Orca Shrugged - Recap

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The episode begins with Jax lying in bed with Tara. He's trying not to cave under the weight of awful things he feels in his heart. He feels like he spends every day cleaning up from the one before. Jax leaves Tara a note, saying he couldn't sleep and goes riding. Jax writes to his sons, telling them every day is a new box and they decide whether it's a gift or a coffin. Jax, Bobby and Chibs find the mayor, Jacob Hale, in a diner. Jax mentions the old Elk's Lodge Hale owns and says they want to lease it for an escort service. Hale tells them no way. Jax takes out minutes from the last six city council meetings, Hale's already lost his investors and Charming Heights is about to revert back to agriculture.

Jax knows Hale's one vote shy on keeping it. "We're going to make your dream come true," Jax tells him. In the clubhouse, Jax says the gun deal with the Irish is set to go. Gogo and Frankie Diamonds are worried about the club being blamed for the home invasions. Jax tells them Pope will stop it if it's his people. Chibs reminds them the real problem is the coke running. Jax tells them he's looking for other ways to earn and mentions he made a deal with Nero's escort service to use Cara Cara girls. It's Jax's deal now but he wants it to be club business. They won't make as much as running coke but it'll get them out of Fed crosshairs. Jax suggests they wait and see how it goes, but Clay calls for a vote, it passes unanimously.

The guys leave and Jax tells Clay that Nero won't be with Gemma anymore. The club rolls up to their meet with Galen and the IRA. Galen is mad that Jax got Father Kellan Ashby killed in Belfast. He decks Jax. Jax welcomes the fight. Jax takes off his rings, Galen takes off his shirt and they go bare knuckle boxing. Galen gets some good cuts in on Jax's face and Jax lays a few gut punches. The cartel pulls up but they keep fighting. Everybody watches. Chuckie brings gift bag from Uncle Fudgies, delicious fudge, to a gigantic insurance salesman. The man says he's diabetic, but takes it anyway. Chuckie gives Tig the thumbs up outside. As soon as Chuckie leaves, the fat man stuffs the whole thing in his mouth. Back at the meet, the fight seems to have cleared the air.

Galindo cartel turns over payment for the current shipment and half for the next. They want a drop every two weeks, Clay and Galen agree. In town, Jax and the guys go to Alan Biancone's office. He's passed out. He ate all the fudge. They figure they have four hours. They start taking off Biancone's tie. Gemma goes to Diosa, checking up on Nero. She finds everyone packing up. She confesses to setting Tara on Carla. She asks why he's shutting her out. He tells her to talk to Jax. She gets angry when he won't tell her why. She grabs him and he grabs back. They end up close together and he tells her can't, he made a promise. She knows he means Jax. Back at Biancone's office, they open the door for a transsexual named Venus Van Damme.

Biancone is passed out on a table, naked except for leather studded bikini, with a ball gag in his mouth. Gemma goes to the club house and finds a sheriff's deputy waiting. Clay explains that they arrested some guys for the home invasions and need her to ID stuff to make an arrest. Filthy Phil comes out with a box from Skeeter for Jax that he says is important. Gemma says she'll take it to him. Back in the insurance office, Venus defiles the unconscious insurance salesman as Juice takes photos and the guys watch. They see a kid coming and pull him in. He quickly figures out, who they are and that they're blackmailing Biancone. The kid is Devin Price, Alan's stepson, and he wants to get in on the blackmail. He hates him. Venus intercedes and presents a solution, offering Devin her services.

Jax assures Devin it doesn't mean he's gay. Devin can't believe his good fortune. Tig is unbelievably jealous. While Devin waits in back, Jax promises Venus another $2,000 for Devin. Roosevelt has to rush off when the suspects in holding start fighting his deputy. Jax settles things up with Devin, explaining that if he talks, the photos Venus took while servicing him will go public. They roll Biancone, now full dressed, back behind his desk but he starts to wake up. When he does, he bites the first thing he sees, which happens to be Tig's butt. They knock Biancone unconscious to pry him loose, but Tig's left with a bloody hole on his butt cheek. Back at the club, Jax asks Tara if she can stitch Tig up. With her busted hand, Bobby says they can help.

Gemma confronts Jax outside about Nero. She accuses Jax and Tara of shutting her out, but he says she's doing that herself getting wasted every night. He says again that getting involved with Nero is a bad idea. Tara struggles to stitch up Tig so Chibs takes over. Jax finds Jacob Hale and presents him with photos of Biancone with Venus. He offers to send the photos to Biancone with the suggestion that he change his vote on Charming Heights. Jax also offers to get Hale a new investor, the biggest developer in Oakland. Gemma waits for Tara after she patches up Tig. Tara tells Gemma she didn't tell Jax about beating Carla to a pulp.

She's freaked out by how easy it is to go to extremes. "Not a lot of grey in this life, sweetheart. Extremes become average" Gemma says. "I'm not sure I find that comforting" Tara says. "You're not supposed to" Roosevelt tells Clay that the black suspect's apartments were packed with stolen goods. In her house, Roosevelt's wife Rita wakes up late at night when she hears a noise. She grabs her gun and dials 911. As she's on the phone, a masked man kicks in her door. She fires but misses. She runs, but another masked man runs it. Someone fires and she ends up shot in the stomach. They run. Late at night, Gemma drops off the box from Filthy Phil.

Tara puts it on the kitchen table, still unopened. She asks Gemma to feed Thomas for her. Gemma thanks her. Tara lights up a joint. Rita Roosevelt is wheeled into surgery with her husband at her side. Late at night, Jacob Hale meets with Jax and gives him the lease agreement on the old Elk's Lodge. Jax gets Hale's go ahead to blackmail Biancone. Jax comes home to find Tara asleep on the couch.

He checks her healing hand and covers her up. He finds his mom asleep in the back room with his son asleep on her chest. He finds the box on his kitchen table with his name on it. He slits open the tape and takes out a mini cooler. He opens it up and finds a boob and a finger, to help convince Nero's guys they killed Emma Jean like they promised. The episode ends at this point.