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To Thine Own Self - Recap

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The episode begins and Tara tells Jax about her job offer, if "we can get through this Otto mess". She has to give her answer by the end of the week. He wants to talk to the lawyer first about Otto's ability to make her an accessory to murder. Lowen meets with Tara, Jax, Chibs and Bobby. She worries about the form Tara lied on to get to volunteer in the prison. She confirms Otto's killing the nurse makes him useless to the Feds for RICO, but Tara could be in serious trouble. Jax doesn't want to tell the club yet. He tells Chibs to lock down the deal with Alvarez and Lin, so they can get clear of the cartel. Guards open Otto's cell and let an inmate with a metal pipe in.

He cracks Otto across the face with it, and then finishes up by beating defenseless Otto bloody. Jax explains to Gemma the reason he didn't kill Clay was because the Feds had a RICO case against the club and he needed Clay to seal the Irish guns to keep the Feds at bay. He explains what Tara was doing visiting Otto, and how he used the cross. Gemma gets the urgency. Bobby and Chibs come for Jax, the Diosa opening is today. Tig responds to Clay's summons to his place. Clay misses him, but Tig points out, it's his fault they're not close anymore. Clay says he appreciates all his loyalty and won't forget it. The Diosa opening day party is in full swing, with ladies, booze and clients everywhere. Clay pulls up to the garage and sees Chuckie hauling files, which he says are for Gemma about Thomas.

When Clay asks, she tells him that she realized Thomas's birthday is in two weeks and pretty much everything she had about him was in the safe. She's going through the files hoping to find something. She sells the lie with a few tears and a little heartbreak, but Clay gets called away and she thinks he didn't buy it. Clay meets with Romeo, who tells him Otto killed a nurse and RICO is dead. He also shows Clay his badge and says Jax is trying to end their deal. Clay wants to try to talk to Jax first. They give him two hours. Chibs, Jax, Tig and Happy go to meet Nero's old gangsters. They pull up in three cars and the Sons get nervous and hop in their station wagon and drive around, pulling donuts and shooting in all directions as the Mexicans shoot at them.

Jax goes through a gate and down a hillside, rolling the car several times. Back at the club, Chibs stitches up Happy. Bobby tells Jax he finally heard from Henry Lin. Jax is about to leave with Bobby, when Clay asks for a minute. Clay tells Jax what he knows about RICO. Clay explains Romeo is going to get rid of Jax and replace him with someone who will keep the guns and coke flowing. Clay says he turned it down. He tells Jax to make things work with Romeo to cash in, in the short term. When Jax leaves, Clay calls Romeo to ask for another day to convince Jax. Romeo agrees, but then says otherwise to Luis, telling him to make the call. Jax tells Bobby that Clay and Romeo know everything. Tara meets with the woman from Providence, saying she wants to move forward with the offer but keep it under the radar from Jax.

In the Stockton prison, the inmate who beat Otto senseless comes in to meet with Otto. Otto thinks he's a Fed, but he says he's just a citizen. "These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life," he says as he leaves. Otto still has no idea who he is. Juice goes through Clay's place, looking for the documents. He's coming up empty when he eyes a ceiling grate. Jax and Bobby meet with Henry Lin. They want someone to replace the IRA guns. Jax tells him money isn't an issue, plus 10 percent for the club's referral fee. Lin agrees to supply them. Jax gets a call from Juice. He found the documents. Jax tells him to put them back and go get Clay, Tig, and Chibs from the club and bring Clay back to his house, being careful not to leave Clay alone there. He'll meet them there. Jax and Bobby head out.

They're on their bikes at a stop light when two SUVs full of Mexicans surround them and grab Jax, stabbing Bobby's tires. Everyone's waiting at Clay's when Chibs gets the call about Jax from Bobby. All they know is he was taken by Mexicans. Nero's going to look into his guys and they, all head back to the clubhouse, but Clay pushes Juice out his front door, saying he has to take his meds. He checks his ceiling grate. Nero's old gangster crew hangs out at a house playing video games, when he busts in with a shotgun and shoots one in the chest as he reaches for a gun. Nero goes looking for Jax, but they have no idea what he's talking about. When one of his guys accuses him of forgetting who he is, he shoots him in the head. Jax is being held in a small room when Romeo and Luis walk in.

He's relieved. He tells them he wouldn't cut ties with the cartel without leaving them set up. He points out Galen hates the Mexicans and will pull out of the current deal at some point. So instead, he's lined up the Chinese, who can get weapons from Gaza. "Set the meet, that's a lot of moving parts. It better all work," Romeo says. They cut him loose. Around the table, Jax lays out all the RICO and CIA info to the club, including Otto killing the nurse. Jax explains he's been getting the Mayans to take over the coke muling and Lin to take over the guns. "This means we can walk away from drugs and the cartel," Jax says. He knows there will be a pay cut initially, but Diosa should help pick up the slack and he's working on a few other things as well.

They put it to a vote. Everyone, including Clay, votes for it. Jax hugs his mom and whispers for her to take Clay to her house and keep him there until they call. When Clay and Gemma leave, Jax rounds up Chibs, Bobby and Juice for "show and tell". He checks that Tig still loves him, kisses him on the cheek, and tells him he doesn't need him yet. At the hospital, Otto’s torturer follows Tara. At her house, Clay asks Gemma about Nero. "It was never anything real, still isn't," she says. Juice calls Clay for the fourth time, but he doesn't pick up. Clay tells Gemma he loves her, she says the same. There's a light knock at the back door. Clay goes to answer. When he sees who it is, he puts his gun away. It's Nero, looking for Gemma.

He asks about Jax and Clay tells him it was a misunderstanding, Jax is fine. Nero is sick about it. Gemma asks Clay for a minute with Nero, who is wound up and freaking out. He sees Clay is back there and asks if they're, like, married again. She checks to make sure Clay can't hear, then tells him no, but she can't explain yet. She tells him she loves him and kisses him then sends him out the door, more confused than when he came. Back at Clay's, the documents are missing from the air vent. Juice realizes he left Clay alone when Jax didn't show. Jax decks him and sends him home. Bobby tells Jax he has no proof against Clay and he should let it go. Jax says there are a few other things he can't prove and lays out the letter his dad JT wrote to Maureen, predicting why and how Clay would kill him.

"Clay killed my old man" he says. He goes on, telling Bobby and Chibs that Clay found out about the letters and that's why he killed Piney and ordered the attack on Tara that damaged her hand. "He's responsible for everything," Jax says. Back at Gemma's house, Clay answers another knock at the door. It's Bobby, saying he needs to talk to Clay. Bobby sees Clay's gun and tells him to keep it handy. "You here to kill me, VP?” Clay asks. “No, I'm here to keep you alive. Sit down," Bobby replies. The episode ends at this point.