Season 1

1 :01x01 - Civil War Cannon / Shotgun Silencer

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2 :01x02 - Master Key

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3 :01x03 - The Flamethrower

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6 :01x06 - AK-47 Silencer

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8 :01x08 - Tommy Gun / Machete

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9 :01x09 - Movie Gun / Leopard Gun

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13 :01x13 - The Rocket Launcher

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14 :01x14 - Alligator Kill Stick

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15 :01x15 - Double M16

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16 :01x16 - Folding Flashlight Gun

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Season 2

17 :02x01 - Anniversary Bash

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18 :02x02 - AK / Sniper Rifle

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19 :02x03 - American Chopper Gun

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20 :02x04 - The Meat Chopper

Will tackles the ultimate challenge: taking four MG42 rifles and combining them into one. Then, a customer brings in a rare antique palm pistol in the hopes of firing it. Meanwhile, Kris attemps to get the shop organized.

Source: Discovery Channel

21 :02x05 - Grenade Launcher Silencer

Will and the RJ crew tackle the impossible - taking a fully automatic Grenade Launcher, and silencing it. Meanwhile, Kris tries to make a hunting rifle float for a customer, while Will builds a version of a knife that shoots.

Source: Discovery Channel

22 :02x06 - Flying Guns and Uzis

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23 :02x07 - The Taser Shotgun

Will envisions a shotgun-Taser combo for police; a demilitarized WWII-era anti-tank artillery piece is restored.

Source: Discovery Channel

25 :02x09 - Oh My God, A Cannon!

Things get crazy when Will tackles a 57mm WWII Cannon. Meanwhile, Vince gives an AR15 the Red Jacket treatment for Super Bowl champion and New Orleans Saints kicker Garret Hartley. Then, things between Kris and Stephanie take an unexpected turn.

Source: Discovery Channel

26 :02x10 - Guns of Glory

A thunderstorm prompts Will to postpone an important test fire in Baton Rouge; Will's favorite gun is discussed; a countdown of Red Jacket's Top 10 Guns and behind-the-scenes footage are featured.

Source: Discovery Channel

28 :02x12 - Honey, I Blew Up the USS Kidd!

The crew restore a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon and a twin 40 mm Bofors antiaircraft gun aboard the USS Kidd ahead of an Independence Day show; Steph creates a ladies' line of rifles.

Source: Discovery Channel

29 :02x13 - Flamethrower Cannon

A German K98 Mauser rifle is rebuilt; Steph and Kris design Derringer holsters for women; a challenge to build a double-barreled flamethrower unfolds.

Source: Discovery Channel

30 :02x14 - Boys and Their Maxim Toys

A WWI Maxim machine gun is restored and mounted to a plane engine; a Glock is modified for a customer with MS.

Source: Discovery Channel

31 :02x15 - The Hogzilla Gun

Will and the RJ crew create a muscled up, silenced, night stalking AR to take down the wild hogs that are tearing up Louisiana farm land. Also, Charlie scores big when he finds rare, pinfire ammo for a 150-year-old, $7500, 20-round French revolver.

Source: Discovery Channel

32 :02x16 - Mortars and Mayhem

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33 :02x17 - Wedlock & Load

Big changes are made at the shop while Will, Steph and Kris go to Las Vegas to demo a rifle built for desert warfare in the Season 2 finale.

Source: Discovery Channel

Season 3

34 :03x?? - Discovery's Top 10 Shootouts

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34 :03x01 - This Time It's Personal

Season 3 premiere. An armored car is modified into a riot-control vehicle for the New Orleans police department with the installation of water cannons, grenade launchers and a machine gun.

Source: Discovery Channel

35 :03x02 - Sniper Rifle Silencer

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36 :03x03 - Kamikaze Cannon

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37 :03x04 - Behind the Scenes Special

In this special, find out what it takes to make Sons of Guns - with interviews and behind the scenes footage from the RJF team and the film crew. From dangerous near misses and melting cameras to practical jokes and shooting contests, we reveal it all.

