Pilot - Recap

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The Mayans are breaking into what looks like a front house. They steal what they are looking for and torch the place. Jax is in a mini mart buying a few things when he hears the explosion. They drive up to it the next morning and the house is completely torched. All of their M4's and glocks are gone or destroyed. Not only that, but there were two Mexican woman hiding in some sort of secret room that ended up meeting their demise due to it. They discuss all of this with Sheriff Trammel, who is paid to deal with them the way they see fit.

Jax's mother, Gemma, calls to talk to him about going to see what he can find in storage. He's expecting a son very soon and he needs whatever he can get his hands on. They talk about the fact that he hasn't really talked to his ex wife in a bit. He worries about her, because it seems that she has been avoiding him on purpose. He asks Gemma to check on her and she does. It turns out that Wendy, his ex wife, relapsed. Gemma sees her passed out on the floor looking fairly sick and largely pregnant.

Clay has to talk to the leader of the niners, because they no longer have guns in stock. He wants his glocks no matter what, or he goes elsewhere. Clay tries his best to be diplomatic, but the leader of the niners isn't hearing it. He really doesn't care, he wants his weaponry.

Jax gets to storage finally and finds all kinds of things he could put to good use. He ends up finding a box of his deceased father's old stuff. He finds pictures and even a book that he wrote himself. He sits down and begins to skim it a bit.

Later, the Sons meet up at the table to have a discussion about retaliation against the Mayans. They want to get their weapons back, as well as sending a message. They are going to need an explosion guy, but Bobby is going to Vegas for a gig. He is an Elvis impersonator. He says he'll stay, but the guys say that they will ask Opie. Jax is hesitent about that, because Opie has been trying to stay clean from the trouble but Clay tells him that he's going to need to step it up for the club.

We learn that Abel, Jax and Wendy's son, has been born and there is a 20% chance that he will make it. He has a tear in his stomach and his heart is not fully formed. We meet a doctor named Tara that has a long history with Jax. She asked specifically to be on his case, because she wants to make sure that his son survives if she can.

After Jax finds out what happened, he is understandably enraged. He learns where Wendy may have gotten the drugs and he runs into a skin bar with no hesitation. He goes to the drug dealer in “question” and really gives it to him for “giving crank to his pregnant ex wife”. The man ended up with a torn groin.

Jax moves on to go talk to Opie at work. Opie isn't down with disappointing Donna anymore. He tells Jax that he can't do it, because she's still reeling over him being in prison for five years. He also tells him that all Donna knows at this point is she doesn't want it to happen again. He wants to make it so she gets what she wants. In the end of the discussion, he ends up telling Jax that they should hit him up when they need him.

The club wants to know what Darby is up to, since it was one of Darby's men that sold the crank to Wendy. They also need to figure out where to get replacement weapons. During one of their meetings, Tig and Happy were arguing a bit and after that they boxed while everyone sat around and watched drinking. Jax says that they should take this opportunity to get into some cleaner work. He wants to do legitimate business, so that they don't have to just depend on breaking the law and hurting people all of the time. Jax is sent to see his kid.

Jax walks into Wendy's room. She begs him not to hate her, but all he can really say to her is that she needs to get help. She cries and tells him that she will get help. After visiting her, he goes to his house and sees Gemma cleaning. He doesn't want her cleaning, but she says she just didn't want him to see the house the way that Wendy had left it. Jax tells her it is not a secret that Wendy isn't the cleanest person in the world.

Jax tells Gemma that Abel is probably going to die and she slaps him. She tells him that Tellers do not die easy. He asks if his father ever told her what he wanted to do with the club. She tells him that they are doing it right now. He says that it seems like he envisioned some sort of biker commune. After Gemma leaves, he gets whatever drugs Wendy had in the house and flushes them. Gemma is home with Clay and tells him about the conversation she had with Jax about John. She wants him to follow in the right father's foot steps, not John's.

Jax and Clay meet up with Darby and a couple of his men at a diner. They discuss the situation in which one of his men sold crank to Wendy. They do not want him to sell in Charming. They hate it and they will handle it if they have to. They also give a gun to him to give to the dealer that lost his sack recently. They felt he “needed it” to be able to “man up” properly.

At the hospital, Tara talks to Gemma. She thinks that Wendy needs some encouragement, because she's going through a hard time right now. Gemma is apathetic to Wendy's pain, but it does give her an idea. More on that later. Opie is preparing to do a job and Donna catches him and figures it out. They get into an argument until their kids walk in. Donna takes the kids and go inside. Jax walks up and tells him that they'll figure something out, but for now he should go inside and fix his marriage. Jax takes the explosives and rides on.

Bobby and Half Sac are in Vegas. It turns out that someone double booked both Bobby and some sort of asian Elvis. They tell Bobby they'll have him next month, because the asians really do like their asian Elvis impersonator. Half Sac goes back and beats Asian Elvis and Bobby gets to perform like intended.

The club gets to the warehouse that they intend on blowing up. Jax wires the explosives, but doesn't know what to do at a certain point. This hesitation causes the plan to go all wrong. They end up having to kill some Mayans, because they come to the warehouse while the guys are still there. Clay is furious about how things turned out. They do learn that one of the guys that ended up shot at the warehouse turned out to be one of Darby's boys, which means that the skinheads are somehow in cahoots with the Mayans. After that, they do blow up the warehouse as planned.

Despite Tara having a bit of a hard time during surgery, Abel seems to be doing fine so far. Gemma goes in to tell Wendy he is fine. She really tears into her. She even gives her a bible with a syringe full of dope in it. Either way, she is going to make sure that she never ever has Abel.

Tara tells Jax Abel will be okay and they almost kiss. Wendy does take the syringe.