Stolen Huffy - Recap

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The episode begins and the Sons ride past two boys on Huffy bikes. Jax remembers a simpler time. In jail with the escorts, Carla blames Gemma for them getting busted. She thinks the girl Gemma beat up called the cops. Gemma makes bail. She called Wendy, she didn't know who else to call. Wendy thinks she can handle things with Tara, but Gemma warns her it's Jax she has to worry about. Nero gets out and finds Gemma. He doesn't tell her the raid wasn't her fault. At the garage, Jax is reunited with his wife and two sons. He asks her to check on Lila. Gemma doesn't know about Opie. Around the table, Jax tells the guys he thinks Opie's been looking for a way out since Donna died.

He went out like a warrior. Jax explains that Pope is way more muscle than they've ever dealt with before. Jax wants to agree to his terms and see where it goes, no retaliations. Jax explains Pope's not behind the home invasions. Jax puts the $50k payment to a vote, it passes. Opie's body is being delivered later. Outside, Unser tells Jax and the guys about the brothel raid and Gemma's arrest. They tell him about Opie. Back at the brothel, Gemma, Nero and Carla find it's trashed. There's an eviction notice for the end of the week. Gemma goes to get her stuff. Wendy runs into Tara and the boys in the hospital hallway. Tara puts them in daycare then meets Wendy in her office.

Tara doesn't want to talk, but Wendy makes a case that someday Abel will want to know the truth. Jax and Chibs come to Diosa. Gemma tells Jax about beating up the girl Clay was with, Emma Jean. Jax offers to help Nero. Two gangsters come in to talk to Nero, he promises to find Emma Jean then let them handle her. One of his guys got shot in the raid and is laid up in the hospital. After the guys leave, Nero asks Jax to find Emma Jean and get her out of town before his guys off her. He tells them where to look. Carla hears the conversation and picks up her cell phone. Gemma goes to talk to Clay working out with Frankie.

Clay says he went up to Diosa because he wanted to know if she was safe. "I need distance, Clay. Stop checking up on me," she says. "You want distance, you got it. I don't even know who you are anymore," he says. "Why don't you bounce my face off the floor? Then maybe you'll recognize me," Gemma seethes. Clay mentions having to get ready for Opie's "thing". He realizes she doesn't know. He tells her. She nearly collapses. She holds onto him for a second, and then throws him off. She runs to the bathroom crying. "What the hell is happening to us?" Jax and Chibs check up on Emma Jean. They hear noises inside the hotel room. Jax knocks, throws her john out and tells her they have to get her out of town. She denies calling vice. She gets on Jax's bike outside and Nero's two gangsters pull up.

They want her, but Jax and Chibs take off. They race through the streets as the gangsters chase after them. They pull down a side street and Emma Jean drops her foot on the ground enough to throw them off balance. Jax wipes out in someone's front yard. The gangsters get out with guns drawn and Jax and Chibs point out all the witnesses around. Jax claims the Sons want her dead, too, and suggests the gangsters tell their guys they sent the biker boys to do their dirty work. The gangsters want proof she's dead, a thumb and a boob. Jax agrees. One of the gangsters whacks Emma Jean to the ground, but they leave. Chibs knows someone sent the gangsters.

They take Emma Jean back to the clubhouse, where Nero and Carla meet them. They tell Nero what went down. Only one other person knew where Emma Jean was, Carla. She claims she was protecting Nero, and all that "we've built". He objects to her "we". Jax suggests they call it even. Gemma demands to know what she's doing there. "You know what, Mom; I kind of have a few things on my plate today, like burying my best friend. So your need to be loved, worshiped and adored is a little low on my list today," Jax snaps at her. Emma Jean tells Gemma that nothing happened with Clay; he just had her rub his shoulders. And she didn't call the cops. Nero asks Jax to keep an eye on Carla until he gets Emma Jean out of town. Jax has Chibs call Skeeter for the thumb and the boob.

Chibs reassures Gemma that Jax loves her more than anyone, just give him some room. Tara visits Jax, who leaves out how he wiped out. Jax is ready to toss pictures of him with Wendy. Tara thinks they have to tell Abel the truth, but he thinks he's been through enough for now. The mortician brings Opie by. Lila's there. Jax hugs her as she cries. They put Opie, all cleaned up in his coffin, on the table to pay their respects. Lila asks Jax how she's supposed to raise three kids and work. She doesn't have family nearby. Jax shows her all the people pouring in for the wake, he tells her she'll have everything she needs. Nero comes back and Jax enjoys watching Clay watch Gemma hug Nero hello. Nero says he put Emma Jean on a plane. Jax asks to talk to him.

Inside, Jax asks Nero about his business model. Nero's going for $1.3 million to buy his uncle's ranch for his disabled son. He's got a way to go. Jax has a proposition for him, involving the Cara Cara porn girls. They can bring in special porn star experience rates, but they need a booker. Jax tells him about an old Elk's Lodge out in the woods with no neighbors. Jax offers to cover the start up costs and they'll split everything 50-50. Jax tells Nero about his end game, moving the club away from the stuff that's killing them. Nero doesn't want to get dragged into the club's guns and drugs, and Jax wants Nero to stay clear of Gemma so as to not stir things up with Clay.

Nero agrees. They shake on it. Wendy comes by the garage to get repaid her bail money. Gemma tells her about Opie. Tara sees Wendy leaving and immediately confronts Gemma. Gemma slams Tara against the wall then seems to realize what she's done. She deflects, telling Tara she ought to be worried about Carla, who nearly got Jax killed today. Gemma says Carla's the reason he laid down his bike. It's news to Tara. Gemma offers to prove it. She orders the Sons to clear out of the garage where they're watching Carla. Gemma punches her, but Carla quickly gets her in a choke hold. Tara whacks her with a lug wrench then she's fighting with her. Tara gets a few good punches in as Gemma watches. On the clubhouse roof, Jax thinks about his best friend.

Down inside, they say good bye to Opie leaving his hat, Patron and other items in the coffin. Gemma sees Nero walking battered Carla to the car. She tosses Gemma a victory glare. Gemma waits for Nero to say something to her, but he just looks at Gemma briefly then gets in his car and leaves. A blood-spattered Tara smokes a joint alone with her wounds. Jax looks at a photo of him and Opie as young boys on Huffy bikes. He goes downstairs to join the wake. Everyone stands for their leader. Jax fights back tears over Opie's coffin.

The Sons file in around him. Jax puts the childhood picture in Opie's jacket. "I'll see you later, brother," he says. They close the lid and carry him out to the hearse, raising their drinks. They carefully put the coffin in the hearse, remembering their friend. Jax finds Tara, and then he slams the door on his dead friend. The episode ends at this point.