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South Park: Clubhouses

Stan wants to build a clubhouse so he can play "Truth or Dare" with Wendy. Randy is all for it, and Kyle reluctantly helps out too. Feeling snubbed, Cartman and Kenny build their own clubhouse. Meanwhile, Stan's parents are having marital problems.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x12
Production Number: 212
Airdate: Wednesday September 23rd, 1998

Guest Stars
Jennifer HowellJennifer Howell
voiced Bebe
Main Cast
Trey Parker (2)Trey Parker (2)
voiced Stan Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman, Herbert Garrison, Officer Barbrady, Terrance, Timmy, Ned Gerblanski, Satan, Randy Marsh,& Various
Matt StoneMatt Stone
voiced Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McKormick, Gerald Broflovski, Pip Pirrup, Jesus, Jimbo Kearn, Phillip, Saddam & Various
Mary Kay BergmanMary Kay Bergman
voiced Wendy Testaburger, Liane Cartman, Sheila Broflovski, Sharon Marsh, Mrs. McKormick, Mayor McDaniels, Ms. Crabtree & Various
Episode Notes
This is the first episode where Butters speaks.

Episode Quotes
Stan: But dude, I don't have a clubhouse.
Wendy: You don't? I thought all guys had clubhouses.
Stan: Just how many guys' clubhouses have you been in?

Stan: Hey, Dad, we need to build a clubhouse.
Randy: Okay
Stan: How do we do it?
Randy: Uh, you just get a hammer and some wood. What? Uh some girls wanna play Truth or Dare or something?
Stan: Yeah, dude! How'd you know? (stunned)
Randy: How do you think I met your mother?

Sharon: What are you doing sweetheart?!
Stan: Getting a cookie. We're building a clubhouse and then we're-
Sharon: You men are all alike! First you get a cookie and then you criticize the way I dress and then it's the way I cook! I suppose next you'll be telling me that you need your space and that I'm sabotaging your creativity. Go ahead, Stanley. Get your goddamned cookie! (walks away in a huff)

Bebe: Okay. It's my turn. Stan? Truth or Dare?
Stan: (nervously) Dare. (The girls whisper)
Bebe: Take this stick and jam it up your pee hole!

Cultural References
Sharon: Here, Stanley, You watch nice cartoons like Fat Abbot.

Fat Abbot is a spoof of the animated children's show, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The show was created by Bill Cosby, who based the show on his childhood.

Visual: Ewok Village 2000 Deluxe Club House Kit w/Elevator

This obviously fictional product is based on the Ewok village from the movie, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983).

Stan: (to Mr. Garrison) Um... You said that even though Charo appeared twelve times on The Love Boat, the episode with Captain and Tenille got higher ratings.

Charo is a Spanish actress/musician, mostly famous for making guest appearances on television shows.

The Love Boat was a nighttime drama/comedy show on ABC that premiered in 1977. It revolved around a fictional cruise ship and the activities of the staff and guests aboard as it sailed on its voyages. Charo was a frequent guest star on the show.

The Captain and Tenille are an American musical duo. They are a married couple who performed pop songs, mostly during the 1970s, and are known for their hit songs, such as "Muskrat Love", and "Do That To Me One More Time".

Visual: DVDA shirt

One of the girls Kenny brings over to his and Cartman's clubhouse is wearing a DVDA T-shirt. DVDA is the name of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's band.

Cartman: Mom? Can I watch American Gladiators?

American Gladiators
was a show that ran in the early 1990s, that pitted average athletic folks against the "Gladiators" - the show's professional athletes - in games of strength and endurance.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTrey Parker (2)  |  Matt Stone
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