not to make him kill him. Opie pulls the trigger twice.