Source: Discovery Channel

39 :03x06 - Worlds Largest Machine Gun

RJF is tested when a 70-year-old, $150K, full auto 40mm Bofors, a cannon with over 500 parts, breaks down 4 days prior to its sale. Also, the crew resurrects an 1855 Volcanic Pistol. Then, a rockin' .38 Special's secret markings reveal its royal lineage.

Source: Discovery Channel

40 :03x07 - Armored and Dangerous

RJF redefines armored cars when they conceal full auto M-16s and Claymore mines in an armored Porsche for a client that needs protection plus the ability to fight back. Meanwhile, Steph goes rogue and builds a custom AR behind Will's back.

Source: Discovery Channel

40 :03x08 - Zombie Gun!

Author Max Brooks ("The Zombie Survival Guide") asks RJF to build a zombie gun ahead of a nighttime, apocalyptic shoot-out in the Season 3 finale.

Source: Discovery Channel

43 :03x11 - Three Cannons and a Rock Star

The crew refurbish a black-powder Lyle cannon for guitarist Joe Perry; a German Pak 36 gun and an American 37-mm gun are repaired.

Source: Discovery Channel

44 :03x12 - Red Jacket Snow Blaster

A 57-mm recoilless rifle is built for a mountain-rescue team in the Pacific Northwest.

Source: Discovery Channel

47 :03x15 - Nine Guns and a Shootout

When two clients order 3-gun competition sets for their dads, Kris decides to secretly make a third set to honor Will. The gunsmiths agree to the overtime, but late nights lead to rookie mistakes that embarrass Will when he test fires before the client.

Source: Discovery Channel

48 :03x16 - Free Fall Shotgun

Someone from Red Jacket must jump out of a helicopter after a special services contractor asks the team to build a tight quarters Para-shotgun. As things get hot, Will takes a call that may change Red Jacket forever...

Source: Discovery Channel

Season 4

49 :04x01 - Under Siege

An important order is mishandled in the Season 4 premiere.

Source: Discovery Channel

50 :04x02 - Hangfire

Will and Joe travel to Jordan on business.

Source: Discovery Channel

51 :04x03 - Will's Monster

With the SOCOM order still on hold Will is on edge so he decides to clean house. He builds a hybrid gun out of Red Jacket spare parts. Will keeps the boys busy on an R & D project, and has an explosive confrontation with Vince.

Source: Discovery Channel

53 :04x05 - Cutbacks

The crew build an MG-34 machine gun.

Source: Discovery Channel

54 :04x06 - One Man Army

Will restores a Lefever rifle.

Source: Discovery Channel

55 :04x07 - Misfire

As the SOCOM order finally gets completed, Tom's unpredictable ways put his job on the line. Will and Flem have a heart to heart about his future at RJF. The crew is challenged when a client brings in an Oerlikon that sent him to the hospital once before.

Source: Discovery Channel

Season 5

Loaded Up

An exclusive preview of season 5 and shocking revelations of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling at the end of season 4.

Source: Discovery Channel

58 :05x02 - Mobile MAG-58

A snowmobile is fitted with machine guns; Charlie works on a rare Japanese rifle.

Source: Discovery Channel

59 :05x03 - The Steel Tornado

A customer has a new take on demolition; modifying the ZK-22 to be more quiet; Joe makes a major decision without consulting Will.

61 :05x05 - Master Blaster

Joe wants Will to make his building, home to Red Jacket. Will tries attaching a Mac 11 machine pistol to a Saiga-12 shotgun. Kris reaches breaking point. Will learns all about the AK-47 deal.

63 :05x07 - Bone-dry .50 Cal

Will feels danger in the way a rare, water-cooled, 50 cal Browning machine gun is running.

64 :05x08 - Red Jacket Reloaded

Will tries to decide on a new home for Red Jacket; Kris is injured; Charlie develops a suppressor.

Source: DirecTV

65 :05x09 - Red Jacket Rises

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Network: Discovery Channel ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Action, Family, Lifestyle, Talent
Status: Canceled
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2011
Ended: May 16, 2014
Episodes Order: 8
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