To Be, Act 1 - Recap

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Jax still has his gun to Opie. He shoots him in the hand as not to finish Clay off and then knocks him out. Unser gets there and the younger dudes heard shots, so they help to take Clay to the garage. Gemma wakes up, her gut burns. She's worried. Unser is left with Clay and they are worried he may not make it. Jax takes Opie to the hospital. Unser sits with him. He has no idea what to do as Clay gasps for breath. Jax is livid. Opie says that he's going to kill him. Jax wants to find out what really happened and Opie tells him that both Gemma and Unser knew that Clay killed Piney. He tells him to lay low. He wants to find the truth and he promises. Opie has his doubts.

Clay's blood pressure is 80/60. Tig, Chibbs, Happy, and Unser are at the hospital. Unser tells Roosevelt that the shooters were African American. Unser says that he was keeping the garage open late for him, which is why he was there so late. Tig and Chibbs ask about whether he is sure. Tig believes he needs to find Linus from this information. One of the bullets hit a lung. Roosevelt tells Lincoln about it. They wonder if it is retaliation. Jax is showering and Tara comes in to find the bloody clothes. She sits there quietly and says "rough night?" Jax tells her that Clay got shot. He won't tell her that Opie did it. He says he's still out. He tells her he knows she's not clear right now, she claims she is and he tells her that rage feels that way.

She tells him to tell her that he loves her and he asks if she loves him. She says she'll never stop. He tells the security to stick close to Tara and tell Gemma he's looking for her. Jax goes to meet up with the guys at the hospital. They figure Juice is on a ride and they don't know where Bobby is, really. He lies to them and says Opie is checking on Piney and Tig is so messed up he's probably getting love. Tig finds Leroy and watches him, while following. Leroy has gotten into his car with his wife. Gemma goes to Jax's to see Tara. Tara is packing and Gemma tells her about Clay being shot by Opie. She tells her about Piney and how Clay killed him. She tells her that he's the one that tried to have her killed, also.

She says that he will keep hurting everyone until he gets the letters. She asks where the letters are. She'll give them to Clay and they'll put it to bed. It may be her last chance. She gives Gemma the key to where they are. She has Gemma tell her she loves her, too. Jax sees Lenny that Otto got visitation. Jax realizes Otto flipped. Tig looks around his surroundings while watching Linus and builds up to run over Leroy. He ends up killing Linus' wife instead. Gemma goes looking for the letters and finds them. She also finds a book full of old pictures from when they were younger, including pictures with John. She opens the folder of letters and reads through them. They are upsetting, clearly.

She picks and chooses what she's going to show Clay. Jax meets up with the cartel and tells them about Clay. They have no idea what's going on, but Jax lets him know that one of their members flipped. Chibbs calls Jax and says Tig is in trouble and needs an escort home. All of the guys find him and catch up with him. They do their routine to lose them and there is some serious traffic. The bikes go through on the side and the 9ers try to follow while Jax shoots on them. One of the drivers gets hit and blocks them. Leroy gets out of the car and is completely livid. The club gets back to the headquarters and they are pissed he went after Leroy. They aren't sure yet, but Happy thinks he has to be right. "He's gotta die, like a lot", Happy says.

The cartel tells Jax that Otto didn't sell out the club. Tig goes to visit Clay and apologizes for not staying to have his back. He says he was lost in the cartel stuff and tells him that he loves him. Gemma comes in and says it isn't his fault and Tig starts to cry. He asks how she is and she says she's fine. Tig leaves and she says sorry and walks out. Gemma comes and Jax is waiting. He needs to talk to her. He asks her what happened to Piney and she tells him honestly what happened. She shows Jax the letters that the murder was actually over. He is shocked to find out that Tara read them and Gemma says Tara knew that they would break his heart. She explains how John ended up being killed. She informs him that he also had Lowell, SR. killed.

There was a lot of speculation in the letters. That's not all, either. She told Clay about the letters and who had it. He tried to kill Tara. Jax is done with him and the whole situation. He asks why she's telling him, why now. She says it's because she knows how dangerous secrets can be and it's time that they all knew the truth. "Clay Morrow killed your father, stole the seat from your family, gunned down your father's best friend, and tried to kill your wife. He's a murderous traitor and there's only one thing that he can do now for your family and your club. It's in you, it's who you are. Clay has to die." She tells him to read them and kill him before he's on his feet and when it's done, he needs to take his place.

Jax reads the letters. Gemma lays in the boxing ring contemplative and sad she did what she did. Tara shows up and wants to talk to Gemma. She was waiting for her. She asks how many she took out before she gave them to Jax. Jax comes out and tells her she should have told him. He tells her that he has to kill him. She knows and gives him a "weapon" to do it with. It's a blood thinner. He'll bleed into his lungs and drown. It will look like he pulled the tube out in his sleep. She tells him that he needs to kill him and then take them out of town. He says he will and promises. Gemma feels betrayed cause Tara was one or ten steps ahead of her. She asks what she's doing and Tara tells her "everything you taught me. He's mine" and walks away.