Crucifixed - Recap

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The episode begins and Jax continues following Juice late at night. At the garage, Gemma and Chibs catch up. She says there's probably nothing happening with Nero. Chibs thinks Clay still loves her. Juice is brought to Roosevelt at the station. Roosevelt immediately tells Juice that Jax knows he's the rat and he has to get out of town. He explains that Jax figured it out himself and apologizes. Juice leaves without saying anything. At the club, Chibs is up to speed on Juice and RICO. Chibs confesses he knew the leverage Roosevelt had on Juice, that his dad was black. Jax and Chibs can't believe that's what Juice wanted to protect.

They decide Juice isn't a threat. "Let him hang himself," Jax says. Tara wakes Jax up in the morning. Jax guesses that Miles caught Juice stealing the coke. "Do you want to earn your way back in? A pardon? It means you do everything I tell you to do and I make sure your betrayal never hits the table, stays between us," Jax says. "Yes, of course," Juice says. Jax wants Clay. Juice tells him Frankie said Clay was behind everything and that the Nomads stole a safe from Clay's house but gave him back all the legal stuff. Jax wants Juice to find the documents to prove Clay is a traitor and murderer. Juice agrees. Tara meets with the woman from Providence Hospital in Portland, who makes her a job offer.

She gives Tara a few days to think it over. At the garage, Jax orders Gemma to find out where Clay is. At the prison, Tara goes in to see Otto. "I'll make my part of RICO go away," he says. He wants one more thing, an ornate gold and silver crucifix from his mother that he gave to Lu Anne. He just wants to wear it for a few minutes, but it has to be today because his blood work will come back soon and the prison will know there's nothing wrong with him and no reason for Tara to see him. At the prison, Clay goes to visit the same old guy who already told Jax that Otto was talking to the feds. Clay processes that Jax knew. Unser swings by Gemma in the office at her behest. She tells him Clay is behind the Nomad attacks and Jax wants proof. Jax, Bobby, Tig, Chibs and Filthy Phil meet up with the prospects outside a bar.

There are bikes parked out back, the Sons recognize them. TO with the Lodi Grim Bastards club is inside with his guys. He knows Hightower, he just paid TO's club to protect him, and he's TO's cousin. Bobby says they'll buy the contract out and TO is explaining it's not that simple when Hightower walks in and, thinking they sold him out, opens fire. He gets in his SUV and drives off. Jax stands in front of the charging car and fires, but he doesn't slow down. Hightower hits the Sons' bikes as he drives off. After, TO explains he didn't know Hightower was involved in Opie's death. The Sons demand to know where he is, but TO doesn't want to turn over a relative. Jax suggests TO let the Sons talk to Hightower to find out who the other guys who killed Opie are. He promises they'll beat Hightower, but will let him live.

TO agrees to let them know when he finds Hightower. Outside the prison, Gemma pulls up to meet Tara. She has Lu Anne's crucifix from storage. Clay meets alone with the Galindo cartel, Luis and Romeo and mentions the RICO case. Clay wants to know how they got Jax to turn around on running guns and let him live. He guesses they're with the government. "I think Jax is pushing to kill the RICO leverage you got. If that happens, I go away, and the guns go away and you go away," he says, saying Jax is going through Otto. Clay wants protection and offers to be a connection with Galen for the guns. They want the club to stay in play, minus Jax. Clay objects, but they don't give him a choice. Jax meets alone with Damon Pope, with the information on Charming Heights, a three-phrase residential community. Pope is impressed with Jax that the mayor owes him and he's thinking beyond the street.

Jax tells Pope he found out Clay was the one behind the attacks. Jax promises when he brings Clay down, Pope can have Tig. He promises it'll be soon. Pope knows they're looking for Hightower and tells Jax where to find him. The Sons head there and find TO and three Bastards. TO says Pope and the guards set up the beating and Hightower barely knew the other guys. TO is hesitant to let them near his cousin, but Jax gives his word they won't kill him. Hightower sees them coming and runs. But Jax pulls his gun and runs him down. He gives them the names Aldo Smith, Fox and Mace. He swears it's all he knows. Chibs checks with Jax, then pulls out his gun and shoots Hightower through the back of the head.

As TO protests that Jax gave his word, Jax reminds TO he did, too that he would deliver Hightower, and he didn't. "Who the hell are you?" TO asks Jax. Back at the club, Bobby tells Jax what he did was wrong and hurts all of them. "You may be right, but you didn't see the pleasure in that animal's face when he caved in Opie's skull. We did" Jax shouts. Chibs assures Jax he did what he had to do. "Things are going to get bloody, brother. I'm not sure if Bobby's going to be able to roll with it. I need to know that I have you in my corner," Jax says. "I love you, kid. Understand?" Chibs says. Juice rifles through Clay's things at his house looking for the legal documents. He finds a gun in a gun case but has to hide it as Clay comes back. Clay tells Juice he couldn't have gotten through the past month without him. He confesses to doing some "heinous" things.

He's exhausted and asks Juice to watch his back. Gemma drops by with groceries. Clay hugs Juice as he leaves. Clay goes over to Gemma and runs his hands on her back. She steels herself against his touch, but turns around and lets him kiss her hand. When he goes to kiss her, she suggests they go home. In the prison, Otto asks Tara to put the crucifix around his neck. He asks her to put it under his shirt. He asks for a minute alone to pray. When Tara leaves, he buzzes for the nurse and demands to go back to his cell. They taking him when Tara comes back and asks what they're doing. An orderly has already freed Otto's hand and it's too late. He knocks the orderly out and bashes the nurse's face against the wall. Tara can only scream helplessly as she watches.

Otto takes out the crucifix as she begs him not to hurt the nurse. "Sons live, Redwood bleeds," he says as he plunges the crucifix into the nurse's jugular over and over again. Finally, guards come and take him away, but the damage is done. Back at the garage, Jax notices Unser's mobile home has moved in. Juice tells Jax he didn't find anything at Clay's. He asks what happens to Clay when he finds the papers. "The same thing that happens to you if you don't find it," Jax says menacingly. Unser and Jax catch up quickly. "Three down, one to go," Unser says. Roosevelt sits in his Jeep outside Jax's house. He doesn't understand how Juice is still untouched.

Jax tells Roosevelt he'll deal with Juice. Roosevelt asks what's going to happen to Clay. "I'm not going to let this one end up dead in the back of a Ford," Roosevelt says. "I'm open to suggestions," Jax says. Jax comes home to find Tara smoking a joint at the table. She tells him Otto reversed his RICO statement by killing a nurse; the Feds will have to throw out his testimony.

She tells him she brought him the crucifix. "He had it all planned, Jax. He saved the MC, but he needed to hurt you," she says. "He made me an accessory to murder" she adds. "Babe, I'm not going to let that happen. We're going to get through this like we do everything else," he says. "That's what scares me the most," she says. The episode ends at this point.