Season 4

77 :04x04 - Pulling the Plug

Bernice and Reva's food truck has a disastrous opening night. Jerome loses track of Mini-Money during a chaotic tow, and a shocking accident befalls Kosgrove.

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78 :04x05 - A Taste of Bernice

Bernice is forced to stage a marathon dinner party for Inspector Santiago. Jerome and Mini-Money charm the ladies of South Beach, while an understaffed Christie contemplates a surprising new hire.

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79 :04x06 - Maximum Power

Bernice considers an unethical offer to upgrade her food truck. Perez's first repo with new hire Nikki leads to a death-defying chase, and Davy has a terrifying encounter with his 'roid-raging nemesis.

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80 :04x07 - Family Therapy

Bernice, Jerome, and Mini-Money go undercover for an unconventional repo. Meanwhile, Eddie squares off against a nature-hating redneck, and Kosgrove has a run-in with a skunk.

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81 :04x08 - Towyard of Terror

Bernice, Jerome, and Reva explore a haunted hospital. Back at the tow yard, Christie and Perez interrogate Nikki about the missing bank deposit, while Kosgrove is stalked by a sinister clown.

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83 :04x10 - Crazy in Love

Jerome's stalker's memory returns; Robby returns; Perez schemes; Bernice and Reva contend with customers.

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84 :04x11 - South Beach Glo

After her car gets towed, YouTube sensation GloZell Green works a shift in the dispatch office, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Bernice rescues Jerome from the clutches of his stalker, and Robbie plays dress-up with a sexy housewife.

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86 :04x13 - Checkmate

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