South Beach Tow

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
22 02x01 19/Sep/2012 Bernice Pops Off
23 02x02 26/Sep/2012 The Heat Is On
24 02x03 03/Oct/2012 Lights Out
25 02x04 10/Oct/2012 No Country for Perez
27 02x06 24/Oct/2012 What's Up With Christie?
29 02x08 07/Nov/2012 Black Dahlia
30 02x09 14/Nov/2012 The Inspection
31 02x10 21/Nov/2012 Hit It and Quit It
32 02x11 28/Nov/2012 Storm Clouds
33 02x12 05/Dec/2012 Go Down Towing
34 02x13 12/Dec/2012 Snakes in the Yard
35 02x14 15/May/2013 Who's the Boss?
37 02x16 29/May/2013 Wide Load
38 02x17 05/Jun/2013 Compromising Positions
39 02x18 12/Jun/2013 For Love or J-Money
40 02x19 19/Jun/2013 The In-Laws
41 02x20 26/Jun/2013 Everybody Hates Tremont
42 02x21 10/Jul/2013 Big and Beautiful
43 02x22 17/Jul/2013 Bumps in the Night
44 02x23 24/Jul/2013 Tremont on Wheels
45 02x24 31/Jul/2013 Kosgrove Gets Krunk
46 02x25 07/Aug/2013 Christie's Choice

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