J'ai Obtenu Cette - Recap

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The episode begins and Tara and Gemma contemplate their lives and their respective men in their beds in the morning. Tara with Jax, Gemma with Nero. Jax wakes up to a note from Tara, telling him she took the boys to daycare. Jax rides to Pope's construction site, where he questions whether Pope will remain committed to Charming Heights. He wants a letter of intent locking down the maintenance contracts, subsidized housing and SAMCRO's cut of the deal. August says he's meet with the lawyer and can make it happen today. Pope tells Jax where to bring Tig at 2 p.m.

Clay tells Gemma he's leaving with Galen for Ireland at 4:30 p.m. He promises her a fresh start in Belfast. She'll meet him at his place at 3 p.m. Margaret goes over Tara's test results with her; she's healed and could be operating in six months. Wendy shows up at Tara's office looking like hell. She realizes Tara doesn't know what Jax did. She tells her about his threats and how he injected her. Wendy urges Tara to get out while she can and Tara promises her she is. A shopkeeper complains to Nero about the intimidation from his rival Dante. Nero tells Jax and the Sons where to find Dante and his 20-plus person crew. The Sons go to the dog fights looking for him. There are dead dogs in the garbage cans outside.

The owner is about to shoot his dog when Tig stops him. They ask him where to find Dante and make him leave the dog. They head into Dante's office and bust in on him and his guys counting their cash. The Sons shoot one of his guys in the leg to make their point as more of Dante's guys show up. The Sons run when they realize they're seriously outnumbered. They lead Dante's guys outside, where Nero and his guys bust through the gate and stop them. Alvarez and the Mayans come down the alley the other direction, blocking Dante's guys. But Dante runs back into the warehouse. The Sons go looking for him. Nero spies Dante and runs at him, forcing him to jump out a window. He runs to the nearest car to make his escape and throws the female driver on the ground.

It's only after Dante gets in her SUV that he sees her passenger: one of the pit bulls, which immediately starts tearing into him. Nero slams the door shut as Dante tries to get out and the Sons gather to let the dog do its thing. Jax goes to Unser to learn about Lee Toric, retired Marshal. He's ex-special forces, lots of commendations and complaints. He was forced into early retirement. Pam, the nurse Otto killed, was his only family. Otto is chained up in interrogation for his interview about Pam's death. Lee watches from behind the one-way glass. When he's asked to state his name for the record, Otto opens his mouth, slams his chin against the table and bites off his own tongue. He throws it at Lee behind the glass. Gemma visits Tara at her office. She asks about Providence. "You're not taking my family anywhere," Gemma says.

Tara thinks Gemma's play with Clay didn't work. "You take one step out of Charming and the only place you're going is prison," Gemma says, telling her she'll tell investigators about bringing Tara the cross for Otto. She'd claim Tara set it all up. Tara grabs Gemma around the throat and Gemma punches her. Jax tells Tig and Chibs he has a line on the breeder and Tig immediately volunteers to help take him down. Chibs cautions against it, but they go anyway. Gemma drops by Clay's, where he's packing up. Jax rides with Tig to a warehouse. Tig notices its quiet; Jax pulls his gun on him. Tig realizes what's going on when Pope and all his men pull up. Pope notes Jax made it on time, but asks his men to take Jax's gun as a precaution. Tig can't believe Jax is betraying him.

Pope hands over the letter of intent to Jax. They also sent one to Hale's lawyer. Jax suggests, Pope take Tig into the garage so no one hears the shots. As Tig is lead into the garage, Jax quickly opens up his bike's storage container and takes out a gun with a silencer on it. He quickly shoots Pope's guy watching him, then he runs into the garage and takes out the two men with Pope. Tig sees what's happening and knocks Pope off his feet so he drops his gun. Jax makes it to Pope before he can get to the gun. Jax unties Tig and hands him the gun. "You kill the man who burned your kid alive" Jax tells him. Tig shoots Pope, dead. Sheriff Roosevelt gets a tip about a homicide at the warehouse, saying he'd want to find the body.

They find Pope. Jax calls Roosevelt. "How's your day?" he asks. "Did you do this?" Roosevelt asks. "Just working toward that common goal," Jax says. He points him to a vent and says you're welcome. Roosevelt finds the murder weapon. At TM, Clay tells Juice he knows he's the one who found the legal stuff in the vent. Juice apologizes, but Clay says it didn't end up mattering. "I love you, brother" Clay says, hugging him. Juice's guilt eats at him. He pulls away and tells Clay he should leave now. There's a knock at the door. It's Roosevelt with Clay's gun in an evidence bag. He tells him it was just used to kill Pope and three of his associates. He asks for Clay's alibi. Clay says Gemma can confirm it.

Gemma says nothing for a long time. "He went out for a few hours, took the gun. Said he had to settle up some accounts before he left. I didn't think he'd kill anyone" she says. Clay says nothing as he realizes he's being betrayed. Clay is arrested. Jax meets with August, who confirms through the police report that Clay's prints were on the weapon. Jax tells him Clay blamed Pope when he got drummed out of the club. He tries to convince August that Clay must have followed him. August notes how everything fits together nicely for Jax. "You think I planned this whole thing? C'mon man, you give me way too much credit. I'm just a mechanic, looking out for my family" Jax says. August says they'll be looking into it.

When Jax leaves, August puts a bounty out on Clay. "I want him dead before his hearing" he says. Bobby finds Jax sitting at the head of the table. "I know what you did with Clay. I just talked to Juice and Tig" Bobby says. Jax points out; he didn't lay a hand on Clay, like he promised. Later, Nero gives Jax his half of Dante's haul. Jax tries to give it back, but Nero says he's indebted. Back home, Tara has left the documents from Lowen out on the counter for Jax. He brings them to her, asking why Wendy is listed as a guardian. "She's the best choice. You shouldn't have attacked her, Jax" Tara says. Jax thinks she's trying to teach him a lesson. She puts Thomas down and tells him she's just being strong where he can't be. "I took that job in Oregon.

It starts in two weeks. The boys are coming with me, and if you love them and if you love me, you'll follow us up there" Tara says. "We both know if we stay here, we'll end up like the two people we hate the most and our boys will be destined to relive all of our mistakes" she says. Jax struggles for words but goes to answer a knock at the door. It's Roosevelt. He's good with Jax he's there for Tara, conspiracy to commit murder for the death of Pamela Torric.

She's under arrest. They take her away. Nero gets ready for bed, a shotgun at his side. Clay is transported to jail, broken and alone, surrounded by threats. Gemma sees Tara in the back of a squad car and goes in the house to Jax. "I'm here baby" she says. The episode ends at this point.