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South Beach (1993) Episode Guide

2 :01x02 - Pirates of the Caribbean

First aired: Jun/08/1993

When 2 yachts are hijacked, Roberts sends Kate and Vernon to take care of the thieves before they strike again.

3 :01x03 - Stake Out

First aired: Jun/15/1993

When a Senator is suspected of being "on the take", Kate has a bet with her partner on who is going to crack under the pressure first.

4 :01x04 - Skin and Bones

First aired: Jun/29/1993

Kate poses as a diver as she attempts to retrieve a stolen Cellini Chalice. Along the way, she renews an old friendship and thinks of a way to out-smart the thieves.

5 :01x05 - Wild Thing

First aired: Jul/06/1993

6 :01x06 - I Witness

First aired: Aug/12/1993

Working undercover, Kate manages a bistro to investigate a liquor smuggling ring and to protect the witness who saw the last manager killed.