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Toad's Wild Ride - Recap

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The episode begins with Jax and Bobby riding. Clay meets with the Nomads, Greg, Gogo and Frankie Diamonds, and tries to figure out what to do about Rita Roosevelt's murder. He thinks they have to leave town for awhile. Jax and Bobby find Unser camped out at Unser's scrap yard. Jax asks what Unser has on the home invasions. He has a board of suspects and info on the case inside. Jax wants to know who Unser is looking at within the club. Unser points out the burglars barely took anything, just beat people up to send a message. He's sure it wasn't black who jumped him. Jax suggests Unser pay the Nomads a visit and feel them out, he'll deal with Clay.

Gemma comes out of the bathroom and finds her purse emptied out. Her wallet and keys are gone. She comes outside and sees her bed buddy driving off in her car. Unser goes to introduce himself to Greg, working on his bike. Greg's face is banged up and Gogo has deep scratches in his neck. They are in a hurry to get rid of him and don't appreciate his questions. Jax visits the remodeled Elk Lodge. Nero and Layla are getting along great. Nero tells Jax he heard from Gemma. Nero, Jax and the guys roll up to Gemma at the seedy motel. She's upset to see them, she only called Nero. Nero gets a call. His guys found Gemma’s car and the guy. Clay surprises Tara going through old club files on Otto.

She ignores him. "We're going to have to say something to each other sooner or later" he says. "No we won't" she says. "Jax should have killed me, I'm living on borrowed time" he says. "You're not on borrowed time. To me you're already dead. Stay away" she says. Waiting in the hall, Juice hears. He asks Clay what he did to her. "Same thing I always do" he says. Juice tells him Greg called, it sounded important. Nero, Jax and the guys report to a chop shop. They learn Gemma's one nighter is part of a crew that scams older women and steals their cars. They see him and he runs. He gets in a car and drives off.

The guys hop on their bikes and chase him. Nero follows with his guys in his truck. The man makes it out of the neighborhood but runs into a dead end. He takes out a gun and starts firing and runs. Jax tackles him down a hillside and wants to beat the crap out of him. Nero points out; they're next to a busy street. Instead, they take the contents of his pockets: some weed and cash. He protests that its $3,000, then assesses them and decides that’s fair. "So, we'll just call it even?" he asks. "No, we won't," Nero says, as they walk away. Greg rides up to meet Clay at the garage. He tells him Unser and Jax are on to them. He says Frankie and Gogo are talking about killing Unser. Clay decides it's a good idea and makes plans for them to meet up at Unser's trailer later.

Clay will clear it for guns first and they'll come in wearing masks and kill him. Tara asks Bobby for something to bring to Otto; he suggests asking Gemma for something on Lu Anne. Since they won't let her bring Lu Anne's porno tapes in, Gemma suggests a perfume Otto always had her wear. Jax returns with Gemma's car. Jax and Tara make plans to meet back at the garage later to leave for the cabin. Jax checks on his mom. She apologizes for embarrassing him. He assures her things with Tara will get worked out. He asks what's going on with her. Gemma tells Jax that after his brother died, she poured all her love into him. She apologizes for being too much.

He tells her he felt bad when his brother died, because it meant he'd have her to himself. He promises her they'll get through this. Juice drops Clay off at Unser's trailer. Clay tells him to be sure to call. Clay asks if he can come in. Unser lets him in with a shotgun levelled at him. Clay sees his suspect’s board with SAMCRO on it. Clay takes his gun out and sits down to talk. Juice sits outside the yard and calls Clay when the Nomads roll up. Clay tells him to leave. Inside the trailer, Clay tells Unser he was right about it being an inside job.

He gets Juice's call and checks that Unser's shotgun is loaded. After a minute, two masked men bust, into the trailer. Unser fires first, killing one. Then Clay grabs his gun and shoots the other. Greg and Gogo are dead. Clay tells him he looked into them after they talked in the hospital. Unser reloads his shotgun, pointing out they're not smart enough to plan it on their own. He tells Clay he should leave, he'll deal with the sheriff.

He shoots already dead Greg in the chest with his shotgun, planning to explain Clay's .9 mm by saying Greg kept coming after he shot him. "Watch your back, Wayne, there's still one of them out there" Clay says as he leaves. "Yea, I'm watching" Unser says as he watches Clay leave. At the club, Bobby tells Jax about Unser spotting the scratches on Gogo. As they make plans to look into it, Gemma and the guys come in to break the news about Greg and Gogo. Juice puts things together. Jax explains Unser was looking into the home invasions. They want to find Frankie to get the truth. Gemma visits Unser at the yard. Frankie watches the police from across the street and drives off. Gemma and Unser have a smoke.

He starts to apologize for what he said to her at the hospital, but she says it was the truth. Tara shows up at the garage to go away with Jax. Bobby thinks its good he gets away. Tara tells him their babysitter bailed. He suggests Gemma look after them and she says ok. She plans to go up ahead of him and Jax asks Tig to keep her safe. Jax makes plans with Chibs and Bobby for them to come up tomorrow. But first Jax needs Chibs for an errand, to "check on a sick friend". Tara calls Gemma and asks her to babysit, saying she's trusting her to keep the boys safe. Gemma stubs out her joint and says yes. Nero and his guys corner the car thief escorting another older married woman to a hotel room.

Nero beats the crap out of him. "Now we call it even" Nero says. Juice drops by Clay's to ask if he killed Greg and Gogo. He tells Juice they're working for someone else and Juice insists he tell the club. As bikes roll up outside, Clay says he thinks they already know. Chibs and Jax drop by. Jax talks to Clay alone, laying out that Clay is behind the home invasions. Clay insists its Pope. Jax suggests they find Frankie and take it to the Club. "Let SAMCRO decide who lives and who dies" Jax says. Gemma tucks Abel and his stuffed toad and Thomas into the back seat of her Escalade.

Clay looks through the things the Nomads stole from his safe. Tig guards the cabin as Tara gets ready inside. Chibs and Jax ride up to the cabin, when a van pulls up beside them. Someone fires an automatic weapon at them, spraying them with bullets. They ride off the edge of the hillside. They hide behind their bikes as whoever's in the van gets out and fires again. They're wearing masks. Chibs makes a run for it, drawing fire. Jax gets a clean shot at one of them and hits him multiple times. The other one gets back in the van and drives off. They take the mask off. While driving the boys home Gemma gets woozy and starts veering all over the road.

She veers into on-coming traffic, a semi truck barrels at her. She swerves to avoid it and slams through the guard rail and down an embankment. The car comes to a stop at the bottom, with Gemma knocked out and Thomas crying in his car seat as he looks at his brother Abel, who appears to be skewered on a tree limb. His stuffed Toad lies on the car floor, Abel's blood spilling onto it. The episode ends at this point.