To Be, Act 2 - Recap

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The case Lincoln has built up comes to the end game. The cartel and club are both getting ready for the Irish shipment. Lincoln's team has quite the intel and technology, but the CIA shows up and closes the whole thing down. We learn that Romeo and his right hand man are both CIA. The Irish meet up with the boys and they won't work with Jax, they will only do business with Clay. He only trusts Clay. Romeo tells Jax they have to talk. Lincoln and Roosevelt talk about Juice, he is letting Juice go.

Roosevelt asks why and he says that the bad guys won today and that he and the club are both on the losing end. Roosevelt tells him that he is odd and it is hard to get past, he tells him that it serves a purpose. Jax meets up with Romeo and tells him that they cannot do it anymore, but they tell him they are CIA and that Clay needs to make it. If Clay dies, his club dies with RICO. He asks about the feds and Bobby. They tell him they have more than enough to indict. He worries the club will vote the cartel down. It has to stay between them or the MC will be crushed. He asks about hiring to kill Tara.

They rigged it so she didn't die, they wanted to debrief her and keep her in protective custody. Romeo tells him to bury how he feels right now. Jax sits at John's grave with his Sons rings. He puts them back on. Roosevelt goes to Juice and tells him that RICO is going away for now and he is being let go. Also, that his history is being destroyed.

Hale is having his board meeting and Lincoln brings in sex toys to show them what the funders for Hale's project actually do. Hale asks why he's doing it and Lincoln says "because I don't like you and the good guys need a win". Jax shows up at Clay's hospital room and wants to see him alone, telling Tig to excuse them. Jax goes through the motion of wanting to kill Clay. Then he decides to give him a good warning and threat with a knife instead. He tells him that he is stepping down and that he WILL leave both Tara and Gemma alone.

He even digs the knife into his neck a bit to prove a point. He tells him he knows everything about John, Piney, and Tara. He does say he can still be a member, just not as the president. If he doesn't adhere, he will tell the club about everything and show them the letters.

He cuts the patch off of his cut. Clay says "you may as well kill me" and Jax says "you're already dead" and spits in his face. Gemma says he can't leave her, Jax says he's not going anywhere and that he won't hurt her again. Roosevelt's wife tells him about the vote earlier that day and he is alerted that Veronica Pope got killed and she is Damon Pope's daughter, who is the most dangerous gangster.

Opie sits and waits for Jax so they can talk. Jax tells him everything. He says they can't kill Clay because of the cartel and that he needs to just trust him. He tells him that he's staying and taking the gavel. He needs him on his left. He wants a reason to trust him. He says they have church in an hour and he wants him there. Opie is terribly conflicted.

Jax goes home and tells Tara everything and that they have to stay. He knows they have to go for their safety and he is heartbroken over this. He walks away and she thinks about what she's going to do. Bobby is locked up, playing his guitar. Clay is a broken man now. Jax goes to take the seat for the first time. Tig and Chibbs come in and he asks if they're okay with him being the president. Happy and Juice come in, too. Opie is missing. He doesn't show up. He bangs the gavel. Tara walks in to tell him that she is not going anywhere.