Seeds - Recap

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The cops go to the house that burnt down and they are doing some serious digging. The Charming police even have a warrant. Hale is not taking this lightly. Tig tells Clay that he slept with both of the dead chicks and his DNA is more than likely in their stomachs. Hale found the bodies, so this becomes a serious issue.

Clay talks to Unser. He says that Hale is just going to cause problems which means that Unser needs to not retire just yet, even if he is sick. Unser tries to get what he wants, but there is no way out at the moment, so he sticks around. Unser has a safety run for them to do, anyway.

Hale talks to Jax about the house that exploded and tells him that he is not going to look the other way. Jax tells him that we are all free men and he can look where ever he wants. Jax rides to the hospital and talks to Tara. They talk about how well Abel is doing and they also talk about whether he is with his wife or not. He tells her that he filed over a year ago, but they tried to reconcile three months later. That is how she ended up pregnant, but he does not want to be with her anymore. After that, he goes and sits with Wendy while she rests.

Donna tells Opie that she needs his truck, because her wagon is up for repossession. He gets really upset, because he feels like he can't get ahead at all financially since he's gone clean. He goes to ask his dad, Piney, for money but he really can't help out due to medical bills. He tells him that there is a protection run that Clay is doing for Unser, though. Opie is into it.

During the meeting, they decide they need two bodies to really make a point...but Jax decides they can do that without killing anyone. He sets it up so they can get two bodies. The guy at the morgue wants one thing in return: A specific woman who happens to be a crow eater.

The leader of the Mayans and Darby meet up. They both have issues, because they're both losing men through their alliance. Tara sees Gemma at the hospital and makes it clear that she suspects Gemma had something to do with Wendy's overdose.

While bringing the acquired bodies to their intended location, they get pulled over by Ludi police. Another brother crashes a car into the police car and they get away. Opie and Clay have a discussion. Clay wonders if there's any resentment towards the club due to the fact that he got set up by another member (who has since been kicked out). Opie tells Clay that he holds no resentment whatsoever.

After Chibbs, Jax, and Half Sack deal with the bodies and fake murder scene they go to the store, because they see the guy that cut them off earlier. It is just Jax and Chibbs in there, Jax goes after the guy. The guy pulls a gun and the owner of the store ends up putting an axe in that guy's head.

Gemma sees Donna at the grocery store. Donna couldn't pay for all of her groceries, so Gemma does and brings them out to her. Donna doesn't want to accept her "Charity", but Gemma tells her that they're family and that is what they do. Donna does not accept that, but Gemma does end up inviting her to a dinner party that they are throwing that night.

Unser has canceled overtime and Hale is not happy about it. He thinks that there is something shady going on. He goes off to ask Jax and Clay why Unser is not retiring. Jax takes him time for himself and goes to read his father's book on the roof. Bobby and Tig made sure that they got rid of the women's bodies once and for all.

Jax and Gemma talk about what he has found and Gemma tells him that she would absolutely love to read the book. After Jax leaves the room, she goes digging for the book. He put it somewhere good. She does find a picture of her and John's wedding day, however.

The guys cremate the women that died in their house explosion. They makeshift some sort of prayer to make it more respectful. Gemma burns the wedding photo of her and John. Everyone finally gets together to have a wonderful family dinner.